Anyone Feeling Down About How You Look

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****** - May 2

I have really tried not to let it get to me that much, but it is starting to play with my emotions when everyone inlcuding family or strangers say how big I am for only being 20 weeks. This is my first pregancy and I started showing really early. I was in full maternity clothes by 12 weeks. I am 5ft 4in tall and weighed 130 before I got pregant. I have gained 15 lbs. already and my stomach is definatley showing!!!! I am not joking when I say that everyone says wow you are really big are you having twins??? I had my 20 week u/s and it was 1 boy growing and inch ahead of schedule--everything is perfectly normal. I feel very blessed that everything is normal and going well with the pregnancy, but I just can't help the sad feeling about the comments about how big I am already. I know there is nothing I can really do. I walk everyday and I don't eat bad and the 15lbs. came anyway. I know also that my body is going to do what it wants to make sure the baby is healthy, I just wish I didn't feel so c__ppy about the weight gain. Also I gained 10lbs. before I got pregnant due to taking Paxil for anxiety so I had the extra 10-lbs to start with before I even got pregnant. I think I would be somewhat better without people's comments!!!! I just needed to get that off my chest--thanks


z - May 2

dont be down .. i have gained 25 pounds already.... adn i have to hear it from everyone too.... it does get depressing but it helps to talk to other people who are going through the same thing that you are ... i hate getting all of this advice from people who dont even have any kids


G - May 2

Helloooooooo - You are pregnant. Get over it! Stop feeling down about yourself, and why don't you tell whoever is telling you you look so big "wait your turn" or if they are already "fat" tell them "they're one to talk" or just remind them that you ARE preggo and that's what happens to healthy pregnant women. You're weight WILL come off, and if you want to make sure of that, you WILL you to lend yourself a helping hand after the baby is here. You do have to do some home exercises that are simple, like crunches of course, and leg lifts, pelvic tilts, etc and watch your caloric intake, but this is a temporary and wonderful transition bringing LIFE into the world. Go - be fruitful - those are God's orders, and you did! So just be happy and try to ignore the remarks or give em right back - that will make them think twice before they say it again, joke whatever. Remember you're halfway there and you'll be fine


Heidi - May 2

I was only 9 wks pg and weighted 119 lbs, my normal weight, and I've always been thin, and I ran into someone I knew in the grocery store and she's like, oh my you're b___t is getting big and you're showing already!!! I'm like, ah, no I'm not, I'm wearing really baggy clothes! Duh! I wanted to slap her. Now I'm 15 wks and just look really bloated. Sometimes at night it looks worse because I'm stuffed from eating a big dinner. Then a few days later I look like I'm just bloated again. It's weird! I wish my fiance wouldn't pick on me so much. I know he's just teasing but it doesn't help me with the added hormone swings. He's liable to get his head knocked off one of these days!!!!!


Melissa - May 2

Well, I'm 19 weeks pregnant & I've gained about 12lbs...which is kind of you like you I think. I thought that was a lot also, but I also noticed I am retaining some fluid. Thus, causing more weight on me....I know how you must feel because I weighed 128 before I got pregnant and I'm also 5'4''...but wait until we have the chance to enjoy our baby and loose all the weight!!! don't even worry about it..I'm not anymore :)


jen - May 2

know just how you feel. am 5'8" though so a bit taller but everyone is sure it is twins despite having had 4 scans. my hubby is 6'6" so i guess i should expect to be a tad on the large side!! i was bothered by it but was small for my first pregnancy so its quite nice to be so obviously pregnant this tiem around, am 27 weeks and we were watching a baby programme and i was bigger then the ladies going in to have their babies!! i keep feeling down too but then a woman commented on how small i looked for dates (think she was trying to offend cos she said off hand things to my brother in law too) and i found myself getting all defensive which surprised me. (she is getting on, middle aged spread, bleached hair etc, should have asked when hers was due!) i recommend have a good cry, always helps!


N - May 3

HI, I undersatnd how you are feeling. Before getting pregnant I had reached my goal weight after a long tough few years of eatting right and walking everyday. I was feeling so good about myself for the first time ever. As the weight piles on I am slowly feeling like I have lost the battle, I keep telling myself that I can start again after my baby is born , but I does not help me feel good about myself now. I hurt when my partner kindly jokes about my tummy or when he agrees with me that I have out on a little weight on my but. I am worried that In a few more months I will feel worse. It does not help seeing photos of stars in magazines looking like twigs during and after pregnancy. The hardest thought for me to deal with is that it took me 7 years to get rid of my fat after my first child I hope I have the motivation to do it all again.


