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ElizabethAnn - May 26

Just curious if anyone else is experiencing this. i am 14w 3 d , and i still gag alllll the time!!! I have never thrown up, but i'll just be walking around and gag, and like dry heave, its really embarassing. I never have any warning! I wish someone new of a way to get rid of this!! also , i was in the grocery store, and i started feeling sick, and i realized my whole mouth was FULL off saliva!! i had to run out of the store and spit otherwise i'd prob of barfed right there if i swallowed it! The gaging keeps me from going out most of the time!!! Help!!!!!!!!!!


ElizabethAnn - May 26

No one?


lexa - May 26

Oh ElizabethAnn! It should get better! I didn't get any m/s at all, but I do know that with this pg (I am 21 weeks) different things I was able to deal with before do make me gag now! A few times I did lose it...yuck! It could be anything on tv to real life. Example, the season finale of House. That one made me lose it. you should be getting out of the sickness stage soon. Good luck.


HannahBaby - May 27

im 21 weeks and still do it. Not as bad at you but things make me gag. Like sometimes my daughters drool makes me gag, my dog makes me gag, sometimes even thinking about things makes me gag!! My husband pretends to puke because it makes my daughter laugh and it makes me get all green at the gills and gag. I puked once at 11 weeks but i think thats because i drank cranberry juice on an empty stomach.


ElizabethAnn - May 27

well i'm sure glad im not the only one! It is just sooo embara__sing to gag all of a sudden with no warning and have your friends look at you like "omg, whatis wrong with that women" haha. Hopefully it will go away soon, or maybe i'll just be stuck with it the whole time. Thank you ladies!!!


jesnewmomagian - June 21

I am also 14w and everything makes me gag even mouth wash it wasn't like this with my son but i'm adjusting, I can only say that it probably won't last the whole time my fingers are crossed


Lilu - June 22

I'm 16 weeks and still gag for no reason. It's not an often as it was in the beginning. But anything makes me gag. I haven't found anything to make it go away!


sunshyne9 - June 22

Me too.. Im 18w 4 days.. and I gag ALL the times still.. the worst is in tehmorning when I brush my teeth lol I almost puke and it's bad.. Even thinking about it right now is making me pretty bad.. I too can be in the grocery store or whatever and gag haha.. I hate it and think everyone is looking at me lol my b/f thinks its hilarious and he too makes fun of me and pretends to puke lol a__s!!!!! lol lol With my daughter I gagged all through the pregnancy lol but id rather gag then puke and feel sick all the time.. for


mandee25 - June 22

Even after my first trimester "all day nausea" started to dissipate, if I would cough or something like that it would make me almost gag but it doesn't sound as bad as your case ElizabethAnn.


mandee25 - June 22

Oh yeah and even now in the morning after I eat my Raisin Bran and I got to brush my teeth the taste in my mouth from that almost makes me lose it and I am 19 weeks tomorrow!



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