Anyone Else Getting Less Sex

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mandie - May 6

iam not poud to admit this, but lately me and hubby's s_x life has decreased dramatically. he assures me, it's just a phsycological thing about the baby inside me, especially now that he knows it's a girl, and assures me it has nothing to do with me phyically. we have such an AWESOME s_x life beforehand, we were like teenagers, but now this first time dad to be, has been blowing me off in the bedroom dept., and it really hurts me inside, though i try to be as understanding as possible, but still..... i just wanna know if iam alone in this, and if there is hope after the baby, that things night get back to at least close to how they once were. thanks for letting me gripe. hugs, mandie


Beth - May 6

I am in the opposite situation. . .although I do not know what I am having yet my fiance is all over me every freaking night, and I have NO s_x drive at all.


tara - May 6

Madie - I can go on and on about this, especially today!!!! We also had a great s_x life - even when I got pregnant untill just recently. My husbnad is leaving on a golfing trip for 3 days and I was expecting something last night or this morning but got NOTHING!!! I was, still am so mad! This morning when I tried to do somthing about it myself he was too sleepy - given it was 6 in the morning but i had to leave for work and that was the last chance we had. I left crying this morning and can't even remember the walk to work!


tara - May 6

PS - many hugs your way, since this is all we are gonna get for a while! XOXOX! ;o)


Missy - May 6

I am in the same boat!!! We used to have an amazing s_x life - I couldn't walk around naked without getting jumped LOL! And now, the other day he actually made me cry because he was like - I am too tired today - and it was 1:45 in the afternoon!! How am I supposed to feel other than uns_xy and a loser!! I can't help but think there must be something else - I am not even showing that much - besides, if the belly is a big deal, turn me around! I know he loves me. I don't think he would ever cheat on me, but d__n, what am I supposed to think when he doesn't want s_x from me but I know he likes s_x just a much as I do! Especially when my b___bs got bigger he was lovin' it! Now I am almost 19 weeks and he will go 4 or 5 days without touching me. I know I am just crazy but I had to vent - thanks for listening!!!!


~S~ - May 6

My bf and I had a CRAZY s_x life before I became pregnant, we too were like teenagers, having s_x as much as possible. There was even times when I would be running out the door and he'd grab my waist, pull me back in, throw me over the kitchen table and yank down my pants. It was GREAT! I loved it so much, but doesn't happen so much. We both still love s_x with each other and it's still great when we do have it, it's just not so often anymore. I believe there's a few reasons, one is he's working nights now and he hates it because he can't seem to adjust, so when we do get in bed with each other, he's always so tired. Another reason is he's been fighting a horrible chest cold for the past few months. It got better, but then came back again, so he's not feeling so hot right now. And lastly, he's told me many times that it has nothing to do with me, he's just so afraid of hurting the baby, he said he feels like he has to take it easy on me because he' doesn't want to hurt our baby. I've told him a million times that it's okay, the baby is fully protected, but he's got it stuck in his head. I think it's a mind over matter thing. Oh well...I just hope things can get back to normal once baby is born.


ekay - May 6

I am opposite. I cannot even force myself to have s_x right now. And it drives my crazy when he pretty much asks for it. Kinda takes away from the 'thrill'. Sometimes I feel like crying because I just don't want to do it and I know he does. I want to keep him happy, but it is just too uncomfortable. I a__sociate s_x with discomfort.


C - May 6

I also now have a decreased s_x llife. I think for some men the idea of having a child puts a huge stress on them - especially when they begin to think about finances and the responsibility. For most men, it means that they have to grow up! And I think we all know it is hard to get some when our man is stressed - I think they can't perform HAHAHA. I also think there is the fear of hurting you or the baby....I wish that they would understand that it makes us feel like fat ugly old ladies!!!


Beth - May 6

Haa haa Ekay my man pretty much asks right out for it to, how romantic is that?


Tammy - May 6

Before my son was born 4 years ago, we also had a great s_x life. When I was pregnant with my son I had to have s_x almost every night up until the night before he was born. This pregnancy, s_x is the furthest thing from my mind. My husband just started a new job and he has to get up very early. I find myself staying up until I think it's SAFE! Then I quietly slip into bed. Now that I am into my 2nd trimester he's like "ok, isn't the tired thing supposed to have gotten better".


Kate - May 6

since we found out I was pregnant at 6 weeks-I am now four months-my husband closed up shop! It is our first baby and he is nervous that he can hurt the baby. I a__sured him he will not but he'll cuddle with me but thats about it!! It is really upsetting but I understand his feelings as well. Not sure what to do myself!


Amara - May 9

*stand up and taps on the mic* Is this thing on? Uhhh yes... Hello... my name is Amara... and it's been... *glancing at her watch, then calendar* 5+ months... since I last had s_x... At first I didn't mind, because I was throwing up all the time... but now... I just want to whip out my d____o.. My husband just runs away. I think he is scared, but he doesn't talk... so I won't know... I envy his hand and the bottle of lotion I know he keeps... *sobbing*


rb - May 9

amara - that's so funny! - not the 5 months thing - the way you wrote that! - anyhow, maybe it might help the husbands / bfs if they went to the doctor with you one time and the dr. a__sured them s_x is okay - i think the moment my hubby heard that from my dr., he had the car warmed up and ready to get me home... now, even i get scared sometimes of hurting the baby, but he's not scared at all! - he has been more careful though and i think that the men just need to be a__sured... hope this helps!


nm - May 9

Amara you are too funny!!!! It is me who actually is not in the mood..


Jodie - May 12

Im so glad im not alone here, my fiance and i have been having a lot less s_x aswell. It used to be at least once a day, then maybe 5 times a week if i was luckyk but now im going 3 or 4 days without it sometimes 5 days, which makes me start bawling my eyes out thinking that he finds me unattractive now ive got a huge gut, he tells me this isnt true coz if he didnt find me attractive we wouldnt have s_x at all but i still find it confusing how we had an extremely active s_x live before i got pregnant but now i have to practically beg for it, is anyone else feeling this way?


Beth - May 12

My husband deployed to Iraq 10 days after I found out I was pg. i am now 20 weeks. I haven't been touched in a while. I know how it sucks.


Babygirls1st - May 20

mandie, i feel exactly the way u do!



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