Anyone Due In Early May

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Lacy - November 3

Hey ladies! I just wanted to see if anyone was due around the same time as me, and wanted to share stories, etc. I am 20 years old, this is my first pregnancy and I am due May 1st! Anyone else in a similar situation?


Tess - November 3

Hi Lacy! Im 24 yrs old, 1st pregnancy and Im due May're ahead 2 wks frm me. :P Goodluck on your pregnancy.


crista - November 4

I am 30 years old, have a 10 year old and an 8 year old and am expecting my third on May 28th! Being a young mom is great and my kids appreciate it too!


jay - November 4

Hi Lacy, i am 21 years old and my due date is also May 1st, and it's also my first. how are you feeling? i am just ready to have it here. i hate the wait.


Jennifer - November 4

I'm 22 and due May 7th. Although my friend swears she thinks I'll deliver end of April, but what does she know!? :-) Have you had an ultrasound yet? Or heard the heartbeat? Those were the two of the best days of my life!


Nicole - November 4

Hi I am 28 and due May 15th w/ my first my husband and I are so excited. good luck to everyone


maya - November 4

hello! I am 29, first pregnancy. I am due may 18th. By the way my birthday is May 1st. It is a good day to be born on! Had another ultrasound yesterday and did the chromosomal defect screening. Baby was wriggling around an looking very handsome. nice cute profile. ha! I am getting used to seeing this stuff on the screen. but my husband still got pretty emotional. How do you women cope with the idea that there are still 6 long months ahead? does it feel short or long for you?


maya - November 4

if any of you are interested in keeping in touch.. to share excitements and also worries.. i use msn messenger.. [email protected] hope to hear from some of you!


Nicole R - November 4

May is a long time away I wish it were here now. I saw the baby the other day and it looked like it was doing somersaults it was so neat


Sarah - November 4

I am 22 and due May 5 with my first as well. I am so excited for May to come it feels like its so far away. Good luck to everyone.


TC - November 4

I have several dates which are April 27th to May 3rd. I have 6 children. 5girls and one boy. We are hoping for a boy, but when I went to the doctor and she listened to the babies heartrate she said it was 154. I read somewhere that heartrate over 140 meant it would be a girl and below 140 would be a boy. Just got to wait and see!!


Grace - November 4

I am 28 years old and due with my second child on May 7. I have a 22 month old son right now, he is so precious I can't wait to have another one!! Has anyone felt their baby move yet? I thought i felt the first flutters last niight??? Hope so. I am 13 weeks 5days.


Lacy - November 8

Hey ladies! Thanks for writing back! I cant stand the wait either! I did have an ultrasound in the beginning, and it was so cool. Me and my hubby just went to the doc yesterday, and heard the heartbeat! Very strong and beautiful! Actually Jay, I havent been sick at all throughout my pregnancy. Im counting my blessings! Well, does anyone know boy or girl yet?? Where are you guys located. Im in boring old New Mexico!


Tess to Lacy - November 8

Im almost 13 wks this Friday 11/11. I have a Dr. Appt tomorrow for check up and also to listen to our baby's heartbeat on the doppler. Im very excited :) We dont get to find out our baby's gender til Im 18-20 wks pregnant (so b4 xmas or after) I hope. Oh n btw, Im here in MN.


Niki - November 8

Hi im 20 years old too and this is my first baby im due may the 12th exactly one month after my 21st birthday. Good luck with your pregnancy!


sarah - November 8

Ive had 3 ultrasounds since I found out I was pregnant and it is soo amazing. (We had complications early on thats why so many.) But everything is healed now so Monday when I went to the Dr all I heard was the heartbeat I was a little sad but its better to know the baby will be ok. I don't know if Im having a boy or girl yet. I think its a girl though, but its just a feeling. DH says he thinks boy so well see. I cant wait to know for sure so I can buy things. BTW im in illinois.


Su - November 8

Hi..i am 25 yrs old..1st pregnancy and due on May 1st...Rite now i have this heartburn which i dont like...anybody knows wat to do to prevent it from coming??



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