Anyone Awake I M Having A Freaky Night

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SE - June 13

I just woke up because my cat was going crazy. I walked into the hall and a BAT was flying around. Augh!!!! I went back into the bedroom and slammed the door shut but both my dog and cat were out there with it. Finally I got the courage to open the door to get my pets back into the room, but when I opened it I saw the bat dead on the ground. My crazy cat caught the sucker. Meanwhile, by the way, my husband, who I am now irrationally angry at, is out of town on business so I have him on the phone but I'm having to deal with all of this myself. I hope I have done the right things. The cat is blocked off in some rooms downstairs for fear that he will bite me (he nibbles all the time since he is still young). The dog is still with me because there is zero chance she will bite or scratch me. Both have their rabies shots but I will still take them both to the vet tomorrow. I found a touch of blood on the dog's paw but I don't THINK there is a wound there. She obviously touched the bat, though. The bat is (yuck, yuck, yuck!!!) in a ziploc bag in the refrigerator per instructions from the animal hospital I called. I can't tell you how much courage it took to scoop that thing up and get him there. Oh, I'm still just cringing at all of this. I'm so afraid there's another in the house, or that will get in the house. I don't know how I will go back to sleep. It is 3:30am here. I guess I'll cruise the internet to find out more about bats. The animal hospital assured me that it was only rabies that I need to worry about, but I'm not sure I trust the woman I spoke with. I think I will call my doctor right now, too. My husband doesn't see any reason and I feel kind of silly but I'm sure most of their calls are from pregnant women who are just a little too paranoid about things. This all makes me very scared to be the mommy. I really wish I was the kid again and it was my parents taking care of this situation. I'm not sure I can be the parent!!! :)


Candise - June 13

Most likely you have nothing to worry about, not even rabies. At least you have two brave pets to rid you of your unwelcome house guest. Hopefully your hubby will be home soon, but till then, here's a cyber hug


SE - June 13

Thank you. I think the adrenaline is out of my system now so I will try to sleep. I tried to find information about bats on the internet, and I ran across an unfortunate bit of folklore that says if a pregnant woman sees a bat then her child will die. Thankfully I'm not much for superst_tion but I still wish I hadn't seen that. That's not what I need to have rattling around in my already unstable hormone-soaked brain. But yes, I am very grateful for that cat of mine. I don't know how I would have handled that bat flying around. I think I would have had to wake up my father-in-law to come over.


tracy - June 13

I'm sorry, SE but your story made me smile :) I totally understand that you must've had a terrible night (i would've freaked out myself) but i think this is one of those little moments you will look back on and laugh - hysterically. a great story to tell baby once they're older! hope you ended up having a good sleep.


Alaina - June 13

That is funny,only because somthing similar happened to me the other day.My two dogs had to go outside so I let them out, about anhour past so I went to check on them.When I looked outside they were fighting over a semi-dead bird.I freaked out! I started to sceam at my husband grabed the phone lock myself in the bathroom in panic and called the vet.After the vet calmed me down she told me I would be fine.That the dogs won't catch or pa__s me any diseases.I was still scared to touch them all


s - June 13



Cher - June 13

Sounds like a scary freaky night! I would have been terrified!!! Hope all is okay and that you've gotten some sleep:)


SE - June 13

Thanks, everyone. It all seems much less dramatic in the light of the day...not that I'm looking for a repeat performance tonight or anything. I will definitely be closing my door to the bedroom tonight and keeping my little cat hero in there with me. And by the way, both the dog and cat were checked by the vet, are injury-free, and we verified that they are up-to-date on their shots.


Ca__sie - June 13

I know your night is over SE, but I just had to comment anyway. I totally agree with Tracy's comment. Your story made me smile and I can picture you telling your child this story when he/she is old enough. I can understand how yucky it must have been to scoop that bat up too. Poor girl! I am glad though that you had your trusty pets with you though. At least you weren't completely alone... and at least you have this forum! :-)


SE - June 15

Well, I have a terrible update to this story. When I took the dog to the vet that day she had blood drawn. Well several steps later and it turns out she has an advanced stage of cancer. I just can't believe this is happening. I guess I can be thankful for the bat, though, or else she would have just started getting sick in the next couple months. We're going to try chemo until it either helps or it starts not being worth whatever pain it may cause her. I'm going to go do some research to find out what we're dealing with. I knew she wouldn't live forever but this is just too soon. I know, it's always too soon but how do you deal with this? And will my child never know this wonderful, sweet dog? I always pictured our little toddler chasing the dog and pulling on her ears and the two of them being best friends...


