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sucess stories needed - November 16

I need some words of wisdom...Is anyone due soon that had a miscarriage the first time around? I got pregnant for the first time and had a miscarriage at 8 weeks and im ttc again but am so scared it will happen again and i will never be able to have a baby. I figured maybe if i asked some women who are in their 2nd trimester, maybe they would have a sucess story, any words would be helpful and congratulations to all.


rhonda - November 16

hi I just wanted to let you know I had a mc at the begining of this year and I am now 28wks with a healthy pregnancy so yes it can happen and even though I have been worried everything this time has been going just fine so just hang in there I waited about 4 months before ttc again just to give my mind,body, and spirit time to heal good luck to you sending baby dust your way!! ( :


Mandy - November 16

This is my 2nd pregnancy. My 1st ended in miscarriage at 9/10 weeks. I thought I everything was fine, until I went to my 22 week ultrasound. I was so excited to find out if it was a girl or boy. Instead, I was told to go see my doctor right away. I was then told that I have been carrying my baby, but it was no longer alive. I had a D&C, aka E&C to remove everything :( NOW, its the 2nd time around!!! Honestly, I can't believe that I'm STILL pregnant. I am 19 weeks and everything seems fine. I felt the same, when you said that you think you may never be able to have a baby. My mother has had 3 miscarriages and 6 sucesses, the magority of my relatives have had sucessful pregnancies only after a failed one. There IS hope. the thruth is, the likely hood of having a miscarriage is higher than what most people would expect. My OBGYN said that it's 1 in every 4, I have read the same in many, many books aswell. Some doctors will tell you its actually 50/50, because of the fact that many miscarriages go unoticed (the women never new she was pregnant at all) They are unfortunite, hard to go through (for most) hard to overcome and understand...but they are also normal. -unless otherwise, you have a long history of problems with unsucessful pregnancies. This isn't God or somebody in higher power saying that youre not deserving of a childing, it's simply, in most cases a deformation in or of the embryo itself. Stick in there! I know that seems hard and sometimes, becuase I find myself feeling the same way here and there. Just take each day as they come. Also, make everday, no matter what the outcome, a learning experience. Good luck!


Amy - November 16

Hi i m/c #4 but got pg 3wks 3d later and i'm now 26wks 4d pg


Tiffany - November 16

I had a miscarriage earllier this year at 5 weeks. My husband and I waited one full cycle and luckily got pregnant on our first try. The first trimester is very nerve wracking. I worried about everything. I still worry and I'm 28 weeks but now he is moving which helps calm my fears. Surround yourself with people who understand that having a m/c changes how you view your pregnancy. Pregnancy is no longer so innocent b/c I knew something could go wrong. But, most people who had a m/c have healthy pregnancies the second time around. Good luck


K - November 16

I had a miscarriage last year, and my good friend had one a few weeks after I did. Now we are both pregnant again and due in March. All signs are that we are having healthy normal babies. We were both really scared we would miscarry again the first trimester because of what happened the first time, but we both made it through just fine.


Jennifer - November 16

This is my 4th try for a viable pregnancy. The others lasted 11 weeks to the day, 9 weeks, and 6 weeks. I am now 15 weeks pregnant, and am very optomistic about this one. Believe me... I have had the "I'm never going to be able to have a baby" thought, along with the "the universe must be trying to tell me something" thought. I still get a little paranoid, but don't give up trying for a baby. Mandy... my parents tried to imply that God was punishing me for committing fornication! So I don't talk to them much anymore!


cc - November 16

I had a m/c in april I was 10 weeks pregnant. I got pregnant in July again and to be honest scared to death that it would happen again. However, I'm now 21 weeks and everything seems fine. My doctor is taking really good care of me and I'm finally able to relax and enjoy this pregnany. I still have fears but I'm not going to let my fears outweigh my joy. If I'm going to lose this pregnancy too, then I want some happy memories of this baby to keep in my heart. God has a masterplan that I will never understand but I keep the faith and hope for the best. Good luck to you and just remember it does get easier. I didn't beleive it myself but now that I'm leaving through it I know it is true.


Monique - November 16

I had a mc in May 2005. It was my first pregnancy and I was 7 weeks. I got pregnant again (without trying!!) mid-August and now I'm 15 weeks!! Ofcourse I'm a nervous wreck but doc says evrything going great, normal, on-track!! Good Luck!!!


