Anyone Else With Soft And Sensitive Gums

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Pink07 - December 6

Hey All, well I am currently 16 weeks pregnant, and I was just wondering if anybody else is experiencing the same problem as I...I brush my teeth on a regular basis, morning, night, and after meals...I also floss, and rinse with listerine..but ever since I've became pregnant my gums bleed after every brushing, they are red and sore sometimes, and soft to this a normal pregnancy symptom?


cynthia502 - December 6

yes it is....well at least for me. Although I am not as avid a brusher as you. I brush morning and night, for everyone of my pregnancies (this is my 4th) my gums bleed everytime I brush. I floss occa__sionally (every couple weeks) and that also makes my gums bleed. It will go away after birth just try and get through it. Good luck!!!


Faye84 - December 6

thats a normal pregnancy symptom. My gums are actually sore right now. I go to the dentist in a month in a half, I cant wait. pregnancy causes more plaq so its really hard to keep them clean.


Gemini_Girl - December 6

HI i have that too! I think it is something to do with the extra blood supply!


mgn - December 7

pink, looking back, sore gums were actually my first pregnancy symptom. i remember brushing and them feeling sore and i thought i had a cavity or something. turns out, i was preggo! i am now 20 weeks and they bleed ALL them time when i floss and a little when i brush. my hubby was terrified to watch the blood when i was flossing. normally thats a sign ur not flossing enough but i floss almost everyday and they still bleed like crazy so i know it is the pregnancy. basically pregnancy hormones make all the tissues in your body swell (this is why some women find s_x so much more pleasaurable) and ur gums are also tissues so they swell as well. u might find your nasal pa__sages are also swollen. just keep flossing and useing listerine b/c an old wives tell says that a women loses one tooth for every child she has! eek! babies do take a lot from our teeth. take care! mgn


xvkx - December 7

Bleeding gums here at 18 weeks too... and yep, it's normal as everyone else has said. :)


Pink07 - December 7

well thank you, good to know it is a normal pregnancy symptom...just have to bare through it.



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