Anyone Experience Lots Of Movement One Week And Not The Next

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YC - August 15

I am 22 weeks. In week 21 I felt a good amount of movement (for the first time) and now in week 22 nothing. I went to the doctor on Saturday, they listened for the heartbeat and did an ultrasound and I was told the baby looks great. This is my first pregnancy and of course everything makes me nervous. Just wondering if anyone else experienced this. Thank you!


Lynn - August 15

Yes, i am almost 25 weeks and have had the same thing. My dr said not to worry until after 28 weeks. This early the baby is porbably still active, just in a position where you can't feel him/her. By 28 weeks the baby is big enough that you feel him no matter where he is!


Yvette - August 15

Thank you Lynn. It is always so comforting to hear from others on here! My doctor says that she will not be concerened until about 28 weeks. Are you feeling movement now? Is it off and on? Is this your first? Congrats on your little one!


Michelle - August 15

They are always moving and you just might now notice it sometimes. Once you stop to really rest and focus on will realize that he/she is moving. For example when I was pregnant with my daughter, one of my friends had her hand on my belly feeling for the baby. I was doing something so i wasn't paying attention. All of a sudden she felt a huge kick and she jumped...I said "what" she was didn't feel that??! And I didn't.


Ca__sie - August 15

YC, don't worry about it. I know us mothers want to feel our babies move daily (even at 22 weeks) but it is completely normal for there to be quiet days. I'm 23 weeks now and though I am now feeling movement every day, some days I really have to pay attention to feel her at all. Then there are days when my belly is constantly pulsing up and down because baby is doing acrobatics or something. lol! They need breaks and rest... plus they are small yet and their movements can still go unnoticed. Congrats on feeling movement though... isn't it exciting?


Ashley - August 16

I worry about this alot. Im convinced something bad will happen, but it has always been okay :) What I had to do today ( i am 24 weeks) was drink a small gla__s of orange juice (it wakes them up) and laid on my left side for about 20 minutes and then flipped on my back (so i could feel the movements easier) and I felt her kick, I was woried because I hadnt felt her all day. At this time they are still small enough they can *swim* back farther lol My doc said not to worry until 26 weeks. good luck! :) Happy pregnancy!


Justine - August 16

Yes - My baby moved for 10 hours none stop each day for 3 days in week 19 jumping up and down, doing flips, sommersaults and generally acting like he/she was in an Olympics gymnastics compet_tion! Then from week 20 he/she's moved every day several times a day but never none stop for more than a few minutes. I worry about everything too and I was worried he/she'd got themselves tangled in the cord but everything was fine at my 21 week scan and we heard its heartbeat at 24 weeks. The baby's moving now - I'm 28 weeks. I'm sure it's fine, esp if you got the heartbeat checked on Saturday.


YC - August 17

Hello everyone, I just wanted to say thanks again for all of your posts. They really helped me to relax and as soon as I stopeed worrying so much I started to feel her move again. It's only a couple of times a day but I know she is still very small at 22 weeks. Can't wait for her to get bigger! Hope everyone is doing well!


bump - August 22



Emma - August 30

Yes, I'm now 21 weeks now and I felt my first strong movements from about week 19 onwards and over the course of the last two weeks it has become progressively stronger each time. Some days however, the baby never seems to rest and other days I go most of the day without really feeling much at all. My Dr checked the heartbeat a few days ago and it's still going rapid so I take it it's quite normal for the movement to come and go at this stage. Best Wishes to you.


Bree - August 30

I know what you mean. My sweetheart is super active most of the time, but for the past 2-3 days he's been pretty still. I think I need that rea__surance he's okay in there. One thing that always gets his attention is to drink some orange juice. He goes nuts kicking after I have some. Try it!



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