Anyone Else Get 3D 4D U S At 19 20 Weeks

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JessC531 - March 7

I just had my 19 week anatomy u/s, and it was 4D (which I was not expecting). We did not find out the s_x because dh wants to wait. We got some really cool pics - of the face and everything. You can see the baby's facial features, but his/her bones as well because it's too early for them to have fat I guess. So here's my question... Everyone thinks the baby looks like a boy because of the sharper facial features. But wouldn't all babies (girls and boys) have sharper facial features at this point? They have no fat! I just feel bad if it's a girl, and everyone is saying she looks like a boy!!! :) Anybody have any experiences to share? Did your girl look like a boy? Or am I really having a boy? LOL. Thanks in advance.


Tammy276 - March 7

when I had my 20w u/s done, they flipped it over to the 3d/4d for me to see and it was weird!! She looked like an alien because she had no fat on her.....and just by looking at the u/s, there was NO WAY I would have been able to guess if it was a boy or girl just by the facial features...sorry, but even when they are born, a lot of times it is hard to tell if it is a boy or girl by looking at the face.


JessC531 - March 7

I know you can't always go by the face anyway, but some babies do look more masculine or feminine. I want to know the s_x so badly... I guess I'm just driving myself a little crazy with this. :) The baby didn't look like an alien... just very thin in the face. Still precious though. :)


jodie - March 8

Jess...OPEN THE ENVELOPE........LOL. I would never beable to have the envelope and not open it!! That's some will power. Just sneak and don't tell Then just tell him you have a very STRONG feeling you know what it is!! I think I am going to do my 3d/4d ultrasound in about 4 weeks. I'll be 24 weeks then.


mommybabyboy21 - March 8

I thought my baby looked like an alien tring to escape my brother when I showed him the pictures said I was having golum. :( I actully love my non-3d ultrasound picture the best its one of his profile...but the 3d ones look cool because you can deffently see a nephew who is two (he'll be three two day before my due date) was walking around with the 3d ones going baby baby...I showed him the other one and he was like "no that is a baby"



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