Ca__sie - June 15

Awwww... SE. That is so sad. I've never had a cat or a dog, but I know one gets attached them them. I'm sad your dog (what is her name) has cancer. How old is your dog? If your baby doesn't get to meet her, you can always show pictures. My mom always talked about her dog that she had before I was born. I even named a stuffed animal after her. I hope things go well with you and your dog... as well as can be when these things happen anyway.


Sarah - June 16

SE, you were very brave to put the bat in a bag! I find it hard to scoop up water bugs. lol more less than a bat! And as the other girls said, your story made me smile as well! Good Luck!


SE - June 16

Her name is Jules. She is 10 but I only had the pleasure of knowing her since she was 6. My husband got her when he turned 18. When we met, I was shocked at the way he treated Jules. I have never known anyone to show another person, much less an animal, the kindness he shows her. That's when I knew this was the man I wanted to be my partner in life and this was the man I wanted to show me how to be a good parent. He and Jules have both taught me a lot. I just don't know how I can keep feeling this way. I guess it gets better but I just don't see how. I have to snap out of this, though, because this girl has a few months or a year and we need to live the hell out of them. There's just something extra painful about this time coinciding with the joy of bringing our first child into the world.


Christine - June 16

SE, I understand what you are going through with your beloved puppy. My first pregnancy we found out that my dog also had cancer. I was sooooo upset but knew that I had to do whatever it took to try to cure it or make him as comfortable as possible. We decided on chemo tried 2-3 different things for over a year, people kept asking why we were doing what we were doing (was expensive and had to drive a far distance to the vet) and I tried to explain that this animal was like my child and I loved it more than anything and when you are a parent you do what you can to help your child. Right? The chemo helped my dog soooo much, I feel that without it he wouldn't have been with us as long as he was. Unfortunately he pa__sed away but he had a very happy life, he wasn't sick from the chemo (we would have stopped if it was too much on him). We had to go to a specialist for the chemo, not just a regular vet. and this woman was soooo wonderful she took such good care of bear. I loved this dog more than anything and I still have him with me. In fact my husband and I talk about him all the time, have pics of bear all over and talk to our son about him. I hope the best for you and am terribly sorry you have to go thru this.


SE - June 16

Thanks, Christine. I needed to hear that. Already my family has given me the awkward "oh" response when I told them about the chemo. But you are absolutely correct--this girl is part of the family. She has personality, shows love, has likes and dislikes, gets excited when we say 'eat' or 'walk'. How can we not do everything we can for her? And I think it goes without saying that we will stop treatment the second it takes the joy out of her life, but others aren't going to believe us. We would never keep her alive just for our satisfaction, but that's probably how our family and friends will perceive it. Oh well, at least my husband and I will know we are doing what is best for our little family. I am glad to hear that your dog didn't get sick from the chemo. That seems to be typical from what I've been reading. And since she won't really know what is going on, I don't think all the appointments will bother her. She loves going to the vet (strange girl!) and I know she'll love all the attention she gets from the doctors and nurses. Did you have to go through an adjustment regarding your pregnancy? It has only been 24 hours since I've known Jules is sick so I a__sume I'm not going to feel this way forever, but right now I just can't even let myself think about the baby. How can I be excited about getting a new baby as we prepare to lose this baby?


Christine - June 16

SE - - yes, it was a very hard adjustment and it took a few days to accept. I think it was a few days it took for me to really accept it and could look at him without sobbing. I'm not sure as to what type of chemo you will do but make sure you don't handle any of the medicines. Bear got the treatments then we also had to give him pills (which I couldn't handle them because i was pregnant). I don't recall their name just that they were little purple pills if my memory serves me well. Good luck to you!!!


wow - June 16

you are weird



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