Anyone Else Getting Pissed Off

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Lacy - November 10

Hey girls! I am really frustrated lately, because I am almost 16 weeks pregnant with my first baby, and my boss keeps saying, "Well enjoy your freedom because you will never have another minute to yourself. You are trapped for the rest of your life, and you will never have another peaceful moment!" These are the reactions I have had from so many people! Im really excited about this pregnancy, and I think babies are amazing. Yes, they are hard work, and sometimes frustrating, but I will never feel like it ruined my life, or kept me from my goals. Being a mom IS one of my goals. I get so p___sed off, because if they thought it was so awful raising kids, then why did they have more than one?? (My boss has three) Bottom line is, I dont feel like a baby will take away from who I am, it will make me a better me...I will have another person in my family to love unconditionally! Anyone else feel like this sometimes? Im tired of people trying to discourage my excitement!


Amber - November 10

Yeah, its gonna be hard, you are going to be removing a possible aspect of your life (only for a short while). But you are getting SO MUCH MORE! Its gonna be hard as hell, but totally worth it! Let them think what they want. Be happy in your pregnacy! I am!


Lindsay - November 10

Your boss is callus as hell. Don't listen, its not called a labor of love for nothing. I think when your baby comes you'll not even miss your 'freedoms' I bet it will be like falling in love, yeah you're not single anymore, but who cares? Not you, you'll be too busy being happy.


Naysa - November 10

Don't let others get you down!I had my son when I was 20,I know that is young but he is the best thing that ever happend to me.Now I'm 28 and I enjoy everyday of it.It is a blessing!!!!!!!!!You r going to have stressful times but when you look down at that little face,nothing else matters.We r ttc now and lots of people say why don't u wait.Even my mom told me to live some of my life before I get preg again.But I know what I want and I think its the right time.Anyway,good luck to you and enjoy ur pregnancy.


me - November 10

I've had about five people (men, women, young, old) say to me during the past four months the same thing (are they reading from a script?): "Better you than me." Well, obviously! lololol


ry - November 10

i know like being pregnant isnt scary enough you gotta deal with idiots' stupid comments. the worst thing is that they do scare the $h!t outta me because this is my first and of course i am a little aprehensive of losing my "freedom" but i dont need some insensitive a$$h0l3 to point that out to me. sorry my hormones rage sometimes!!! :)


sparkles - November 11

I know what you mean, but it comes from my FIL! Instead of the usual congrats and good luck, he told me that I was going to hate my life after the baby is born! I told him that I wanted this baby and he was wrong! He just looked at me with this stupid smirk on his face and told me that we would talk after the baby is born and we'll see how I feel. The nerve! I wanted to tell him that just because he was miserable after his baby(my DH)was born, doesn't mean I will be too! This isn't exactly like an unplanned pregnancy at 18 like he and his girlfriend(wife now)had. I've been to college, had a steady job and career for years, been happily married for several years, and had been trying for a baby. Big difference! Sorry, had to vent! I know how you feel and I can relate. Those people are only making ignorant comments like that because they are miserable having kids and the responsibilties that comes with that choice. I would just tell them like it is and let them see just how happy you are. Probably on the inside they wish they could feel the same way you feel. Congrats and good luck with the rest of your pregnancy!


bec - November 11

just tell them that if that's their idea of parenthood they make for very sad parents. that'll shut 'em up! put it back on them and enjoy everyday you have with bubs.


Confused - November 11

Being a parent is definitely hard work and there are times you'll want to yell from a mountaintop, especially when you're tired and have had a stressful day. However, there are also times you'll want to yell how happy you are from that same mountaintop. If, as you've said, being a parent was so bad, then why did these nay-sayers ever have more than one child? Doesn't that make them look stupid? The reality is they enjoyed being parents, despite the hard work. Maybe what they're really fishing for is praise for the hard work they've done...who knows? Anyway, if they miss their "freedoms", perhaps they were really young when they started having children (as mentioned in one post) and felt as though they lost out on some of their youthful experiences, or they may have been more "me" oriented to begin with. Some people get far more joy from being a parent than not, and would never want to go back to not having kids around. It depends on the person. I've got four children from my first marriage (ages 17-23), a stepson (who will be 13 in a few days), and am pregnant with my fifth child at age 47 (I'm a few days short of being 6 mos. along). I'm the type that needs periodic short breaks from kids, just as I need periodic short breaks from anything else, but start to get antsy when away from the kids for too long. It's too quiet and empty feeling. Kids really are a blessing - so CONGRATULATIONS ladies!!!! God bless you and your little bundles!