M - November 16

I had a m/c in April (first pregnancy) at 10 weeks. I am now nearly 19 weeks along with my second pregnancy and everything seems fine. I am feeling the baby sometimes and my belly is slowly getting bigger. I know exactly how you feel...I posted in the 2nd trimester forum for rea__surance as well when I fell pregnant second time around. I was terrified for the first 12 weeks, but I am beginning to enjoy the pregnancy now. My best friend had a m/c and went on to have a healthy baby straight after - I always feel better when I think of her story... But I know how difficult it is to believe that you'll ever have a baby, I still get really worried and it's totally true what Tiffany says, the innocence surrounding pregnancy disappears forever once you've lost a baby. However, for every day that goes by I get more and more confident that this little one is here to stay. M/Cs are so common and it's really a numbers game... Stay hopeful because your chances of a successful pregnancy next time are as good as anyone elses. I wish you all the best and lots of luck in ttc. xx


pjs - November 17

I lost 4 and am currently 21 weeks with no complications...


Katharine - November 17

Every word on this thread I relate to!! I had a missed miscarriage with my first pregnancy in May 2005, got pregnant again during our second month "trying" and am currently 17.5 weeks pregnant. Have already had 3 scans to relieve my worries (temporarily). It's only natural we would worry and worry and worry, we have experience of something that someone who had never miscarried could never concieve of (no pun intended). To the person who started this thread, I understand just how you feel and the rea__surance you need as I did a lot of reading, convinced myself I would never have another pregnancy and that my body had let me down and I had lost my only shot at motherhood. I also convinced myself that I was not it happened the day I arrived at my doctors' demanding he take some tests to "prove" my theory, I was actually ovulating and actually got pregnant that night (I think.) BUt of course I didn't get the test results back for a week or so and by that stage I was pregnant (not that I knew this). My point is, it is easy for a grieving mind to play tricks on itself. My doctor actually said to me "i'm not sure if you will find comfort in this but you should look at this as a doctor does - and be pleased your body is working so well as to stop a pregnancy that had something wrong with it - it is nature's way of stopping babies with something wrong with them being born." Soon, when the time is right, you will conceive again and carry this one to term. Miscarriages are unfortunately a fact of life, my mum had one before she got pregnant with me, and my doctor also said it is more common to miscarrry a first pregnany than any other. He also backed up the statistics of 1 in 3 or so, and said heaps of people miscarry before they even realise they are pregnant. I have several friends who have miscarried and then had healthy babes. Don't lose hope. X Katharine


mel - November 17

Hi I had a missed miscarriage as well at the start of this year and am now 35 weeks pregnant with a very healthy active baby. The chances of you miscarrying again are the same odds as anyone else. You may just have been unlucky the first time. Goodluck


Terra - November 17

I miscarried at 9wks *the baby was only 7wks* and I got pregnant again with the ok from my doc. 2 months later.. and this pregnancy is going Very well... I Had no spotting with this one, etc... And I'm 21wks today


Melanie - November 17

I miscarried in December and March, but am now 20wks and doing great! It definitely puts the fear in you that it will never work out, but you just have to put one foot in front of the other and move forward. I can't tell you how many women (on this site and in person) that I've come across that have had at least one m/c. Sad, but it helps to know how common it is and that you almost always can go on to have a successful pregnancy. Sometimes a little help from a specialist is needed....low progesterone levels, thyroid problems, problems with antibodies....there's lots of things that can cause miscarriage that are quite fixable. I wish you the best!


K - November 17

Seeing what Katharine said made me think of something my doctor said after my M/C that helped me. We had been trying for 3 years when I M/C and had already been with the fertility doc for a year. I was terrified I had lost my only chance and I would never have a baby. The doctor said to try to focus on the fact that even though I m/c, it definitely showed I could get pregnant, and that at that point there was no reason to believe the m/c was more than just an unlucky fluke- just a matter of the wrong egg happening to come down the tube in the month I got pregnant. He said there was absolutely no reason to believe that we would not be able to get me pregnant again, and that things wouldn't work out fine the second time. I'm 24 weeks pregnant now and everything looks good, so it looks like he was right.


Amy - November 17

Hi.. I am 26 pregnant with my second baby. I had the first one without any issues. I m/c at 12 weeks (baby h/b stopped 11 weeks 5 days) in March. I got pregnant easily again, however, I bleed at 6 1/2 weeks with this pregnancy but now everything is okay. I don't think you are ever worry free after a m/c but I think most women do go on to have healthy babies after m/c (s). It is okay to be scared.. I think everyone that has had a m/c can relate to that.. you don't forget (the feeling, due date, etc. of your m/c) but as your pregnancy gets farther along and you feel the baby move, you get more confidence that all is going to be okay. ~ I wish you the best of luck and lots of baby dust!!



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