Anyone Due Towards The End Of May

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k - November 20

How is everyone feeling? I am still not back to my old self... waiting for the food aversions to go away!! Im 14 weeks and have been told it will let up soon!


Tiffany - November 20

I am due May 21 with my first child.


Tiffany - November 20

I am 14 weeks today. I have been feeling pretty good lately no vomiting or anything else for the past week all that is really happening to me is that my b___sts are a little sore.


Ann - November 20

Hi I am due May 23 with my first. I have started to feel like I have more energy. I still get sick in the mornings, but the all day sickness is getting better. My b___sts are pretty sore. I still have food aversions too! I look forward to going out and really enjoying a meal:). But, this is all completely worth it.


Stephanie W. - November 21

I am also due May 23. I definately feel some improvement but not 100%. I had awful morning sickness but now I generally throw up once or twice a week. I too, am starting to get more energy. I do gag daily but no more yellow stomach bile...thank god! I took a tour of the birthing center that I will deliver at this weekend. It was so exciting!!! We even saw a newborn in the nursery. It really got me a motivated! This is my second child. My first child we had in Columbia, SC. But we are from Pittsburgh, PA & we live here again.


Shannon - November 21

I am due May 23rd as well, with my first. I wasn't sick at all these last 3 months. Although I gag everytime I brush my teeth or eat something with a weird texture. My b___bs are sore to lay on or lay sideways with a bra on, but no leaking yet, thank god. I have felt flutters in my tummy a week or so ago, and I felt some pokes as well. Nothing too prominant and I haven't felt them since. I am just waiting for the slightest twinge!


Tess - November 21

I am due May 19th. This is my 1st pregnancy.


Sharon - November 21

I'm due May 25th with my first and I too am still feeling sick. I can't wait until it lets up - I've had severe constant nausea since 5 weeks and it's really getting to me. Let's hope it pa__ses soon for all of us - I want to enjoy my food at the holidays!


Kathryn - November 21

I am due May 27th with my second. My first is 11 years old though so it feels like a first. I am getting over the morning sickness, and my b___bs are less sore so I can actually sleep without a bra now which is nice. I am also noticing that I am a little less tired too. Still gag a lot though. I can't wait to feel the baby moving! That is such an exciting milestone!


Michelle - November 21

Hi, I am due May 25th. I feel alot better now than I did. Much more energy. But we still have a ways to


Leanne - November 21

I'm due May 20th (my first). I haven't really had morning sickness but gag everytime I brush my teeth!!! Still not gaining any weight. Guess that's a good thing but can't wait til I have a belly!! Oh yeah, I looked in the mirror last week and noticed my "linea nigra" !!!


k - November 22

Glad Im not the only one still sick! I was hoping it would go away before Thanksgiving but it looks like that wont happen. Im not so naseaus anymore, but food just doesnt sound good to me. I can only eat about 1/4 of what I used to eat and forget about eating meat, I want to throw up when I look at it! Ive lost 16 pounds so far, but I was overweight when I got pregnant. I have recently started noticing 'pressure' in my lower abdomen and if I lay on my back I can feel the baby in a 'lump'. I havent actually felt movements yet though. Anyone feel this too?


maya - November 22

Hello ladies. I'm due the 18th of May. My first preganancy. I started feeling much better at about week 10. It was an overnight improvement. At the moment I have slightly sore b___bs, my stomach is not as it used to be (gets upset, or fussy a lot) and I get dizzy a lot. But so so much better than the first 3 months!!! I have a pouch.. though I think it is mainly a fat deposit. My guy likes to think it is the baby. Havent started to feel the baby yet.. I've heard some women have now.. but I sure havent! [email protected]


Angela - November 22

Hi I am due May 24 with my first. I have been feeling alot better but still naseaus every now and then. And I am sooooo VERY TIRED. I can sleep 12 hours and feel sleepy still. But very grateful to have made it to the 2nd trimester. Good Luck all



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