Anyone Else S Back Killing Them

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Tracy88 - January 19

I am almost 23 weeks and if my lower back is not killing me, my back between my shoulder blades is. When I say that it hurts, I mean that it is debilitating. I have a herniated disc in the lumbar region and now I feel like the upper back pain is similar. The doc gave me Tylenol 3 to deal with the few bad days, but they seem to be way more frequent now and I'm not sure what to do. I try warmth and ice, different sleeping positions, etc.... Any suggestions? Should I call and tell them on Monday how bad it's been or what?


maknyle - January 19

Tracy, have you tried one of those maternity belts? I used one with my son, and I am going to be breaking it out any time now. It goes under your belly and it helps take some of the strain and weight off of your back. I know they have them at Motherhood, but I am sure you could probably get one at any maternity store. I have been reading up on you and D. I am glad that things are going well for you guys. I miss our old thread!


jessica72 - January 19

Though not what I'd call debilitating, my back has been aching almost daily after a long day or especially when I'm trying to get into one of two positions approved by "science" for sleeping while pregnant. I miss sleeping on my tummy!!! Anyway, I'm 24 weeks and hate to say it, but I think it's just gonna get worse. Are you carrying low? I am and I have heard this attributes to a little more back problems than a woman carrying higher. I have tried pelvic tilts, like that yoga position, and it does help a bit. Also a warm bath really feels good.


Tracy88 - January 19

Emm, feel free to post with me and Dee anytime you want. I'd love to hear all about what's going on in your life. I miss the old thread too. I still talk to Dee and Val though, so I have some old friends! The more the merrier. I have no idea if I am carrying low or not you guys. I just know that my belly is BIG for being almost 23 weeks. It seems to be right out front and not necessarily low to me, but what do I know about being pregnant? Never been this way before!!! What makes things worse is my b___t has gotten big, so I arch my back , etc..... it's more than the baby putting strain on me, it's all this weight I've put on. I am going to try a maternity belt I found at BabiesRUs, I think. Thanks for your input ladies. Love hearing everyone's advice!


jessicaspatherapist - January 19

tracy, have you thought about getting a pregnancy ma__sge? it can really help and may alleviate the pain for days if not a week.....and if you stretch for the days after it will remain lessened....just a thought from a ma__sage therapist! also acupuncture could help too :) feel better!!!


Tracy88 - January 20

I actually have an appointment for a maternity ma__sage on Monday morning. I'm hoping that helps some. My fear though is that it's a disc problem. I have a herniated disc in my lower back, and the pain I feel in my upper back is just as bad as when the lower is acting up. Make sense? Plus, it feels swollen and tender around the vertebra. I just know that if I go see the doc, there's probably not much he can do for me right now since I am PG. I can't have an MRI and I can't take anything for the pain that is worth a darn. Hmmmmm. Let's hope the ma__sage helps. Perhaps I will look into the acupuncture as well.


Tracy88 - January 20

Meant to say thank you for your input!!!!


Maggie - January 22

Tracy88, I have a really bad back too, and I am going for prenatal ma__sage and yoga. I haven't had the ma__sage yet, but the yoga is great. Its not strenuous at all, its basically stretching and relaxation techniques. My insurance covers both, so ask your OB about it. Good luck and I hope you feel better soon.


Tracy88 - January 22

Maggie, I have an appointment with my neurologist next Monday, and I am going to ask his opinion on whether he thinks I should go with Yoga or physical therapy at this point. Yoga may be all I need, but since I think it's a disc issue, I want to hear his opinion first. I love to hear that the yoga helps though, because that may be the ticket!!! I just found out that they offer it at the hospital, so I am going to look into that in the meantime. Thanks and hope your back treats you right too!


c_baer19 - January 22

My entire back from top to bottom has been killing me lately, but I work at my computer all day typing. =(


c_baer19 - January 22

Tracy, they may be able to treat you somewhat even though you are PG, though it may depend on the clinic and how far along you are. I know the chiropractic clinic that I type for has had pregnant patients before and has performed adjustments onthem, scares me, lol, but apparently it's safe at least part of the time.


TamaraAngel - January 23

I attempted to play air hockey the other day with some friends and my back was killing me from leaning over the table and stretching etc. It was my lower back. My friends (who have never been pregnant) thought i was being a big baby. Geez. I'm 16 weeks and that was the first time my back felt achey. Sometimes i get a cramp in my lower back after sitting at the computer too long and twice i felt like menstrual cramps in my back/b___t in the middle of the night. Certainly is a 9 month labor of love!!! ;)


JerseyGirl - January 24

Yuck. I, too, have terrible lower back pain. It's mostly during the night when I'm trying to sleep (figures). Just feels like it needs to be stretched out. I think it'd feel better if I was able to sleep on my back and tummy, but oh well. Also, I somehow hurt my SI (sacroiliac) joint a few months ago. Went to a chiropractor for a couple of weeks but it isn't better. My DH gave me a gift cert. for a pre-natal ma__sage so I'm gonna make the appointment for very soon! If anyone has any other suggestions, feel free to share! Oh, I'll be 20 weeks tomorrow...


Tracy88 - January 24

Thanks for all your responses. It's always nice to know you are not alone. I still don't know what to do because by evening time, my back hurts so bad I just want to cry or take something. My appointment isn't until Monday, and even then, I really don't know what they can do to help me. I am C__baer19, I am too nervous about doing chiropractic at this point in my pregnancy. Just before I got my BFP, I was in extreme lower back pain for about two weeks, so I went to the chiropractor and believe it or not, it didn't help much. It didn't help because the pain was coming from a herniated disc. I was put on meds (which helped tremendously) and about to start physical therapy when I got my BFP and was put on bed rest due to enlarged ovaries and being PG with twins (fertility treatments). The prenatal ma__sage I had two days ago didn't help with my pain at all, which is why I really think now my upper back has a disc problem. Oh, well. I hope you all get some relief and I sure I hope I do too. Thanks again for all your input!!


aaaaaaaaaa - January 24

YES. I thought I was the only one that wasnt really having too bad of LOWER back pain, but having lots of shoulder/neck/upper back pain. Its way worse when I walk around like shopping or whatever. Im kind of glad that someone else hasthis issue, although it really sucks... at least its not just me - I was starting to think it was not pregnancy related



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