Anyone Feel Like Its Taking FOREVER To Get To The New Year

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izechsmama - September 23

I feel like its going to take forever and a day to get to 2008.. i'm due March 5th and it just seems so damn far away... i think partly the hormones hit my harder this time around than with my first.. but sometimes i just get really flustered at the thought.. i know that each day is a day closer and that the holidays will help... but man its taking forever... also i started TTC in November of 2006 and a few people i know also started trying.. and i was unfortunate and we didnt get pregnant until June... the others got pregnant right away.. and its a little bit hard for me.. cause two of them have their babies already and the other is due in like 11 weeks... i just feel so far behind! :(


kristyn1028 - September 23

I understand what you're saying!! Im due the 11th of Jan, and it seems like an eternity away! My good friend just had her baby in August and I want my little girl soo bad!!


sarah21 - September 24

Yeah I hear ya. It does seem to be moving slow. But just think, once we hit Halloween, the holidays come faster than we can imagine, then we're only a couple months away. I'm due the 23rd of March, though, so you have about 3 weeks on me...I'm still impatient. Once it gets closer to time, though, I know we'll look back and say, "where did all that time go?"


izechsmama - September 24

i suppose you guys are right.. my pregnancy with my son, felt like it was an eternity.. but hes going to be two.. and i have no idea where the time went.. but its still hard being in the moment... i'm just starting to show and feeling movement.. so maybe i'll feel better the more and more that progresses... thanks for the thoughts!


Liezel - September 25

I am right there with you girls... I am 24 weeks pregnant with my first and it took us 2 years of ttc to get pregnant with him. the last 24 weeks have flown by, but at the same time January seems like forever away!!!! I can't wait for the holidays, I have never wanted summer to end so badly


whatisgoingon - September 25

Oh gosh tell me about it! I am 27 weeks and due 26th December. The 2nd trimester has gone by so slowly, I can't wait to be into the third trimester shortly because I know it will just fly by after that. I cherish every moment pregnant and don't want to wish time gone by any means, but I am just so excited to meet my little man! I am not good at suspense/surprises and well 9 months is a long time to wait for something so great! :) I finish work in a couple of weeks and I know that being home and organising/resting will just go so quickly so I am going to lap up as much relaxation time I can get! :)


KRISTINA - September 25

Some weeks seem to zip by and others seem to crawl. I am due Jan 23, but I am having my c-section on the 1st of Feb because my husband is deployed and isnt supposed to return until the end of Jan, so I have double anticipation :) I am also in the military and work until the baby comes and I have a 2 year old so, my days are long!



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