Anyone Due In January

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Katherine79 - July 10

I am so happy to be in the second trimester. I am due Jan. 7th and just wondering what everyone eles due around the same time as me is going through right now. I have been having I think round ligament pains for the past week on and off. I am definitely feeling better than I was.


babybird - July 10

I'm due January 12. I'm finally starting to get some of my energy back, but not quite ready to run a marathon yet. Other than that I'm feeling pretty good. I'm happy to be in the second trimester too. I know this is the one when I will feel the best. Can't wait to feel the baby move!


hthab - July 10

Hi! I'm also due 1/7/07. Starting last week, the nausea subsided a lot, but I still feel sick if I don't eat all the time even though I have no appet_te. It's worrying me a bit because I don't want to gain too much weight. I've already gained 10 lbs. I'm hoping to feel better in the next week or so. I've also been really tired for about a week. Strangely, I wasn't too exhausted during the first trimester. I keep telling myself it will be worth it in the end. The next few weeks should be fun as we start to get bigger! Good luck to you!


Nell143 - July 10

Hi Babybird and Katherine I am due January 10. I feel pretty much the same. Nausea, hungry, and tired. I have been able to stay awake longer on the weekend. I usually have to make up the sleep though. I am happy to be moving along. I can't wait to feel the baby. I keep feeling things I think are the baby but I am just not sure. Did either of you have morning sickness? I still have it. I am on reglan to control it. Doyou have babysites or anything like that? I have one


Nell143 - July 10

Hi hthab I think we were posting at the same time. I am excited to watch my belly grow! I think I am sweating more in my sleep I have this rash on my neck and I think it is from sweat. Weird huh? Anyone else have something similar?


Katherine79 - July 10

I think I have gained almost 10 pounds so far too which I think is crazy. I don't feel like I have been eating alot or more that usual just eating different at lunch. I also can't wait to feel the baby moving that will be so exciting then I won't worry so much.


Katherine79 - July 10

Hey Nell I was lucky and didn't have bad morning sickness just nauseous all day long, but I am a lot better. I have acually noticed that I am sweating less at night I think it is from the high progestrone because before I was pregnant a certain times of the month I would have night sweats.


Nell143 - July 10

I actually haven't gained much weight. I lost 12 lbs in the beginning. I have gained 2 lbs back. This rash is driving me crazy. I have been putting corn starch on it. I am going to start doing that at night too. They say some people gain early on and their weight evens out later in the pregnancy. Katherine I sympathize nausea is also no fun. Isn't odd how everyone reacts so incredibly different to pregnancy. What are Round ligament pains? Are you reading any books on pregnancy? Any one in particular that is far more informative?


Katherine79 - July 10

I have the pregnancy bible and I think it is great, really informative. Round ligament pains is just the ligaments that hold the uterus in place so when it starts growing or moving they stretch. Kind of a weird feeling.


babybird - July 10

Nell, your rash may be eczema. I had it before I had kids and then after using treatment it never came back after my kids were born. Well guess's back! It's been like 5 years since I had an outbreak but now I have a big huge rash on my stomach and it is definately eczema. It itches so bad. I guess maybe the pregnancy hormones triggered it to come back. Who knows. I did have some nausea in the beginning but it wasn't really morning sickness. I think I would rather get sick though because at least then you feel better until the next time instead of going all day with a gross feeling in your stomach!


Nell143 - July 10

I would agree babybird but unfortunatly I get nauseous ALL the time and not long after I throw up once. The meds help but nausea is still there. Plus, my throat can only take so much damage. Katherine I will have to look into that one. What to expect when your expecting is somewhat helpful but I want more detail. Eczema, I never thought that could happen. I will definitely bring it up at my dr. appointment this week. Is there anything that helps?


sonotec75 - July 10

Nell, I've heard that there is something called pregnancy rash. Apparently a co-worker had it with her second(before I knew her). She said it was horrible but did go away in the end. I have eczema and I don't know if any of the meds are safe for pregnancy. Hopefully your doc can help you find some relief.


Kelly - July 10

Hi Ladies, I am due 1-8-07 so right there with you. I have only gained 4 lbs so far but am def startng to show. Are any of you going to find out the s_x of your babies at the 20 week ultrasound??


tas - July 10

hi ladies i am due january 17th but i am having another c section so i will be able to pick the day of my childs birth. i am showing big time. they say that you show sooner with the second one. i have flutters in my stomach. i think i am feeling the baby move. i can't wait to find out the s_x of my baby.


absrose - July 10

Hello everyone! i am due 1/4/07 and we made it to the 2nd tri-mester. I recognize a lot of you from the first trimester site. I am still just as sick as the first trimester, but starting to get a little energy back. I haven't gained any weight yet, but my belly is starting to grow a little. My husband tells me to stop saying that i am feeling better (because i really think that i am) because then i wind up later that night with my head in the toilet! I plan on finding out the s_x, i really don't have a preference.


snowbaby - July 11

06th jan here :-)


Katherine79 - July 11

I definitely want to find out the s_x. I have an ultrasound this Fri. on the 15th I will be 15 weeks then so I thought it would be cool if they could tell but I doubt they can or will even try.



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