Anyone Due Around December 16th And Want To Wait

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dancegirl - June 9

h__lo ! i was in the first trimester thread with a bunch of ladies and now we're moving into our second trimester finally ! anyone want to chat and share symptoms, etc ? hope everyone finds me over here........


nikki_firstimepregnant - June 9

hey!!! I am due Dec. 13th. Yeah we're just about in the second tri. I have only 4 days to go. It's so exciting. I'm 20 and this is my first pregnancy. What about you? I haven't really had any symptoms still except extremely tired, cry all the time, and dizziness. How you doin? Any m/s??


sonyab - June 10

here's a short video i got done on friday of our baby i'm 13 weeks tomorrow due 17th dec


Cookie - June 10

Hey Dance Girl...we made to round are you feeling? I threw a friend a baby shower today and wiped myself now i'm in bed and my dh just brought in some take out anyone feeling anything yet? I have felt a nudge a few times the past few nights...when I'm on my to dinner :-))


lon - June 11

Hi Dance Girl and all you other 2nd trimester mums-to-be! I am now 13wks and feeling fine apart from the past few days I have had cramps in the centre of my tummy like period pains. Anyone else had this? Had OB appt last Thursday and the baby is doing fine - it's grown so much since the last scan.


Cookie - June 12

Hi ladies, lon I was having bad stomach aches like that too and back pain...but I think it's normal b/c everything is starting to stretch down have been having shortness or breath and dizziness today...not sure what that's about..and I'm trying to keep an eye on this darn tropical storm headed our way (i'm in Florida)..this one looks like it's going above us so that's good...but I'm not looking forward to being pregnant during hurricane season this year...I've started wearing my maternity tops they make me look skinnier than wearing my regular tops which are now tight around the tummy and making me look's everyone else today?


Cookie - June 12

hey Sonyab...what an awesome video!!! how cool, did your dr do that? how neat that you can see the spine, etc...


Nicole121306 - June 12

Hey Cookie-I'm in the same boat as you. I live in Florida too. This is my first year living here though so it's my first hurricane season. I keep having the period cramps too Ion. I hope they eventually stop but I don't think they do. It feels so good to be in the second tri (well almost, I still got 2 days to go). It just means we're that much closer to having our little bundles of joy at home and safe in our arms.


dancegirl - June 12

wow, sonyab, that was absolutely amazing. i was 13 weeks on friday so now i have a great idea of how big my baby is ! absolutely amazing. wow. i wish i could have something like that. i will get one more u/s at 20 weeks and that's it. how come you ladies keep getting to have so many scans ? are you with fertility spec. ? i had 3 with my RE but now i've been realeased and wish i could get more u/s :-( so i've been having weird shotting pains the past 2 days. kind of has me worried, but i'm hoping things are stretching. but it's not a cramping feeling. just quick shooting pains. anyone else have this ? i can't wait to be showing and buy my maternity clothes and be out of this middle stage ! can't wear anything ! i have an appt. on wed and hopefully will hear the heartbeat. i can't wait :-)


Cookie - June 13

Hey Dancegirl, I have been having wierd pains too, like sharp jabs now and then...I have found that although my pants fit (but barely) wearing the empire waist mat shirts make me look thinner again...(before with my regular shirts I was just looking fat ...and I hated that)...I'm going tonight to buy a mat. suit (have to go to court on Thursday) and some more shirts...I don't feel so blah now...I know books and stuff advise you to delve into dh's closet etc...but i'm a professional and that wont cut it in my work place...I tried on dh's b___ton down yesterday and just looked if anything maybe get a few shirts at will really make a difference :-))


AmyF - June 13

Hey! I'm due Oct 16th too :) Congrats to everyone.


jenstewart21 - June 13

hi ladies. i am due dec. 15th. i had my 3rd appt today - but no sonogram this time. bummer! i was told i will not have my next sonogram until week 26 then ic an find out what it is. b/c ia m so darn impatient - i am going to an ultrasound dr on july 7th to find out the s_x! yeaaaaa. hope everyone is feeling ok!


ashleyFL - June 14

hi girls, well i just went to the doctor yesturday. i am 13 weeks and 2 days i am due dec 15th i had one u/s when i was 7 weeks the heartbeat was 160. I just staarted my 2nd trimester which is exciting!!! I went through bad M/S i was sick all the time in and out of the hospital for dehydration so it hasent been the easiest pregnany but i am feeling 100% better now.My doc said usually when your 16 weeks you can find out the s_x but he wants to wait to tell for sure till 17 weeks. i have that sonogram on july 11th i am so ready to hear what the s_x is. i am already getting bigger my jeans dont fit anymore but i want to wait to but maternity clothes. well i am glad to see you girls are still writing on here its fun to hear other stories!!! Hope you all the best


dancegirl - June 14

hi ladies ! oh good, lots of chatting going on :-) well, had my appt. today and finally heard the heartbeat. it was in the 140's. it was wonderful. finally feel like there's something in there ! cookie, they said not to worry about the shooting pains as they are just growing pains. things are making room. how exciting ! every time i feel one now i just get exciting thinking soon my belly will pop ! ehy jen and amy, welcome ! jen you'r not by chance from PA are you ? knew a girl with that name from high school. anyway, so how do you go to an ultrasound doctor ? do you need a prescription or have to pay ? i would love to just go get one. me and dh were wondering if we could just pay for one other than the 20 week one. that would be lovely ! how's the hurrican watch going down in florida ?


jenstewart21 - June 14

well its a clinic that does ultrasounds - 4D and gender determination - they wont look and tell you deformalities or anything. just strictly for fun and gender determination and they will only see you if you are getting prenatal care. no prescription necessary - you just pay. they have different packages - for $200 i get a gender determination 2D ultrasound w/a DVD of the untrasound and then when i further a long i get a 3D & a 4D ulstrasound w/pictures and a DVD for that as well. its called stork vision. stork no, i am from dallas, texas. born and raised!!


dancegirl - June 14

jen, thanks ! i wast hinking of doing that too. i saw in fit pregnancy that there's one near me. will have to see when they recommend going. still think i'll have a bit of a wait, but what a great thing to look back on when the baby is older :-)


jenstewart21 - June 14

yeah i am too impatient to wait until week 26 to find out what i am having! this place does it at week 18. so that is 3.5 weeks away - i can handle that wait! haha. if for some reason they cant tell, b/c the baby wont cooperate - they will re-do the ultrasound at no charge again in a couple weeks to check again. so really not too bad i dont think. def worth it! then being able to have a 4D video is great as well!



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