Anyone Due Mid July Part 2

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Deb - February 17

This is a continuation of the previous mid-July thread. Anyone due in July is welcome to visit and chat!


Deb - February 17

Here's something funny. I have been feeling the baby move here and there for about two weeks now but very sporadically. At the u/s yesterday, the baby was VERY active, and all of a sudden today, I could feel it moving ALL THE TIME! Like every hour or so! I hope this baby doesn't come out bouncing all over the place!


sherri - February 17

Hi Deb- I am pretty new here. How many weeks are you? Is this your fist? I will be 20 weeks on Monday. This is my second. My first born is a 3 year old boy.


livdea - February 17

YAY! New thread! We needed it! I went in for my monthly exam today hoping to be able to set up my appointment for next week, I'll be 20 weeks on thursday. When I called they are way way backed up and I have to wait until March 8th to find out what I'm having!!! I've been nervous about having the u/s done though, and it makes it harder to have to wait longer! The good news is that I got clearance from the dr to go home for a few weeks in March...I get to go back to the island for a while YAY! I bought my ticket today!! Deb...don't you love feeling your baby! It's crazy! I some times wonder too if my little one is going to be super active and hyper! I love it though. Oh and welcome Sherri!!


piratesmermaid - February 17

Hey all! I got to this thread late, but I read most of part 1 (it was long!). I'm due July 16th and this is my first!


Lashunda - February 17

Hey ladies, I'm jealous. I'm almost 19 weeks and I can only feel my baby every once in a blue moon. I was wondering if I should be worried since this isn't my first pregnancy. I can't to get that doppler so I can stop worrying but I know nothing's wrong, you know, by instinct. He piratesmermaid, we have the same due date. Cool. How are you doing?


Steph - February 17

Lashunda, I don't feel my baby move all the time either. It's still pretty sporadic and this is my second as well. I don't think theres anything to worry about. :o)


dee23 - February 18 felling maybe i should be worried for the opposite only 18wks2days and im feeling bubs move around so often its making me wonder if its having frequent panic attacks or something! im talking really regular, like most hours every minute or so, give or take. im also showing something shocking! im only short but for 18 wks in my uterus is already more than half way inbetween my navel and b___bs!


Deb - February 18

Welcome to all the new ladies, glad you could join us! For those of you who don't know me, I'm Deb from Ontario, Canada and I am 19w3d today. I am due on July 12th. This is our first baby and we are not finding out the s_x, though that seems to be ABNORMAL these days! My DH, Doug, and I are both elementary school teachers. For those of you worrying about not feeling the baby, I read that many people don't feel the baby until 21 - 23 weeks, so don't be too concerned. I think I am one of the lucky ones. And seriously, if my sister hadn't told me that it feels like gas, I probably wouldn't have known I was feeling the baby! Dee, I heard that people who are shorter usually show much more. I am tall, 5'9 and you can barely notice that I am pregnant. I think the maternity clothes are what's telling people I am pregnant, because if I was just wearing normal clothes, you would probably just think I am getting fat. My doctor measured my uterus on Thursday and said that it is almost at my belly b___ton.


Laura - February 18

Hi Ladies, This is my 5th pregnancy will be my 4th baby. I felt movement with my 2 and 3rd baby at 15-16 weeks! I am just starting to feel movement and it is very sparatic. Maybe this baby is just smaller than the others.


Noms - February 18

I'm new to this. I'm due July 24th and this is my first. I'm a very nervous mom. I felt the baby at 17 weeks which is weird for a first pregnancy, but i could only feel it if i was standing and it was only on the left side. Then it was quiet for a few days and now that I am 18 weeks I am just starting to feel it move again slightly. I so badly want it to move a lot and harder so I can feel comforted. I think im nuts.


ashchik - February 18

im due on july 18th this is my first. could you girls please explain wat u r feeling when the baby moves??? i think i am feeling mine move but i do not no wat its supposed to feel like


Deb - February 19

It feels kind of like gas moving in your intestines. Kind of like a fluttering, as most people describe it. If you are not paying close attention, you could easily miss it or dismiss it as gas or digestion or something. The only way I knew for sure that it was the baby was because it was very low, near my pubic bone. Too low for it to be gas.


Noms - February 19

It feels for me like a very very faint tickle feeling from the inside. I dont notice it if im moving a lot, it's only when I'm standing still or lying down.


Michelle - February 19

Hi Gals, I'm due July,9.. I am 20 weeks today.. I will be having my big ultrasound tomorrow!! I already know we are having a boy!! This will be my 5th and last baby..Glad you are all doing good.. Michelle


Michelle - February 19

ps.. Are any of you still really sick?? I still have all day sickness on and off.Michelle


Deb - February 19

No, my m/s stopped around 16 weeks. Thank goodness! I don't know if I could have taken any more!



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