Anyone Due Around The 24th Of Sept

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rae - May 21

Hi just wondering if anyone is due about the same time I am. I am having a boy.


melissa - May 21

hi i am due os the 22 of sep. i am also having a boyso far.I go in a few weeks to see if we are having twins.


melissa - May 22

do twins run in the family.


melissa - May 22

yes,my husband is a twin,my sister is a twin and i have twin cousins


Meredith - May 22

I'm due the 26th of September also having a boy! How are you feeling? How big are you? I'm feeling great. So far I've been blessed with a really easy pregnancy. I felt him move a bit but not as much as I would like. What about you what do you feel in terms of movement? Good luck.


Jane - May 22

I'm due Sept. 22nd. I'm having a baby girl.


rae - May 22

so far so good. no problems. my little buddy is very active and my daughters can feel him kick now. I think I'm very big but everyone saids I'm small.


citrouille - May 23

i'm due on the 27th and have no idea what I'm having! Baby is very active too.. I feel hugs.. my uterus is above my belly b___ton


melissa - May 23

hey you guys has anyone ever had placenta previa?Just wondering I have that and i heard it was very common with twins but i still havent come across anyone thats had it.


LoLo - May 23

Hello ladies~ I'm due September 30th. I am doing really well. I was fortunate not to have any morning sickness. I've gained 4 pounds so far and feeling pretty good. I'm having a little girl, Madison Charli is her name. She is very active! I can feel her moving around a lot. I have noticed a lot of swelling in my feet and ankles. Just started a couple weeks ago but seems to get really bad throughout the day. I do water aeorbics twice a week and love it!


rae - May 23

Melissa sorry never heard of placenta previa


Kel - May 23

I'm due Sept. 19 and I'm having a boy. Wow, seems like a lot of boys September. Good Luck all!


Rachel* - May 23

I am due on Sept. 27 and am expecting a girl :) It's my first.


Carri - May 24

I'm due the 29th and yet, it's a boy : )


Aisha - May 24

Im due 24th September and its a boy too.


purity - May 25 due on sept 24th and its a excited...sometimes she moves alot and sometimes not...i cant wait...



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