Anyone Else Feeling This

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Cad0587 - February 6

Our stomach are being made smaller right? I'm not talking about our growing bellies but our actual stomachs inside us haha. Are they being pushed or something by our uterus so they don't have enough room? Because I can't eat as much as I used to and when I do have a full meal I'm just like blaaaaah. It's different from just feeling full it's like there's pressure on my belly because my stomach just wants more room or something haha and it's so uncomfortable. THEN... it'lll be like that for awhile and then all of a sudden my stomach feels EMPTY and I start feeling almost hungry. Like my stomach will literally feel empty like I have already digested all of my food haha so weird, anyone else relate?


squished - February 6

It's like I wrote this post!! I can't eat anywhere near as much food as I used too. I feel like I'm going to pop! And a while after I eat all of a sudden BAM! I'm starving. I hear that it only gets worse!


Cad0587 - February 6

haha alright awesome! it's not just me haha.


Mommy1 - February 6

This happends to me too....except I can eat all day long and be starving at supper time. I'll eat the same amount I would normally eat and I am so uncompfortably full all night long! Even when it's time to go to bed it's still sitting there. I almost feel as though my stomach has a hard time digesting at night....weird??


excited2bemama - February 6

I am like this too- I am constantly hungry but when I eat I get full fast and then hungry again pretty quickly.... must be some sort of pressure on the stomach


DownbutnotOUT - February 6

Yes i have felt it with every term pregnancy, its basically when the uterus expands the stomach gets pushed up and the bladder gets pushed down causing pressure on the colon. I find drinking lots of water helps with filling my tummy that and eating 6 small meals a day.


olubabe - February 7

Oh yes this feeling is the worse!! I dont understand the"eating for 2" I can barely eat for me. Its like I can literally feel my stomach stretching. And last atleast 20 min



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