Anyone Due Nov

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les22 - May 21

im due on the 23 november. im 22 years old and im from the uk. this is our first baby and it will also be the first grandchild on both sides. i just want to chat to people going through the same things as i am.


LINZ - May 22

Hi Les, I am also 22, pregnant with my first and from the UK. It is also the first granchild for our families too. I am due on 19th November. So how did your ultrasound go? Have you heard the heartbeat?? X


San_dee - May 22

hey im just gonna jump in too! even tho ihave started a thread my self :) u know why... cos im 22 too!!!! this is our second child, our first was also the first grandchild for our families... wen do u guys turn 23???


les22 - May 22

i was 22 on the 4th of may. i had my ultrasound on friday when i was 13w 1day. it was really good. the baby was waving its arms and legs about and bouncing up and down. i didnt hear the heartbeat but i saw it flickering on the screen


kmorris1 - May 22

Hi. I am 31, and due on 9th November. I am also in the UK, and this will be our first child. It will be the first grandchild on both sides here too, so I imagine it will be spoiled come Christmas. I had my first scan at 12 weeks, and have a perfect profile photograph, and I get to hear the heartbeat at my midwife appointments. I have my 20 week scan on 28th June, and we are planning to find out the s_x if possible. Are you guys planning to find out, or are you going to wait for the surprise? Kate


mandee25 - May 22

I am 25 and due November 15th with my first child and am so so so excited! This will be my parents first grandchild so it makes it special although it's the 13th grandchild on my husbands side. It will be the youngest grandchild on his side though because currently their oldest grandchild is like 8.


mandee25 - May 22

I live in eastern Canada and kmorris1, yes the first week of July we have an ultrasound and I really want to know the s_x of the baby although my hubby would like to keep it as a secret.


venus_in_scorpio - May 22

I am due 20 november. I am 20 and this is my first...


LINZ - May 23

I turn 23 in January. My ultrasound was very much like yours Les22 - very very active baby and saw a strong heartbeat! I have not heard the heartbeat as yet, however I have my midwife apt nxt wk so I am hoping to hear it then. I have my 20 wk scan beginning July - I do not want to know the s_x! I am not fussed what I have as long as it is healthy, therefore, I would prefer to have a surprise - my fiance and I agree on this! x


les22 - May 23

i have my 20w scan on the 7th of july. im not able to find out the s_x as most hospitals in scotland are not allowed to tell you incase you sue if they are wrong and because it takes too long for the scan if they are trying to find out the s_x. its so unfair cos i was really wanting to find out


les22 - May 23

i am considering getting a 3d or 4d scan but not sure if i can justify spending that amount of money incase the baby is in the wrong position and they cant see the bits !


LINZ - May 23

Thats a bit of a bummer then Les! Alot of my family/friends have previously found out during their 20wk scan (I am from Cumbria) so I figure that I will wait. I am hopeless at surprises though so I know I am goin to be totally climbing the walls by the time my 20wk scan comes around! We have have decided to wait though as we are not fussed either way. I would prefer a boy and I think my fiance would prefer a girl although neither of us are bothered to be honest, as long as 'it' is healthy. So how are you feeling??


les22 - May 23

i would like a boy too. i keep refering to the baby as he. i feel really well. i was one of those hateful b**ches who had no morning sickness and lost weight in the first coupla months. im have happily gained about 2 pounds now tho


les22 - May 23

how is everyone else feling?


vijun79 - May 23

Hello Les22,Even i'm due on 23 november,well i'm 26 yrs old from US,and this is our first baby too.I did have my Ultra screeing by 12w 2days,and the baby was very active and heart beat was strong.It was really an amazing expereince!!.Now i do have another apt with my dr on 31st of May.Well all the best to u all.


venus_in_scorpio - May 23

my baby is going to be born right before my 21st birthday so this will be an exciting time. I wonder if s/he will be born thanksgiving like I was?? Also does anyone lknow how un/likely it is to deliver at 38-39 weeks? im just wondering if my baby will have a scorpio sun or a sagittarius sun like me... right now baby is due right on the cusp...hehe


les22 - May 23

my preg book says its more likely for bubs to be born late than early.



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