Anyone Else Still Scared Of Complications

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blfox4 - September 20

Hello...wanted to throw a question out there for everyone that is in their third trimester. I am 22w6d. Is anyone still scared...terrified that something is going to go wrong with their pregnancy? You know that the risks aren't that have seen your little one and heard the heartbeat. I even have a doppler that I listen to everyday...and I am still so scared all the time. Why is it that I focus on the bad things and not the good, positive stats that are there? I am in the awkard phase where I feel pregnant....but am not showing yet....frustrating to say the least...just looking fat with two rolls....but happy to be pregnant...but scared too!! Does any of this make sense?


blfox4 - September 20

Sorry...I meant to ask if anyone in their second trimester, not third trimester.....


evae777 - September 21

oh yes me me! i just posted about this. i have had zero complications. doc says this pregnancy cant get any more normal. but i still am afraid of surprises. i guess it is just negative thinking to think that the rug will just be pulled out from underneath us. for me though, i wasn't expecting the pregancy to go so well. but it did, and strangely enough... very unexpectedly, it made my relationship better with my fiance. he grew up a lot which i did not think would ever happen. i thought i was doomed stuck with a baby with a man that wasnt going to change. things just have been going so well, of course not perfect, but being pregnant has been amazingly the most happy time of my life. maybe that's why we fear that something bad will happen... plus it is tough because of the news of the few unfortunate women on the forum that did not make it to full term. i am with you on this worrying thing :<


blfox4 - September 21

I know what you mean is like I look for all the things that could go wrong and focus on those things. But I guess this is normal. I have been so happy and emotional about this pregnancy and am terrified because I have been lucky enough to not have any complications. I am not asking for them...nor am I being ungrateful...but it is like I am waiting for something bad to happen. I never would have though that these fears came with being pregnant. I never knew it was such a scary time....but I would do it a million times over :o)


Nemo - September 21

Hi Im the same, in my 19th week. (See my thread "aches and pains in pregnancy" - although I dont think anyone replied). I think some degree of worry is normal, and most of the time Im ok, but when I worry I really do worry, and its normally related to a new sensation, or type of ache or pain I get.. I think things must get much better once past the stage in pregancy that the baby is mature enough to survive if born.


AliG - September 21

Hi Everyone. I am in my third trimester and from talking to the ladies on the third tri board- we all still feel some anxiety that there will be complications. You just have to keep positive and also know that you are the best person to judge if anything is wrong. I went into pre-term labor at 29 weeks and have been on restricted activity since then. The doctors and nurses told me that we as mothers know our body the best and so the best thing we can do is watch ourselves! Good Lucjk and enjoy the second trimester. It really is the honeymoon phase.


evae777 - September 22

worrying stinks. after having s_x i was so afraid that i was going into preterm labor. had a few cramps and stopped feeling the baby kick. being worried and scared all the time is really painful.


blfox4 - September 22

Thank-you for all your advice on this matter....I guess the worrying never stops...I never would have thought that it would be like this being pregnant....but am thrilled to be going through it and am so appreciative to have all you ladies within a board to go to to vent and ask for thank-you again!!


trilobite - September 27

I thought I would add my two cents. I am 24 weeks pregnant and had three previous miscarriages. Up until two weeks ago I always found something to worry about. I was/am so afraid and want this one to go right. I too have had everything go right so far. My current worry is whether or not I feel fetal movement and if I don't for an afternoon what does that mean. BUT, I have finally cut down on the worring a lot after my husband gave me a big lecture. He is afraid that I will look back at this time as being miserable and he said it should be a time of excitement and joy! He really made me think and I have changed my thinking. Not to say that I still dont' worry...just not to the same degree.



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