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Erin - November 5

I have been checking the position of my uterus for a few weeks. About two and a half weeks ago it was halfway to my belly button. Last week it was a couple of centimeters below my belly button and last night it was at my belly button. My question? Is it normal for it to be at your belly button when you're only 14 weeks pregnant?


ella - November 5

It should not be at your belly b___ton until 20 weeks. It is possible maybe you are feeling the wrong thing, and it is not that high, or if you are right, then you need to go to the doctor, as this would be a sign of multiples!! Good luck.


Erin - November 6

I'm also quite big for where I am in pregnancy... this is my first pg and I definitely popped at 12 weeks. You can see my belly pics on my pg website: Do you think that it makes a bit more sense to have the "fundus" at my belly b___ton with a big belly like I have ? TIA!!


ella - November 7

Is there a possibilty that maybe your dates are wrong and your're farther along than you think? When's your next drs appt?


Erin - November 8

No possibility of being farther along. I had an early u/s at 6 weeks and it dated me just 2 days ahead... OB said that confirmed edd. Erin


Naomi - November 8

Erin I am dying to know how things turn out for you let me know and keep in touch, [email protected]


Rn - November 13

Usually at 18-20 weeks Its at your belly b___ton but everyone carries different. Your weeks may be slightly off or there may be poss. of twins.


sg - November 21

How do you check your own fundus?


claire - November 22

my uterus was at my belly b___ton at 16weeks my midwife measured for me.


aria - November 28

I dont check my own "fundus" but I know that I was showing at 8 weeks and had to wear maternity at 11w, so its always a possibility that yours is that high... though my doctors said that it was just all of my other organs that were making me look so big, more than likely not actually my uterus up that high


Amanda N - December 4

A couple of days ago at the doc I was slightly above my belly b___ton and I was 18 weeks at the time. My fundal height was 21cm. I am shortwaisted so it is going to be higher on me than someone else. So you can't say it shouldn't be somewhere as everyone is built different.


Nikki - December 26

Amanda, you are right. In my last pregancy, my fundus was measuring high and there was no chance of the EDD being wrong. My doctor ordered an early ultrasound to check, but one of the other doctors just said it may be just because of being pet_te and short-waisted. My daughter was born only one week before due date and was healthy and normal.


Katharine - January 7

Erin, I checked out your website. Holy cow! Is that really 13 weeks? That baby is soon going to spill out of you abdomen and into your arms and legs! lol BTW, I like the elephants.



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