Christi - November 11

LOL... I have stayed p__sed this entire pregnancy. I think the biggest thing I have learned is to not tell anyone what you are going to name the baby. Everyone has something to say about the name, and when they dont like it (there are always those) they'll let you know it. I am having a little girl. I was going to name her Arianna... until my sister kept calling her aereola... which p__sed me off... so I deecided now on Airalynn... which now I am getting "Air-a-head" Grrrrrr.... I also have the few that give me a look like I am crazy. I wish I hadnt told anyone. I have been getting the negative comments about "enjoy what rest you have now" "your life is over" "why did you get pregnant...are you crazy???" or the best "Wow... your BIG!!!" I hate it!!!! I am thrilled to be having a baby... but I think the world would seem much peachier if everyone left me alone!!!


Mom2Lyssa - November 11

Hi Ladies, Christi I am empathize with her situation - during my first pregnancy one of the biggest mistakes I made was telling people the names I was considering (Arianna was actually my first choice). I also got the jokes and unwanted criticisms on my choices. This time around we are keeping that information to ourselves. I even got a little upset the first time around when my mother-in-law was "disappointed" that the baby was a girl (Come on!). I had all the Wow you're face is getting big comments - my brother-in-law "endearingly" called me "fat-face" throughout the pregnancy. When I told our families about this pregnancy I politely informed everyone that any negative comments or supposedly funny remarks will not be tolerated. I am not putting up with any of it this time around. And I would say yeah, Lacy being a parent is a job unto itself but ignore them all. Obviously we want to have children and are willing to take on that responsibility - realizing that it is also very rewarding. Happy Pregnancy everyone! Enjoy it despite everyone else!


jessielouwho - November 11

I think people who say things like that had a hard time raising their own kids and don't realize that it CAN be different for others.


i think - November 11

we are conditoned to think this way about kids, not everyone feel for it but some did. Anyway, since they have no idea what else to say to you, they say all they c___p they have been conditioned to say. Although all of those statements do have some truth in them.


Lacy - November 16

Thank you ladies for your rea__suring comments. I thought I was the only one...I also have the name problem. My husband and I told my FIL that if we had a girl, we wanted to name her Annie Jocelyn, and he said, "Oh no, thats a stupid name, dont name her Annie..and besides, if its a girl, you better not even bother bringing her home!" I got really p__sed off, and said, well, even if its a boy, you wont have to worry about me bringing it over here too much!! What nerve some people have!


** - November 16

I have always been into spoiling myself with long baths, quiet evenings with a book and stuff like that. I am in my 30's and scared to death of losing myself. I should be more responsible, I know, but I've been without a child for so long that I'm afraid. I hope I can carry it around in a basket and at times it will actually be sleeping. I'm prepared to be a good mother, just worried.


TO LACY - November 16

OMG, I can't believe the statement your FIL made about sending a girl back. Is he a fool or what (pardon me) but I think that's the meanest and craziest thing to say. Your DH should tell him off!!!!


Lisa - November 16

I think a lot of people are thrown into parenthood for various reasons and don't have the time to mentally prepare for having a child and how it will effect their lives. I'm almost 29 and I feel prepared for the change. I've had my bar days and my single life and I'm happy with the new life I am about to have. I don't miss the partying and trying to pick up a man; if I want to go somewhere with my girlfriends I can. I have a great husband and I don't feel like I am missing out on anything. Don't let it bother you; these are their issues and don't have to apply to you.



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