Anyone Else Feel This Way

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aafinden - February 25

I am a mess! This is my first pregnancy, and we found out Wednesday that it is a baby boy! I am excited, we kinda wanted a girl but I don't care! Anyways, lately though I have been so sad at times, crying alot for no reason, and more than anything now...anxious. I don't look extremely pregnant, and I just started feeling the kicks. I want so bad to have a "bump" I mean I am 21 weeks!!!! Also I want my boyfriend to be able to feel the baby too....I love feeling the flutters but I hate that he can't share in those moments. Am I crazy? Also am I crazy that I wish my baby was here now?


excited2bemama - February 25

You are normal- Sometimes I cry for no reason whatsoever and before pregnancy I was the most unemotional person ever. I wish my baby was here yesterday! I am so sick of being pregnant. DOn't worry - you will get the bump- and all the backaches and ribaches and everything that goes with it- in another week or so too you boyfriend will probably we able to feel the baby kick. Its hard to be patient- but you will get the bump and the kicks will get really strong. Hang in there.


Tammy276 - February 25

In about 7 weeks, you will be wishing that your baby wasn't kicking so hard!!! Your BF will start to feel them soon and you will start to show soon. A lot of woman don't show until they are around 5 or 6 months pregnant and all of a sudden they just seem to "pop" over night.


AshleyandAverysmom - February 26

Guess what? Your totally normal! I'm 25 weeks and the baby is really doing flips..but even those monsters kicks can only be felt by me. This is my third and last, so I sometimes get the pre baby blues... It's just your whores moaning (hormones)! good luck


Crystal Star - February 26

It is prefectly normal to feel that way. It happens to me at random times though. I am 21 weeks now, and I have a small bump. It seemed like it appeared all the sudden.


ValChil - February 26

My hormones were really bad around 20 - 24 weeks...I would seriously lock myself in the bathroom and cry for no reason and not let my husband me you will feel much better once the hormones level off, it's just such an out of control feeling but it does go away.


ValChil - February 26

Haha! "Whores moaning" I like that AshleyandAverysmom :)


AshleyandAverysmom - February 26

Girls my "Whores" are always drives me crazy..just keeping thinking...this wont last forever!


andreareed - February 26

I was the same way! You will feel him move and soon. You may not have a belly until 25-28 wks, but it will come. When you start feeling him move you will know it and your boyfriend will be able to feel it to! Just try to be patient. The sadness is normal. Remember, you have alot going on in your body right are producting a miracle and your body is taking everything youve got!


Shannie - February 27

lol, Im just reading all this and thinking to myself...Why didn't God choose Men to have babies? Pssshhh, if women can handle all these pre-pregnancy problems/symptoms and be able to push a thing out of her thats 10 x's bigger than whats supposed to come out of her, then why do men have the "strongest" t_tle? Lol, im not a feminist, just "horomone" thoughts (wink) ;)


Allisonc79 - February 27

I am a mess too, I have periods of happiness and then sadness. Things bother me now that never used to as much. I feel bad because I take it out on my bf sometimes and he feels the strain. Exercise really elevates my mood, along with getting out in the sun. Just be patient and know that your baby needs your womb right now! It still has some vital growing.



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