Anyone Else Feel PRESSURE To Breastfeed

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sunniesmile - February 1

Hey everybody--I am only 16 weeks and am already nervous about being successful at br___tfeeding. It makes my stomach have butterflies knowing I JUST have to do it...all the pressure is making me feel like if I am not successful with it , I am damaging my baby for life. By all means I want to br___tfeed and truly hope it all goes well. It just seems like everywhere I turn YOU MUST b ___stFEED!!!!! I was just wandering if anyone else is feeling this pressure and is possibly annoyed by know just let me do what I can do... :)


momma3tobe - February 1

I felt it too with my first, especially by the nurses at the hospital. Breastfeeding made me miserable, I still felt pregnant because I couldn't eat, drink, or workout like I wanted to. I couldn't diet and I desperatley wanted to lose the baby fat. I couldn't go shopping without ending up locking in a bathroom or dressing room... I didn't even try with my 2nd and they were very mean about it at the hospital but I told them a happy formula feeding mom is better than a miserable nursing one. You may love it and I hope you do, but don't feel like a failure if you can't!!


suze42 - February 1

Welcome to the world of motherhood and guilt! LOL I felt the pressure w/my first also...I tried and tried in the hospital...I had nurses squeezing my b___sts and was hooked up to a double was HORRIBLE. Finally after alot of anxiety, I decided I'd tried, it didnt work and I wanted a bottle. I was so RELIEVED, I knew for me I did the right thing. Instead of dreading my baby's feedings, I looked forward to it. I did get grief from a few nurses and a few friends as well. But if youre confident in your decision, AND i really did try...then you just gotta go w/your gut. BTW, my DS4 is the healthiest little cuss in the family, In 4 yrs hes only gotten like3 mild colds, no earaches, no allergies and 1 stomach virus (knock on wood). Im having a second in July, may try to bf I may not. Either way, its okay. GOOD LUCK!!


Tracy88 - February 1

People always ask me, "Are you going to b___stfeed?" and I just reply by saying, "I'm gonna try!" because there really is only so much I can do. I can try and if it doesn't work out, then it doesn't! My husband was adopted so he never got b___stfed, and let me tell you, he is healthier than I am and I was b___stfed. I'm sure there are benefits to the b___st, but that doesn't mean you are a failure or have failed your child if it doesn't happen. I think a woman should always give it a good try, and then go from there. Some women love the bonding experience, but like Suze said she looked forward to feeding her child with a bottle, so I'm sure they bonded anyway. I am going to try to b___stfeed and that's all I can do.......try.


Faye84 - February 1

as of right now I dont feel any pressure to b___st feed. I know im going to do it and I really want to do it. It may be hard but ill try, if it doesnt work it doesnt work and if anyone has a problem with me not b___stfeeding MY child then thats their problem not mine. Ive learned that you HAVE to ignore what people say or think or else you will end up going crazy in trying to raise your child. When anyone brings it up w/ my i simply stop listening and they get the hint. Its all unnessecary stress it what it is. try had to ignore them, once you do that itll get easier.


jodsil - February 1

Yes, I feel this too. But my case is a little different. I want to but not sure if I will be able to due to a b___st reduction surgery in 1993.


c_baer19 - February 1

I'm actually the opposite, lol - my husband and his family for some odd reason believe that it's strange to b___stfeed, and he doesn't think that our child's mouth belongs there.. I, on the other hand, would really like to b___stfeed, especially with all the benefits it gives the baby, so I have to talk him into it, lol.


MNMOM - February 1

Just my opinion here c_baer19, seems your husband and his family is lacking in information and education. People usually think something is "wrong" with b___stfeeding because they don't know enough about it! Time to give him something to read!!!!!! It's YOUR b___sts and you don't need his permission to b___stfeed if that is what you choose.


Cad0587 - February 1

I have chosen not to b___stfeed and my doctor literally makes it seem like that's WRONG. You'd think she would make it seem like it's my decision and whatever I choose is ok but she literally makes it seem like I'm making the wrong decision, it's so annoying.


aliciavr6 - February 1

I understand doctors pressuring because it really IS the best thing, but anyone else, I will get frustrated with them and I do have a feeling my family will be giving me a hard time about it. Can't wait. Grr.


aliciavr6 - February 1

Oh and I'm not b___stfeeding.


