Anyone Due Around January 8th

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Dani Renee' - August 2

Hello, I am Due around Jan 8th. Anyone else? How are you guys feeling? Still sick? I am I still throw up every now and then and feel sick everyday, all day. I have not gained any weight only lost 20 lbs. Dr. said baby couldnt be doing better :) Thats good to hear, cuz when you are dealing with loosing weight you think what about baby. I have names picked out for girl or boy but find out what i am having on the 11th. Its getting close, hopefully my little one is not feel camera shy. Good Luck to all, my e-mail is [email protected] if anyone wants to talk feel free to e-mail


Sara - August 2

Hey Dani, I'm due January 8th too with my 2nd. Today is my ultrasound so hopefully we will be able to find out what i'm having. I really havent been sick at all, only the week that I found out I was pregnant I was really sick but after that I havent been sick.


Heather - August 2

Hi Dani & Sara, I'm also due January 8th with my 1st. Today is my dr. visit & Thurs is my U/S, so hopefully it will all be good news. I still have moments where I am nauseous & threw up a couple days ago. It was pretty bad up until about 14 weeks. I would be late to work every day since I always had to make one last run to the bathroom before I left the house.


Tina - August 2

Hi Dani, I'm due Jan 5th, with my first. =o) Still really tired, not as sick anymore though. I have put on more weight than I want, however, my pants still fit, just have to b___ton below mah belly. *shrugs* baffles me where its goin. I have my next clinic visit the 16th, and my 2nd ultra sound shortly after. Congrats to you all, and I wish the best for you and your babies.


Dani Roman - August 2

I think i am in the same boat as Heather. My morning sickness was horible till a couple of wks ago. Talking 16-17 X's a day. I had several trips to the hospital to be re-hydrated. I Am very tired, and can sleep most the day away. I am worried that i wont get out of this before the baby comes and it will be so hard on meto get back on a normal schedule, with my body thinking it needs to sleep all day, but have a newborn that needs my attention at night. This is our 1st. What names do you guys have picked out, I have GIRL: Sholanda Abriana , I have had the name picked forever and now that i am pregnant it seems to worn its welcome.I dont think so much worn its welcome.... I really explain it.. But I will wait to find out what I am having before coming up with another girl name. I feel bad changing the name, cuz the Sholanda is made up of my mother, and mother in-laws name. My mothers name is SHONI, so the SHO is from that , and my mother in-law is YOLANDA so we got the LANDA from that. I am just worried that she will be made fun of. I thought that she could always go by Abriana though. What do you guys think? BOY: Joshio Ja'Rhett (that one is set in stone) My Hubby helped pick all the names and he still likes them all.So we'll see. Tummy Rubs to ALL!


Dani - August 2

I forgot to say Tina, With me loosing 20 lbs you would think my clothes fit better but believe it or not my clothes are too tight around my belly... its confusing... & My tummy is pooching.


Julz - August 2

Hey guys! I'm due February 4th. I am definately showing, and believe I have even felt some movement. I was VERY sick (and exhausted) through weeks 7-10, but am staring to get back my energy (I am currently 13 weeks). We don't know what we're having. We're going to leave it as a surprise. Good luck to all!!!!!!


Dani - August 2

To Julz! Congrats! Wish i could stand to let it be a surprise w/my baby, we are just so excited though that we cant wait. My Hubby wants to be prepared and as he says " HAVE EVERYTHING" & he wants Blue or Pink. Ive bought many unis_x sleepers and he said, thats enough.. stop buying i dont want the baby in white and yellow all the time..hehe Feb 4th, My mother was supposed to have me on the 14th of Feb (Valentines Day) but had to have a C-Sec. so got to pick, i was born the 7th. 7 is my lucky #, and i hope my baby either comes then ,the 1st, or the 2nd( my mothers b-day) I would hate to have to make my baby have a x-mas b-day cuz then there b-day never really gets celebrated but that would be a awesome gift to me :) Good Luck!


Sara - August 2

Well today was my ultrasound and I might be having another girl. The tech said it wasn't for sure but that she thought it was a girl.She told me to come back for another ultrasound later to confirm.


Jessica - August 3

I am due Jan 8th with my 2nd child, first pregnancy. (I have an adopted son from Korea) I should find out the s_x some time next week or so.


Selena - August 3

Hey ladies!! I am due Jan 3 with my first child and I just had my level 2 ultrasound on Monday...we're having a girl! I am so excited as is hubby. Like many of you I have been so sick and have lost 16lbs since conception. I just found out yesterday that I have low thyroid production so now I am off to see the endocrinologist for thyroid meds but other than that all is well and the baby is growing and active. I started feeling movement about a week ago so that has been great!


Dani - August 3

Congratulations Selena on your GIRL!!!!


karen - August 3

I'm due on the 9th of january. I'm having a girl.


Rachel - August 5

Im due January 14th. Im so excited, I hope my baby isnt camera shy either, cause i have a U/S on the 19th august, to tell the s_x of my baby. I havent been sick at all, really lucky. anyone here from australia, drop me a line [email protected]


elizabeth - August 5

i am due to have a c section on jan 10. i am preggo with my 5th child. we are soooo excited. i am 39 yrs old. i have had ultra sounds and its so exciting to see the baby moving around so much and my 14 wk one showed my baby sucking its thumb...awesome


Nena - August 5

I'm due on the 9 of Jan. I can't wait till the 18th to find out the s_x of my baby. I though about waiting but i'm getting very impatient and don't think I can wait any longer. I just started to have really bad pains on my right side in the lower abdomen area and the nurse say's it's just ligament pain is anyone else having this pain? just started yesterday?


Dani Renee - August 8

4 days till i get to find out the s_x of my baby. I am confused though. My husband and I want to know, so we can be prepared with blue or pink clothes as well as have the ppl who are invited to the shower to be informed. But My father wants it to be a surprise. I know if i tell my friends and other family others will b__w it for me... Maybe not on purpose but accidently. If anyone is gonna tell him i would like it for it to be me or my husband. But my dad doesnt see my point. Every time i talk to him he is affraid i already know the s_x and am gonna tell him. I thought about telling friends knowing they wont see him or talk.. but i wont be able to tell my siblings or close family. And then at the baby shower the family that didnt know will figure it out when i get a pink dress or blue overalls.. confused??? I told my mom that we could wait to open gifts at home away from the ppl,she said that is half the fun of the party..any advice :)



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