Anyone Else Just Getting Really Impatient

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Tootsie5c - January 25

I know that I still have 16 weeks to go, but I'm just so damn sick of being pregnant! And I feel so bad for it because I've wanted this for so long! I feel like she's forever away from being here, and I really want to start our nursery but I feel stupid looking at cribs or anything because we still have four months to go. Anyone else feel like this? When did you all start your nurserys?


Rachel29 - January 25

Hi Tootsie! I can totally relate. I kinda go back and forth really wanting pregnancy to be over with, and then I'll get scared and want to be pregnant forever because I don't want to have to deal with a baby and being scared I won't know what to do. Mostly I'm just tired of being fat and tired and hungery all the time...ugh! Anyway, believe me, I want my baby also! I suffered a miscarriage, and ultimately it took about a year of trying before it finally happened for us. I think it's probably just normal to feel this way!


newmomma32 - January 25

me too! way too excited! I may look at nurseries in February, after my week 20 ultrasound!


sarah21 - January 26

Oh boy, just wait. If you're tired now, just wait. I have 7 weeks to go and I am SOOOOOOO done being pregnant. I'm not even all that uncomfortable since my belly has stayed fairly small, but I am so ready to see my little girl. We still haven't started the nursery but it's because we are in the middle of other home-improvement projects. Next weekend I hope to get a good jump on it though. I needed to keep a good project to keep me occupied here in the home stretch.


jennifer_33106 - January 26

Hey I just wanted to say that it is NOT too early for you to start. I would suggest actually starting now because there is so much c___p you are gonna need. At 24 weeks we already had our baby furniture and even now at 36 weeks we still have a lot of stuff that we need. Besides in my opinion it is easier to buy things over a period of time then trying to get things all at once. Also when you register put some of those big ticket items on the list. You never know what someone might want to get you or what people will all chip in for. By all means I say start now. Dont feel dumb. :)


ashley.xoxo - January 26

Pahahaha. I know how you feel. I have had the crib set up since 14 weeks, lol and I have everything pretty much bought(well the big stuff) and am just short of 26 weeks. So start whenever you want. I'd think you'd have more fun now since it wouldn't be too uncomfortable yet to walk around and help put things together.


sterlinberlin05 - January 27

I love being pregnant...just hate getting fat! I wish I could just quit gaining weight lol. It'll all be over soon enough though! Well with my first I had the furniture and things bought around the begining of the third tri or end of the 2nd. I'm almost 26 weeks and have already painted the room, and set up what furniture I have still. We just purchased the bedding and a new carseat and I've been stocking up for a while on other things. I actually babysit and I have a 16 month old I put in the crib now but that's all going to stop and I'm starting to set up as soon as the bedding gets here!! So it's definately not to early just fun!


cindy120175 - January 31

I understand also...Last time I was pregnant (he is 3), I had TONS of energy and being pregnant was great!!! I had no morning sickness or anything. This time, at about 8pm, I am half asleep on the couch. It sucks...My boyfriend understands, but it is a big drag, plus with his 13 year old we run all week for games and my 3 year old....I just want the baby to get here and I am only at 15 weeks!!


angelgabby84 - January 31

I am having 20week u/s feb 5th and 24week u/s on 6th March. DH and I have already seen the crib we want and becsue it is handmade we will be going on the afternoon of our 24week scan to order it. And the store we will use will hold it for 3 months with a £75.00 deposit and the other £325.00 on colection so we can collect it whenever we want. We wont buy anything else until i start maternity leave four weeks before baby comes... I had a misscaraige at 24 weeks 4 years ago and was left with thousands of pounds of pink baby things that I eventually had to get rid of...



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