Anyone Due April 22 2006

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Chrissy - November 18

Hi! Just wanted to talk and see how things were going, if you anyone was due around the same time as me. Have you had an ultra sound yet? Thought of any baby names?


sparkles - November 18

Hi Chrissy! I'm due on April 23rd. Already had two ultrasounds and going in for my 20 week ultrsound in two weeks here. My hubby and I aren't finding out the baby's s_x-we're letting it be a surprise! I'm glad to be out of the first trimester! I'm getting my appet_te back and hopefully gaining weight. Also, getting my energy back! My belly is really starting to pop out and I'm into maternity pants. Regular jeans no longer fit. I've been feeling the baby moving since 13 weeks and am eager to start feeling kicks. I don't think it will be too long here, as my baby can be a wild child in me sometimes! We haven't really thought of any baby names yet that we can agree on. Every time I tell my hubby a cute name, he doesn't like it. Any names he thinks of are either too old fashioned or the same name as 10 thousand other children in our city have. I can see naming our child is going to be fun. (note the sarcasm) What about you? How's your pregnancy and baby?


Lindsay - November 18

Hey girls. I am due 4-22. I had by first Uls at 7.5 weeks and saw the little HB. I have my next in about 1.5 weeks. I can't wait, and REALLY can't wait to find out the gender. I feel boy, but we shall see. A lot are saying girl. This is my first, and I still can't believe I am going to be a mom. I think i MIGHT have felt some movement, but am not sure. I seem to think that it is just me WANTING to feel movement. We are waiting to pick out names until we know the gender. I am hoping this will make the process easier. Nice to talk to girls that are due so close to me. Just think, our babies will go through so many milestones at the same time!!!


Carmen - November 18

Hi! I am due April 24 with my first child. We haven't had our big ultrasound yet. We have to wait till early December yet! We hope to find out the s_x, because we are so curious! Hubby is convinced it is a boy, but for some reason I have none of that intuition! I STILL haven't felt the babe move...does this seem late? We are pretty much decided on our names~but we basically had them picked out before we got pregnant! I am wearing maternity shirts already, because they are longer and don't let my belly hang out! So far I have been able to stick with low-rise pants. I wish you all the best on all your pregnancies!


a bird - November 19

I'm due April 22nd. That's been changed a few times according to my estimates (4/26) & the sonography (4/18), but it's still the average. Anyway, I'm getting my Level 2 u/s on Monday. Yep, two days! Can't wait to hear if baby looks healthy. Don't care what s_x. We have a name picked already. I've been feeling fluttering since week 12, but just in the past week have been feeling a lot more movement, and even actual kicking! (Actually kicking right now!) My stomach is popping out slowly but surely. Heartburn every day & headaches quite often are not pleasant, but still enjoying this much more now than in first trimester. Good luck to all you ladies!


Chrissy - November 19

It is nice to hear from all of you.. Congratulations to all! We go for our ultrasound 12/12/05, and I can't wait to find out what we are having.... be it boy or girl, I just hope to see a healthy baby in there! We are trying to pick out names, but can't seem to agree on any... except a boys name. If it is a boy we will name him Hunter Thomas. This will be my second child. I have a little girl who is 2 years old. I am so excited, and also a little scared... I know it doesn't seem long ago that I had a child, but still I will have to start all over getting up in the middle of the night, bottles, everything.... but I know it will all be well worth it. I am so glad to hear from you ladies and I hope we can keep in touch. Let me know some of your name suggestions, we might be able to get some good ideas from each other. Hope to talk to you girls soon!


a bird - November 21

My level 2 sono's in eight hours... and counting! Will keep y'all updated.


bec - November 21

Hey there! We're due April 22nd also. This is my third but my dh 1st - he's like a kid at Christmas! This pregnancy is very special to us, as we m/c in January. Had 2 u/s already and bub is extremely healthy - due for our next one tomorrow - can hardly wait. For a boy we've chosen Flynn and Sienna for a girl. Good luck to everyone!!!


karen - November 21

I'm due 4/26, and I'll be getting my ultrasound 12/13. I can't wait to find out what it is, but we're going to try to get them to write the s_x & put it in a sealed envelope so we can open it Christmas morning. IF we can hold out that long. :) I started to pop out around 15 weeks, and now am pretty much wearing only maternity clothes. I have felt a few tiny flutters in the past week, and still get headaches often. Congrats, everyone!


Chrissy - November 21

Congratulations to you 'bec' and 'a Bird". I wish you both the best of luck with your ultra sounds... I can't wait until I have mine... I am just counting down the days... Let us know what the results of the ultrasound is!


a bird - November 21

We're having a little boy! Awwww, so cute! The sono went well. Excited for you ladies to get yours done now. It's so awesome!


Lindsay - November 21

Congrats on your lil boy "a bird". Any names picked out yet?? I will be anxious to see what we are all having, as people tell me more boys are born this time of year. 9 days to go for us, and not soon enough. I think I am definately feeling the little one now. Flutters last night as I went to bed. Can't wait to feel them stronger. LOL. There will be a time I am sure when we wish they would stop kicking us!


a bird - November 21

Lindsay - Flutters! That's exciting! As long as the little one doesn't bruise my ribs, I'll probably enjoy all the kicking. Everytime I feel something, I look at my belly, put my hand there & say "Hi baby!" We have had one name picked out since about two days after we found out we were expecting. It's a unis_x name, and it honors a man who my bf looked up to as a father figure & good friend who died two years ago. The middle name is also unis_x, and it commemorates a forest where we both lived & love. I've been more & more enamored with baby's name every day! :) Counting down to your sono, Lindsay!


Chrissy - November 21

Congrats on the ultrasound "a bird'. I bet it was so nice to see him bouncing around. Could you really see for yourself if it was a boy or a girl, just wondering how noticible it will be. is this your first? Lindsay I am counting down the days too... I hate to say I have longer to wait than you, my appt is 12/12.


a bird - November 21

Chrissy - The sonographer told me I could finally go pee, yay!... and when I came back, the first thing I saw from across the room on the screen was the little boy parts. It was so obvious. My bf & the sonographer totally agreed. The sonographer is not allowed to tell you that it's for sure one way or the other, but he was just covering his a__s to not say "Yes, absolutely that is a boy!" He said everything leading to that though. And he jokingly suggested at first it might be the baby with a hand between the legs, thumb sticking out. lol! But even if that were true, the baby was moving around a whole lot, and when the sonographer came back to that part of baby a few minutes later, it was still the same. It still looked like a set of little b___s & p___s! Sorry to be kinda vulgar about a baby, but you had to see it! It was so cute! And yes, this is our first baby.


Lindsay - November 30

It's a GIRL!!!!!!!!


a bird - November 30

Congratulations Lindsay! Now my turn to ask: Have any names picked yet?



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