Anyone Feeling Upset With Husband Wanting A Boy Than A Girl

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maribel - December 19

I am feeling upset because my husband said he wanted to have a boy instead of a girl. He said all this reasons why boy are better than girls. I am bearly going to find out what will I have, But he makes me feel pretty bad .LIke if I had a choice!!!!! I am trying to have my last baby and my first with him. I wish he would change that mentallity of his and be happy with what ever God gives us and that it is healthy. DOes anyone have this problem???


Jennifer - December 19

I mean I think this is common for everyone...the husband wants a boy and the wife wants a girl. I dont think its that big of a deal though its only natural. I think if you have a girl your husband will love her no matter what once she's born. How could he not...its his daughter! helllooo daddy's little girl? lol good luck


Heather L - December 19

Next time he makes you feel bad about it, remind him that it's HIS sperm that decides if it's a boy OR a girl. You're egg is sitting there with the makings for either. So if he doesn't like it, tough. It was his sperm!!


Amy - December 20

I want a boy and my boyfriend wants a girl lol!! my reason... ive heard from sooooo many people boys are easier to give birth to. my boyfriends reason he wants to beat up any guy who does anything to his lil girl


24 WKS - December 20

We have 2 girls alreday and my husband was dyong for a son,but we found out we are having another girl and he was disappointed which made me feel bad,but he got over it and is really excited now! Oh and tell your husband that HE determines the s_x,ask the dr! and that if anyone can get mad , its u at him bc he didnt give U what U wanted!lol


to maribel - December 20

I've heard a lot of that from wives and their husbands wanting a boy rather than a girl. then when the girl gets there, they wouldn't change it for the world! My mom always told me about how my dad would go on and on about how I needed to be a boy. well tough luck. he eventually got his son....but guess which one of us is dad's favorite!



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