Anyone Else 14 Weeks And Want To Talk

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Niki - March 6

Hey i am 14 weeks. i feel so relieved to have finally made it to the 2nd trimester. i have been so worried and still am a little i have not seen my doc since 8 weeks and we heard a heartbeat 164, but we didnt get to see anything. I cant help but to still worry a little. i will feel much better after my next doc visit.


Cevinup - March 6

Hey Niki, I am also 14 weeks pregnant. I will see my doctor tomorrow for the first time. I keep having nightmares that he won't find a heartbeat! I had a premature labor last September. I was 23wks pregnant and my son managed to hang on to life for an hour and half...I am a little stressed out. I hope everything turns out well tomorrow.


Niki - March 6

i am so sorry, i cant imagine what you must have been going through all of these weeks. Has your stomach gotton any bigger. Mine has a little. i am wearing maternity cloths now all of them are a little big because i wanted them to fit me for awhile. I go back to the doc next week i cant wait to check everything out.


Cevinup - March 6

my belly has gotten a lot bigger! It has gotten bigger, faster, this time around. My husband thinks we might be having twins!! Now, that would be amazing. Is this your first baby? What is your due date?


AppleCake - March 7

I am 14 weeks with second pregnancy, third baby. I had twins last time but I am now about the size I was at 20 wks with them!


carol23 - March 7

14 weeks here as well. My belly seems to be popping out quite a bit. I don't know if it's cause i'm eating a lot, or because of the baby. Has anyone felt baby move? Call me crazy, but i think I've felt my baby. It just started a couple of days ago. Is it possible? BTW my due date is Sept. 7th.


Jody - March 7

Hi! I an currently 14 weeks. My due date is Sept 3. I go for my first ultrasound today!


sdgirl79 - March 7

I am 14 weeks too. Nice to know there are others that are in the same place as me. I am due on Sept. 5, my moms b-day. I am also scared but I have heart and seen the heart beat a few times. Sounds great. I have my ultrasound on March 31 to find out s_x. I am nervous, scared, and very excited. My first pregnancy and it was unplanned so I am all mixed up. But I am very happy.


Krista - March 7

I'm 14 weeks 2 days...due Sept 3rd. I'm going in to find out if it's a boy or a girl on Thurs....only TWO more days!! I'm WAY excited! I'm hoping for a girl...but really think it's probably a boy...I'm sure I'll be happy either way =)


fefer1 - March 8

Hi everyone, I'm 14 weeks tomorrow, due Sept 8. I've had 4 ultrasounds already but I've also had two heavy bleeding scares. All is ok though! The heartbeat at 13 weeks was 158. This is my first pregnancy and I'm getting really fat in the gut or just have lots of bloating. I'm having to wear maternity clothes too because my waist and gut are getting too big. I'm pretty small to begin with and my clothes are all pretty fitted. :) I'm also just now starting to feel more energy and not throw up EVERY day.


taterbaby - March 8

Actually, I am 13 weeks. I hope nobody minds if I join in. I just read ya'lls posts and I relate to all of it. I finally have been geting some relief from the nausea. However, it seems to have been replaced by diarrhea.(Sorry, maybe too much information) Oh what fun!!! I live 45 minutes from work with very few places to stop and this new symptom is really making life interesting. I have another doc appt tomorrow. Yet another glorious milestone!



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