Val - February 1

I haven't felt pressure to b___stfeed when my baby is due in May, but from all the reading I've been doing, I definitely plan on doing it, and trying to stick with it even if it's hard. I've read that there are La Leche League consultants who can help you if you are having difficulties. Also, I don't just buy packaged soy-based corporate foods much (for political and health reasons) already and I don't want to start with the baby. For me, it's also about some of the benefits for the mother. As a first time mother at age 37, I'm worried about all the changes to my b___sts (especially since my mom had b___st cancer in her early 40's) so I'm hoping that b___st feeding will reduce my chances of getting b___st cancer. On the other hand, toxins (that we encounter throughout our lives) can end up in b___stmilk and be pa__sed on to our babies, so there are certainly some negative aspects to it. But it's a personal decision, and everyone should read up on the pros and cons and make their own choice. If anyone wants to read a couple of good books that discuss it, here are two: "Our Babies, Ourselves" by Meredith Small (it's an anthropological perspective on infant care) and "Having Faith" by Sandra Steingraber (a memoir about a scientist going through her first pregnancy.)


Maggie - February 1

I am on my third pregnancy and I can tell you with absolute certainty that I am not b___stfeeding this baby. There will be 17 months between this baby and my last, and I have a 6 year old that I bring to and from school everyday. I have already had a nurse get nasty with me, and my response was "You come to my house every 2 hours and take care of my other two, and I will gladly b___stfeed this baby." With that she shut her mouth. Yes, b___st is best, but not at the expense of Mommy's sanity. My point is that only you know what is best for you. Formula will not harm your baby. Don't be afraid to open your mouth and stand up for yourself. Good luck!


Sindel - February 1

I'd like to b___stfeed but with my first he would not latch on. So I pumped at the hospital, had numerous nurses and a b___st feeding consultant come to my room to "help". I hated that part. This one nurse would squeeze the life out of my nipple and try to jam it into my baby's mouth. He'd just scream.... I even had nurses come to my house a few days later to help and they all did the same thing... Then I went to the le leche league here in town and she managed to get him to latch on but reccommended that I lay in bed for the next few days with him to keep him on the right track. I gave up on b___st feeding and pumped for about 8 weeks and that left me miserable because I felt guilty about not b/fing and wanting to switch to formula. This time I'm pretty sure I will b___stfeed or pump for the colostrum then switch to formula. I'm not really sure yet. I just remember having sore leaky b___sts and felt like I smelled like sour milk at times.. I wasnt really happy. I definitely felt pressure but it came from myself.. the nurses wanted to give my baby formula at first because I couldnt get him to latch.. so dont feel bad if it doesnt work out. It really drains on your energy feeling guilty and you all the energy you can get. =) Good luck


krnj - February 1

Hi I had no desire to b___stfeed. I knew that I wasn't going to be happy doing it and it would just stress me out. My son is almost 1 year old, perfectly healthy and hasn't been sick once. No one really gave me a hard time about it either. I'm not b/f this one either. Good luck whatever you decide to do!


Tammy276 - February 1

don't feel pressured to b___stfeed, though it is good for baby, it is a personal choice and no one should make you feel like you HAVE to do it. I do say if you are going to try, don't get discouraged after the first day or two and give up right away because that is not trying when it comes to b___stfeeding. In my opinion if you are going to give it a try, then you have to try for a couple of weeks....You have to remember that it is not going to be easy at first! Many mothers get frustrated and give up right away because their baby doesn't latch on right away...remember, this is all new to you AND your baby and your baby has to learn how to do this, just like learning to ride a bike....... I b___stfed my son and it was frustrating the first few days, but after we both got the hang of it, it was a wonderful experience. Also, when I was in the hospital, I let the nurses know right off the bat that if I needed help with it, I would ask them and if I didn't ask for their help, I didn't want them hording over me telling me what to do...which took a lot of the pressure off of me because it was more relaxing


c_baer19 - February 1

MNMOM, tell me about it, I am fully aware that he knows nothing about b___stfeeding. His mother did not b___stfeed him and somehow raised him to believe that it was 'gross,' and I have already made him promise to read a bunch of literature I have on it before he makes up his mind.



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