Anyone Else Keep Getting Told How Big They Are

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shelly - October 30

I'm 25 weeks and everyday people ask me, oh how much longer, another month? Or, oh wow are you having twins?? Anyone else soooo annoyed with people making these comments and having to defend your weight gain? I've gained about 22 lbs and was small before getting pregnant, but just get annoyed at the insensitivity of some people!! I'm venting....


C. - October 30

Yep, with my last baby, I got asked the twins question, with a 'ha ha' added at the end. Yeah, very funny..I had no idea though, that these comments would feel like that. I'm pretty sure I cracked the lame twins joke myself, at someone in the past. Only, that was before I was in the same situation. Well, now I'm never going to comment on someone's size again. Try not to worry about it too much, I just think people are fascinated by pregnant bellies and want to add their two cents. They probably say it to other women too, regardless of how big someone is or isn't....


jb - October 30

Yes!!! When i tell people that Im due in Feb they are like "oh really your so big" I have got the twins question before too. I was average size to begin with and have only gained 10 pounds at my last doctors appt (22 weeks). So I guess all the weight must be my big ole belly. Anyways, having always been sensitive about my weight I cant help taking offense to these questions. My friends just remind me its normal and everyone gets comments when they are pregnant, whether its too big or too small. So I just try to laugh off the comments.


Lisa - October 30

I get the "Wow, you really popped!"...I know, I'm growing a baby. What did you think would happen? People don't think about what they are going to say before it flies out of their mouth. I only put on 10 pounds so far and I'm just into my 22nd week, but I've got this perfectly round prego belly and I love showing it off... :)


Ashley - October 31

I feel for you guys. I'm not really big (yet, lol!), but me and dh want to have a home birth, and his whole family thinks we are crazy. We keep getting murmured "dead baby" comments that make me SOOOO mad!!!!! Our midwife has a back up OB, she's delievered 700+ babies in the last 8 years, nothing we say matters. People really are insensitive . . . . . :(


JP - October 31

Shelly- People are rude. I have never been heavy. I am 18 weeks and have gained 6lbs, but it is all in my stomach. I have been wearing maternity pants since 10 weeks (severe bloating). I have been really self concious myself about getting bigger (especially when at 10 weeks some people don't even show- I lost my waistline quickly). To heck with those people that have comments. Don't they know they probably shouldn't say anything to begin with. My mom was 95lbs when she was pregant with me. She gained 50lbs during her pregnancy and I was almost 9lbs (she lost all her weight realatively quickly after I was born). Maybe your just having a big baby. To Ashley-- Those comments about "dead baby"--I would tell those people how completly insensitive they are. That is just horrible. We're sensitive enough as it is being pregnant we don't need the extra comments. I wish you all good luck.


kat - October 31

Im in my 16th week with my first baby and im not showing AT ALL and did not gain any weight went to the docs twice now and last time we were able to hear the heartbeat and doc said everything was ok but there is definately nothing there belly wise for me anyone else have this going on?


shelly - October 31

Thanks, nice to know I'm not alone!! Usually these comments don't even bother me, but some days I more sensitive then others, and those days it bothers me!! Usually it is men that make the insensitive comments to me, and they just probably don't understand. I have gained a little over 20 lbs, and swear it's all in my belly, so my belly does look really big but just wish people would be more sensitive


Beth - October 31

I'm 27 1/2 weeks and I've gained 20 lbs, I don't know where it's all gone, but I have a nice sized belly out front. It scares me when I think I have another three months left, so much for no stretch marks I'm doomed. I've tried to remain active and I don't eat c___ppy food or overeat so I don't know where the weight came from, only that I feel like a house. My bf friend says to me the other day "Beth, if I didn't know you I wouldn't even know you were pregnant, I would just think you were overweight" I wanted to tell him to shove it.....who says that to a pregnant lady??? Anyways, it makes me feel good to know I'm not alone. Id anyone staying healthy and was a healthy, not overweight or underweight prior to pregnancy who is gaining weight and can't figure out why?


Sam - October 31

I got the "maybe it's twins--ha, ha" comment today from someone at the office. Uh, bite me? I'm 26 weeks and don't think I'm "abnormally" big at all. Although I have gained 20 pounds. Yep, I don't think I'll be able to avoid stretch marks...3 months to go.


Jenn - November 1

I get it all the time I think its great I love looking preg people dont say it to be mean they are just surprised thats all. I love it



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