to N - May 3

Your motivation is in black and white! Right here on your post. If you want to lose the weight, you will ! Don't worry so much, it's all a part of process of pregnancy. Those woman in mags have access to so many pampering and elaborate avenues to keeping themselves looking good, because they HAVE to look good, it's part of their job. Just think of the near future, the baby will be here and you can go on your diet and exercise to help you get back to where you want to be. It will take time though, don't despair, but it's already obvious that you want to lose the weight once again. Exercise will really help. You can do so many of them at home. You don't need to go to a gym. The hardest part of exercising is doing - Listen to Nike's slogan and don't forget! : "Just Do It"


Tammy - May 3

Ladies....stop stressing. Sometimes people can be so insensitive..especially other woman. I am 15 weeks and have gained a little but with all my pregnancies my b___bs get huge. Last Saturday I went to a party and my husband's aunt turned around and said as loud as can be "your b___bs are huge". Thanks! like I already didn't know it. This is my third pregnancy and with my 1st I gained 78 lbs and 75 with my 2nd. It's hell getting off the weight. I always have such indigestion so early that I have to eat frequently...maybe too much. Am trying to be much more careful this time. Good luck ladies...


N - May 4

Thankyou for the great support.


~Sarah~ - May 4

I can totally relate!! I've been feeling pretty down also. I used to weigh 113 before I was pregnant, size 3, and never worked out ... ever! I'm now 16 weeks and I've gained about 15 pounds and a size 7. I saw a friend the other night that I haven't seen for a few months (before I knew I was pregnant). One of the first things he said to me was "WOW, you have a booty now! Like ... a ghetto booty!!" and it wasn't a nice 'wow', he was shcoked that I gained so much on my b___t! I rarely eat any sweets or junk food, mostly just fruit, veggies, an dairy, so I am definately scared to even eat a bit of sweets, I don't want to imagine what more it will add to me! And since I've never worked out before I don't know what I can do to workout that would be benificial :( Oh well, just try to keep your head up and focus on the positives! *sigh*


Lucky1 - May 4

I understand exactly how you feel, I have a friend that make it her personal business to tell me how Fat I look..... I am 5' 2 and was 125 Pre-pregnancy, well I am 21w3d and I now weigh 141lbs (yikes.) It's all in my Hips, Thighs and b___t.


Tammy - May 5

Sarah and N, I don't think either one of you has gained a great amount of weight. Unfortunately, it goes where it wants. There are very few women who only gain in the tummy area. Just keep eating the best that you can and don't beat yourself up if you have occasional cravings and you give in. Running around with a new baby will take off alot of you weight. Good luck.


TX Girrrl - May 5

Try not to focus on how you look. If everything is going okay for you and baby health-wise, be thankful for that instead. I know I've said this on other threads, but I believe in the power of going for walks, drinking water, getting plenty of rest, and having good hygiene for my body and teeth. Regardless of my size or shape, I take care of what I can and forget about the rest! Hang in there! :)


KEL - May 5

Don't get down. I've gained 20 lbs and I'm 20 and 1/2 weeks. I understand it gets depressing when you look in the mirror, but it helps to realize that it's natural and part of the process. I think what's most important is that you are eating healthy and that you try to exercise when you can. I eat well and exercise 5-6 days a week. As I said, even with all my exercise and good eating habits I've gained 20 lbs. I've come to the point where I have to accept it and realize that once the baby is born I can take the necessary steps to begin my weight loss. DON'T STRESS, ENJOY YOUR PREGNANCY! :)


Mari - May 10

It's hard not to be down... I've gained 10 lbs and I'm ONLY in my 14 week! It's proportioned pretty well- I'm 5'5 and was 140 when I got pregnant ( I swear my b___bs feel 2 lbs heavier EACH and my boyfriend will say comments like "d__n where did those come from" yet even though it's meant to be flattering and somewhat hurts my feelings) - Everythings fine with my baby, I am working full- time and I don't eat bad- but I did notice a drastic weight gain in my b___bs and tummy. WHich really made me feel insecure, but now I figure if people comment on our weight JUST think of something "shocking or sarcastic" to throw back at them- ex: when my dad pinches my fat on my sides and makes comments I tell him "well your just as ROUND....but whats YOUR excuse??" he chuckles and leaves me ALONE. We're pregnant and the weight will all be worth it as we keep our beautiful babies healthy :)


C - May 11

People don't understand that when your pregnant you put on weight everywhere as well as your stomach as reserves for your baby. Just say, I am pregnant what's your excuse? I am overweight with this pregnancy and I am 15wks right now. I have gained only 3 lbs maybe - but I am scared to death of being HUGE....but you know what? I am eating healthy and trying to get out and walk...and just let someone say something to me about my weight!! I have not been the most pleasant pregnant woman so far:)



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