Anyone Due In The First Two Weeks Of Oct

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Kimberly - May 9

I don't know about ya'll but i would do anything for a good nights sleep lol. How are ya'll pregnancy's going?


Jessie - May 9

I am doing ok. I am just axious about my u/s sound to find out about the s_x on thursday.


crystal - May 10

Me too kimberly! I always wake up sore and on my back. I try not to sleep on my back but I always do. Plus I wake up at least 2-3 times in the night, but other than my body being sore i'm good what about you?


crystal - May 10

Oh! by the way i'm 19 weeks due oct 1.


Grace - May 10

I am due Oct 16th. My husband doesnt want to know the s_x of our baby but I do. The ultrasound is on may 12th. Also, i have been feeling the baby move a good bit, except today. Getting worried..... and yes, i wake up on my back and wake up 2-3 times a night... i can really relate to you ladies.....


amanda.d - May 10

I am 17weeks and due October 17th.I am having trouble sleeping too.


Melissa - May 10

I am due Oct 7th... I have been getting a lot of headaches. My big problem is that even though I was vaccinated for Rubella, I am not immune and there is a big Rubella outbreak in our area, so my doctor says I have to stay at home...going crazy!!!!!!!!!! We have an ultrasound on the 19th, we are going to find out the s_x, cant wait! I went for my regular appointment today and the dr checked the heartbeat with a doppler, really cool, that is the first time he has done that.


Amy - May 10

I am 18 weeks, due October 9th. We had our u/s yesterday. It was so neat. I have big problems sleeping. I usually lay on my side with a pillow between my knees. Seems to help a little bit. I guess I need some suggestions also. Good luck


Jennifer - May 11

I feeling pregnant for sure. I am due around October 11th. I go this Friday to find out the s_x of the baby. I am so excited.


Kimberly - May 11

Jessie I find out the s_x tomarrow too(Thursday) Good Luck.


Kimberly - May 11

HEy ya'll I'm Due Oct. 6th. WEll we should all have alot to talk about tomarrow night with all our U/S.


Courtney - May 11

I am due on October 4th. I found out a couple weeks ago that I am having a little girl. Both me and my husband swore it was a boy. Oh well, I am so excited. It is our first baby. Everyone come back and post what your having.


Kimberly - May 16

Well we couldn't find out the baby wouldn't cooperate. Was as stubborn as can be lol. baby just flipped over on stomache the b___t up in the air and went to sleep. lol


leslie - May 16

I am due Oct 3 or 4th or maybe 5th I am not sure anymore since they keep changing it...and about having a good night sleep...I know what you mean...I always wake up in the middle of the night for different reasons..back pain, pee, nightmares, name it! I don't want to think it gets worse.


Keisha - May 17

I am due Oct 10...I know exactly what you mean..I am sleeping alittle better know since I starting sleeping on a firm mattress.


Rachael - May 18

Due October 144, I can't get fixed at night and toss and turn a lot. I also seem to dream such intense dreams. I am also tired of laying on my side.


Missy - May 18

I am due 10/2. I have stopped having to pee all night (thank God!) but now the ribs and back pain have started. I guess I am getting ready to pop out - finally a pregnant belly and not just a fat belly LOL!! Also, has anyone noticed thier belly b___ton starting to dissappear?



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