Anyone Else Due 6th Of June

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heather - March 6

h__lo ladies i thought it would be fun to chat with ladies due around the same time.. well im 27 weeks today and feeling the baby move all the time and he is very low and when he kicks me i feel it in my butt. It's the weirdest feeling but fun to . with my first son who is 2 1/2 i carried him very high so it's fun to compare the diffreces in the way you carry the little one. well i have gained 17 poundsor 18 pounds eather way im 155 and feeling really chunky i cant weight to get slim again. well ladies thats it for me..


HH - March 6

I'm also 27 weeks today, due June 6. I have gained 18-19 lbs so far, I'm 144lbs now. We don't know what we are having, our little angel did not cooperate during the 20 weeks ultrasound. But all the old midwives tales point to a boy, so we'll see. I just registered us for prenatal cla__ses, I'm looking forward to them. How are you feeling now that you are 27 weeks, anxious? I feel anxious about labour and some what sad that this pregnancy (it's our first by the way) is going by really fast. Do you feel that? Best of luck to you!


Lindi - March 7

Hi Heather and HH. I am also 27 weeks. Baby's due 4 June. At this stage I feel huge and very uncomfortable sometimes. I think I am carrying big for 27 weeks. O yes, it's a girl! Very excited. Our first! HH - I am also very anxious about labour! Going for 4D scan on Thursday.


Ella - March 7

I am due June 4, I (we've) gained 13 pounds so far. I'm having a girl, we've decided to name her Callaway Harper. I am definately anxious! I sit in her room, and rock and husband thinks I'm crazy for sure. I'm going to my doc every 2 weeks at this point seeing her so often really has made this seem so much closer! I'm not so uncomfortable, but (not to be graphic) but I have alot more discharge than I ever had, anyone else??


heather - March 7

hello ladies well i'am very anxious about having 2 kids but my son who is 2 will be a great help so that will be nice. an appointment every 2 weeks ella is everything alright?? i sure hope so. well ladies chat laeder ok.


Stef - March 7

I'm due june 5th. this is my first a little boy. I've put on 16lbs so far. Most of it came from last month. I had a huge spurt then it slowed again. I haven't begun to get things in order yet for his room. I'm waiting until the baby shower next month. I am starting to feel uncomfortable since my whole body is getting bigger. I'm carrying pretty low.


Ella - March 7

Everything is fine, we are both happy and healthy. My doctor sees patients that are 7 - 9 months every 2 weeks and in the last month every week. I enjoy listening to the heartbeat that often so I'm fine with it. Finding time for both hubby and I to go to the appts can be challenging! I have a cute little baby belly, and have been lucky enough to not be sick. It's made this experience a great one!


junemommytobe - March 7

I am 27 weeks too, due June 5th. I can relate to everyone that feels huge right now. Since my little Hailey is kicking and moving so much sleeping is a difficult task. I was 125lbs before and I have gained about 23lbs so far. I hope I can manage my weight for the next few weeks. I am excited about being a mother, I can't wait.



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