Anyone Else Due End Of Jan 05

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Louise - October 4

Hey girls - My EDD is 30 Jan and I have just started getting anxious. I spent the first 5 months with severe morning sickness (lost 30 lbs) and i'm just wondering if I'm alone in wanting the pregnancy to be over, but not wanting it to end at the same time feeling!?!?!?


cindy - October 5

i'm due on jan 23, things seem to be going okay, although lately i've been a little apprehensive about the delivery...sorry you were feeling so c___ppy, hope you are feeling better now. just found out that we are having a girl, so now i'm excited for her to get here.


nikinoo - October 5

hey louise, Im also due Jan 30th (my birthday) lol...but having him a week early as I have a twisted pelvs and need to have a ceasar! Im a little the oppposite, Im trying to enjoy every moment of this pregnancy as I wont be able to have a natural birth and that hurts! I also had an emergency ceasar with my daughter and no words cans discribe how disappointed I was when I couldnt touch her or cuddle her for 3hrs! So Im cherishing this feeling! Once Its all over u will be wishing you could feel all this again! Its an amazing feeling! Maybe talk to him or her...use a name, make it feel real to you now! It might help! Good luck hun! I hope you start feeling better. :0)


louise - October 5

Thanks girls for your support, and gongrats on your little bundles of joy! I love the way I feel now (more energy than I've had in 5 months!! And finally gained 3 lbs!) I love feeling and watching this little girl move around! I had a problem with my first and almost lost her at the very end, but she was perfect and I know this one will be too! I think I'm just worried about the possibility of delivering on the economy (I'm on a military base in Germany) The hospital is supposed to be wonderful, but my German is rough at best! Most every one here speaks english, but still. I'm sorry to hear that you couldn't cuddle you little one for 3 hours nikinoo, that was one of may favorite first memories. I know these little bundles will be worth everything we all go through (and then some!!) Congrats on your girl cindy, is this your first?


Michelle - October 5

I'm due on January 24, but will deliver 1 week before by c-section. This is my second pregnancy and I am having another girl! Cograts to all of you!


Sarah Mae - October 6

Hey...I'm due Jan. 31st. It was originally the 27th,then the 30th, now it's the 31st. Which is really weird b/c last time I went in to get my ultrasound she says I was only 1 day off. Anyways, this is my 1st and I'm having a boy. I'm really excited that I found out the s_x, now I just can't wait intil he's here!


Sonia - October 6

Hi girls, I'm due January 19 and very excited!! I too sometimes feel like I want it to be over so I can finally have my baby in my arms, but at the same time I'm really enjoying this wonderful and strong connection we have, just feeling the kicks is the thing that makes my day. Congrats to all!


Hanna - October 6

I'm due January 20th and I agree.. the kicks are wonderful! It usually happens at night in bed, but sometimes my baby kicks during work as well. Especially during meetings that is extremely welcome. I don't think I have ever paid this little attention.. oh well.. people tell me my pregnancy will be over before I know it (even though I am counting the days!) so I might as well enjoy it as it lasts. Question to you all: have you already seriously started with buying things for your baby? This week my partner and my dad have started painting the baby's room and we have bought a couple of things already. What have you done this far?


louise - October 6

hanna, i understand the whole not paying any attention! My daughter and the one on the way (girl also) will be sharing a room! There room is huge and our third room is smaller, so we are just going to use it as a play room! We have the crib all put together, purple is everywhere (although the closet looks like pink bubble gum blew up in there!) The only things we still need to get are the stroller and the swing! car seat, crib, bath tub, diapers, clothes, everything all seem to be in their place! (well, car seat was ordered and will be here in just over a week!) well, my little girl seems super active, so we are going to go spend some time with daddy!! Congrats and good luck!


. - October 8



bump - October 12



LRK - October 12

Wow! I am due Jan 30th too! My morning sickness made me eat like crazy and I am up 20 lbs so far. I am alot happier in the second trimester, but it is still mesmerizing to think about what is happening. I swear the kid has long fingernails and is continually scratching at my insides. It feels more like scratching than kicking. Maybe it's an alien, but the ultrasound makes it look like a baby...


Beth - October 12

I'm due Feb 02 and I'm not prepared at all! My baby loves to kick and this week it found my bladder is the most fun toy.....I have to pee....


Rachel.R - October 13

My EDD is January 16th, but i can see the little bugger waiting til the end of the month. I had no morning sickness, but I still cant wait for the pregnancy to be over... only for the fact that i want to see her now.


?? - October 13



Hanna - October 14

Well, our baby's room is starting to look really lovely and my father and partner will probably finish painting it next Saturday (They reserve a couple of hours of time for it every week, it's their babyproject) and I am so excited! It already looks absolutely marvelous. I am 26 weeks today and left work early because I feel rather ill. I blame it on the lack of sleep I have been getting lately. Maybe it is the flu. We'll see. How are you all doing?


Beth - October 14

Hannah, I'm sick too, I got this flu, it's all sinus, it's horrible and it's making me tired too. I love laying on my back and watching my baby move, my bf loves it too, it's so cute! I'm due Feb 2, we just started putting the room together last night, we're shopping this weekend...I'm getting so excited!



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