Anyone Else Have Swollen Ankles

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Staci - May 28

I know about drinking water, limiting salt and such to try to allieviate this, but any other thoughts or experiences? im in the middle of 6th month. thanks!


miranda - May 29

I know my swelling is much worse when I eat out too much or stay on my feet too much of the day.


Sonya-edd 10/12/05 - May 30

I had horrible swelling during my first pregnancy. By the fifth month I could not wear my wedding band. My shoe size went from an 8N to an 11W. It went away within a couple of weeks after delivery, but it sucked at the time. This time I am five months pregnant and so far no swelling. I am buying low sodium everything and eating better. My weight gain is much lower this time too. I wish I had specific advice, but just hang in there. Only a few months to go......


Staci - May 30

yes. thanks guys. I was walking around yardsaling for baby items in the heat, and ate a lot of salt the previous week. How do you know when to worry about the swollen ankles and feet? yikes! I just dont want to have preeclampsia!!


Sonya-edd 10/12/05 - May 30

Your Dr. should monitor the swelling and by checking your blood pressure he/she will know. I think getting really bad headaches is a sign but I am not sure. I am sure there is info in one of the many prengnay books. GL...


Lily - May 31

I haven't experienced a lot of swelling. But my cousins wife, during her first pregnancy had incredible swelling. One time at a BBQ, her ankles were purple, and she didn't even notice until someone told her to sit down and put her feet up. However in your situation, I would call your doctor and ask what he recommends to keep the swelling down besides low sodium foods, and water. Keeping your feet up whenever possible might help too. Good Luck!


Heidi - May 31

I had kankles last week! I ate a bag of sunflower seeds and all that salt must have done it. They were hidious!


Staci - June 1

I hate looking down and seeing my fat foot! Argh! Its much more in the right one than the left. The dr said its probably that the babys weight is more on the right side, so the fluid doesnt drain as well. I bet thats true cause I generally feel the kicks on the left, so the majority of his body ma__s must be on the right! My right foot looks like someone elses foot. :(



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