Anyone Else Carrying Really Low

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Autumn - May 18

I'm almost 24 weeks along and I am carrying really low, it seems. Although regular, I hardly ever feel fetal movement above my belly button. I'm not really worried but it seems like every other pregnant woman I see is carrying much higher. Is anyone else experiencing this??


Chloe - May 18

I am 17 weeks and just look big, but I have a friend who is 27 weeks and like you, she is carrying really low. Everything is great with her pregnancy to date.


Jaime - May 18

I am 23 weeks and carry kinda low as well, and i rarely feel moments higher then my belly b___ton as well there more lower


Kelly - May 19

Anyone know if there is any truth to carrying low for a boy and carrying high for a girl? I have seen this to be true with most of my friends.


AIsha - May 19

Im 22 weeks and Im low too...All the movement is above My pubic bone..


*** - May 20

I am carrying low & I am having a girl. She also kicks low all the time. It's just one of those old wives tales. Every woman carries their babies differently. This is my 4th girl & they have ALL been different.


Eunice - June 20

I'm carrying really low myself, I'm expecting a boy and have 3 months left, I'm 6 months now, I feel him move all the time, above the belly b___ton and way below. I'll see how long he is this Friday. It's hard to sit, because my stomach sits in my lap, and I'm having back and hip ache's.....


HB - June 20

I am 18 weeks along and carrying low, but i don't know if that's because i am still developing. I feel like i am starting to fill out a little above the belly b___ton, but i think i will most likely carry low as well.


Monica - June 20

I'm 23 weeks, almost 24 and I'm carrying very low. I have NEVER felt any movement above my belly b___ton, barely any even close to it. I'm not worried though, because she kicks me constantly!! I think she's going to be a break dancer. I swear she never sleeps! It's the only thing about this whole pregnancy that I'm enjoying, lol!!


belle - June 23

I am 25 weeks and I have never felt movement above my belly b___ton, but I feel him moving all the time, so I guess I shouldn't worry.


tina - June 23

what does it matter whether the baby is really low or not. is it a concern to carry the baby really low (because i am too) or is everyone just being nervous nillies.


Jessica F. - June 23

I am 21wks and feel like I am sitting on my baby it stays so low. It feels like the baby has it's head down towards my pelvic bone and is kicking up and hitting my belly b___ton


J - June 24

I'm pretty low too. I do, sometimes, feel movement above my BB, the majority at the BB or below. I'm not worried about it, but I am also wondering if this means I'm having a boy???



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