Anyone Else Having Bellybuttion Issues

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karlie - August 3

I have a serious innie bellybutton, but the books say no matter how deep the innie, it will pop to an outie. I dont know if I believe that completely but something is going on with mine. It itches like crazy all around the hole! I dont know if it is the skin just stretching or what but it is annoying! Anyone with an innie and a previous experience, let me know if yours "popped" or anyone with similar issues feel free to write!!


ashley - August 3

i am 22 weeks and mine is confused lol its stretched length wise and is shallower but hastn popped. i know two women who kept their innies! I think its different for everyone, just like getting that ilne down your tummy, i dont have one, some people dont happy pregnancy


jessie - August 3

karlie - a few women have told me that they're belly b___tons never "popped". I'm 25 weeks and mine is still somewhat of an innie...just shallow. i think your book might be wrong. but i'll let you know if mine ever pops!


jena - August 3

i am 22 weeks too and mine is still an innie, but sometimes almost flat. i think it's a little later on that we will see ours pop! but it goes back - no biggie :)


Ca__s - August 4

When I was prego with my daughter my belly b___ton never popped out and I'm telling you now if it would ever it would have with her. She was 22 inches and 9 1/2 lbs!!! But it never even got close. I'm betting mine never will and I never have had any problems with just my belly b___ton itching....but everywhere all at once.


Jen - August 4

Mine stayed an innie with my first pregnancy and so far i'm still an innie (i'm almost 28 weeks) so we'll see. For the itching every night I rub palmers cocoa b___ter oil on my belly and hips and they stay very soft. Try it!


*Kelley* - August 4

I envy all of you. Unfortunately I have an outie. You're in shock at the word I know... not very common. If yours will "pop" what will mine do explode? Has anyone ever seen this. Maybe mine won't do anying....praying.


N - August 4

mine did a weird innie outie thing. I am 24 weeks with #2 and it's doing it again. It's almost like the center of my belly b___ton is connected to something deeper and so it won't let it pop. It's so weird looking, parts of it are innie, and parts of it are outie. Just hope you don't end up like me :P


N - August 4

oh ya, i forgot to add, at the end of my first pregnancy, it became almost completely flat. It itched alot too. - August 4

Am in 36th week of my 4th pregnancy. My belly b___ton NEVER popped out. Never even got flat. But I did happen to notice yesterday as I was taking a shower that I can no longer see into my belly b___ton cuz I've gotten so fat in the past few days. I wonder how dirty it is in there. May have to have hubby wash it out. LOL



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