Anyone Else Have Daily Eating Rituals

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amandasue - June 22

Just thought it might be interesting to hear from other moms to be that have gotten hooked on eating "one particular thing" everyday. I'm 21 weeks, and for the last month have need to eat 1 apple everyday, along with a small bowl of cookies and cream ice cream before bed. I feel like my day just isn't complete without that bowl of ice cream! I'm right where I should be as far as weight gain should be, so I guess I'll just continue on! Happy babies all!!! :)


Kristin72 - June 22

When I wake up I have cottage cheese or yogurt and a peice of fruit and some kind of carb..I have salad every day and ripe tomatoes..and usually lean chicken or fish...lots and lots of water too! I often snack on ice cream before bed too especially icre cream sandwiches ;)


AmyF - June 22

This week: Peanut b___ter and strawberry jelly sandwich with a LARGE gla__s of very cold milk. YUMMMMMMMMMY. I just can't get through without one.


cmfqueens - June 22

I have to have Bryer's Rocky Road befor bed. It's a must. (lol)


amandasue - June 22

Nice to know others are onto the ice cream trick. I've been bouncing between cookies and cream and mint chocolate chip. In order to not feel so bad about eating my ice cream every night, I do get the "light", HOWEVER I'm guessing my occasional 2 oreo's on top don't help....LOL.


amandasue - June 22

correction to above...."kick" not "trick". Talking about all this ice cream got me flustered :)


iakram - June 22

Hi I'm 34 weeks and since 16 weeks I've been hooked on PB&J every single day toasted on a seseme bagel!! I never get sick of it ever!!!


kmorris1 - June 23

I have to have a pint of cold milk with my lunch everyday, and an ice-lolly (red fruit ice with ice-cream centre) at some point during the day. No other cravings at all so far (I'm 20 weeks).


frankschick2001 - June 23

I have been eating a lot of macaroni & cheese lately as well as italian ices. Last night before bed I had an ice cream cone (breyers strawberry). It's soothing and perfect for the warm weather.


ezwaggy - July 3

Hi Ladies! Skinny Cow makes really yummy ice cream sandwiches and they're only 1.5g of fat. They taste like the real - thing no kidding!


mandee25 - July 3

I have to have my raisin bran and fresh strawberries for breakfast and I love icecream too although I don't eat it everyday. lol



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