Anyone Else Feel Good Throughtout First Trmester

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Tricia - May 2

I am finally finished with the first trimester! I feel a bit relieved especially since this is my first and everything makes me nervous. I was wondering if anyone had a physically good first three months. I had no morning sickness. I was tired and my chest grow quite alot but thats it. It makes me a little nervous because most people I know had lots of m/s-I was just curious if anyone else was like this also? By the way--Congratulations to everyone! It is so exciting-I just wish I could relax a bit more!


Kim E - May 2

Congratulations, Tricia! I did not have any m/s at all and was only tired in the first trimester, with some acne. That's it. I say that we count our blessings since only about 50% of women have m/s. I am about 14.5 weeks now and my only new symptom is some pretty bad headaches. Have you had your first appt. yet? I am sure that everything is fine. Good luck to you!


Amy - May 2

You are so lucky. I have felt sick all the way through so far. I am 17 weeks and 1 day. I can't tell you how lucky you are and how many people are probably really jealous. So to answer your question. No. Good luck


Jessica - May 3

Yeah, I'm there with you good health people. I never got m/s, though I did feel a little iffy when I was hungry. (this was awesome, because the one thing I was deathly scared of was the throwing up. Not labor. :-) ) I did have some good bouts of constipation, though, so it's not a comPLETE rainbow. But it was pretty good otherwise. However, to those for whome this isn't the case, I heard somewhere that nausea is an indication of a healthy pregnancy, so keep your spirits up!


Beth - May 3

Congrats on your pg as well. In my first trimster the ONLY sypmtom I had was tiredness, other than that I still do not feel pg to this day at 5 1/2 months, just "fatter" haa haa


Kristin - May 3

Hey Tricia, I am right there with you, I have felt so good throughout this pregnancy other than being tired at times. This is my first too, I will be 5 months on Thursday, so I pray that I will enjoy it as much as I have! Good Luck to you all!


Kelly K - May 3

I felt great through most of the first trimester. I had a few boughts of night nausea, but nothing major.


Lissi - May 3

I can't say I felt 100% great, because I was tired all the time, but I was never sick. I think I've been pretty lucky. I've heard that every pregnancy is different though, so maybe I'll draw the short straw next time. Congratulations to you too!


Lily - May 4

Tricia, my first three months were pretty good. I had nausea almost every morning. But I soon learned as long as I kept my stomach full that it would stay away. I was really tired in the first three months as well, and still sleep quite a bit, about 9 hours a night. Congratulations to you also on your first. Good Luck!



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