Anyone Else Cramp Since Beginning

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tmom - January 22

Hi, I am 22 weeks 2 days today and am so paranoid that I am going into premature labour. I have pretty much spent my whole pregnancy worrying that I am going to lose my baby girl. I started cramping the day after I found out I was pregnant (about 4 weeks). It has continued throughout my whole pregnancy, but seems to come and go for weeks at a time now. I also had some spotting, especially following s_xual stimulation at about week 18. It stopped as soon as I cut my husband off completely and has been gone now for about 2 weeks. But now I am starting to feel wierd tightening sensations in my uterus. I can't tell if it's just baby moving around or a contraction. Sometimes I will get a cramp and when I feel my uterus I know it's just baby moving up to the top, but other times it just feels like my whole uterus is hard. My doctor says he thinks everything is fine and everything looks normal. I don't get it. If it is preterm labour I want to find out asap so that it can be stopped. Everyone keeps telling me that I'm too paranoid. What if it is preterm labour and I just can't get anyone to take me seriously? Can someone please advise?


Heather - January 24

Hi I am 14 weeks now and have had cramping right along also is it worse for you around period time, also have been spotting every month around period time. And I get that tightening also it is Braxton Hicks, I know because this is my second child.


ashley - January 24

I've had cramping since the beginning---its the uterus stretching and the ligaments around it stretching as well. Try not to stress or you may send yourself into preterm labour.


Katie - January 25

I too have been cramping not the whole time but it started right when I found out that I was pregnant. It lasted until the middle of the third or beginning of the fourth month. Im now almost 26 weeks and it started up again. I was scared too but I think Ashley is right it's just the uterus stretching and the ligaments. Our little babies are getting bigger:) Everything will be fine but if it gets worse dont be afraid to let your doctor know. He is the professional Im sure he would let your know if something was wrong. Good Luck



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