Anyone Else A Waitress

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shelly - November 1

I waitress full time and was just wondering if there are any other pregnant waitresses out there? Do you find it hard to work now, and when do you plan on taking your maternity leave?


bump - November 2



anita - November 3

i'm a bartender. i went from working 4 nights a wk. when i first got preg. to working only 2 now at 20wks. i just gave my 2 wks notice last wk. it's really hard constantly being on my feet at work and i can't take it any more. i'm also more moody than usual so it's time for me to go. save as much money as you can & good luck w/ working, i know how hard it can be in our business. one plus is that in the past 2 wks, since i've been showing, my tips have been really good and customers are usually pretty understanding about you being slower etc. after realizing your preg. take care of yourself and don't work too hard. congratulations and good luck :-)


shelly - November 3

Thanks anita, I know what you mean about the tips they are better since I'm showing!! How far along are you??


anita - November 4

i'm 21 wks today. how far are you?


shelly - November 4

I'll be 26 weeks sunday and it's getting really hard, especially on the weekends. I'm trying to work until i'm 35 weeks becauses we only get 12 weeks off, so I have to try and stick it out!!


Lindsay - November 7

I am not a waitress, but my friend was up until the day before she had her baby. She wore support hose and said the exercise made her feel good.


Liana - November 7

I am a bartender/ waitress and I am 20 weeks pregnant and its been really hard working and constantly lifting heavy trays or cases of lemons and stuff and I get sooo exhausted plus i get snappy at the customers due to my preg hormones. As difficult as it is staying on my feet all day I hope I can stick it out until at least 7 months, becasue I just need the money! and I know that at 8 and 9 months I will not be able to functionas a waitress, becasue I tried it when i was preg with my daughter and I was soooo clumsy and my stomach was in way too much! I especially want to keep working right now because christmas time is the busiest!good luck with everything!


Jay - November 8

I have a hard enough time working fulltime as a secretary and going to school fulltime at night. I can't imagine working on my feet all day long. You ladies get KUDOS from me. Preggo Warriors!! :)



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