Anyone From Detroit Area

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shelly - October 6

Any mommies from the Detroit, MI area??


jess - October 6

I am close to that area, windsor, ontario. i am 20wks pregnant and don't know what i am having yet


shelly - October 6

Oh yeh, right across the border!! I'll be 22 weeks on Sunday, and I'm having a boy!! Are you going to find out what you're having Jess??


jessielouwho - October 7

I am! I live down river, I am 20 weeks today w/ a boy. Congratulations to both of you!


jess - October 7

i went to my ultrasound but the baby was not cooperating so i don't know yet. i am going to book another ultrasound because i really want to know.


shelly - October 7

Jessielouwho, i always see you on here!!! I live in eastpointe, I lived down river for a little while too. I lived in Taylor for about a year or so, thats funny because I always see your name on here!!


jessielouwho - October 8

lol...i always see you too. Where are you having your baby?


shelly - October 8

it's funny to, because I was just going to answer one of your questions on the forum and just figured I would tell you here! The question about the baby shower, I'm having mine on Jan.8th. and I'll be 35 weeks. I don't think there's really any other time to have it, even though that is still close to the holidays. Even if you have it in Dec. people are christmas shopping, and if you have it in Jan, I feel as if everyone will be broke!! I know we shouldn't feel that way, but it's hard not to!! Where are you registering at?? I'm having the baby at Hutzel hospital downtown, and you?? Actually they have a program there now that I'm involved in and I have to go every 2 weeks, it's called a cervix clinic. They check my cervix and take blood, it's a research project to detect premature labor. anyways, out of it I get a FREE 3d ultrasound once a month!! It's so cool, i already got a few great pics of my little boy!! When are you going to find out what your having?? I heard drinking OJ makes them move around a lot more, is that what happened, was he sleeping last time??


shelly - October 8

woops!!! Never mind jessielouwho about the last part, I was reading part of the other girls answer. I see you're already having a boy!! Any names picked out??


jessielouwho - October 10

Yeah, a few people responded to that post, I still think that mid-january is the best too. I'll be registering at target, I love target. I have a nephew that's 2 so my sister is giving me alot of his big stuff (crib, swing, bouncer, etc) and my mother is making my crib bedding so I really need clothes and blankies and baby care stuff which is really cool because then no one has to spend an arm and a leg on things. The only big things I need are a crib mattress and stroller/car seat. Anyway, that is soooo cool about the ultrasound. I want one so bad, but I'd have to pay. I am going to Beaumont, I go to the high risk clinic there because I had small problems w/ my heart and my cardiologist is there and he wanted me to go I have to truck out there like 2x a month, once to see each doctor's a pain! I have some ideas, but really haven't found "the name" yet. You? I created a baby journal, it's really cool, you can check it out at I'd love to see your ultrasound pics, do you have them uploaded anywhere? If not, maybe you can email them.


shelly - October 11

I visited your website, I wish I could make one!! Unfortunately, I don't have a digital camera so there is no way yet for me to put pics on the computer. I think I would need a scanner to put my U/s pics on the computer to, wouldn't I?? I would love to send them to you if I knew how, because they are soooo cute!! I'm hoping to get a digital camera before the babys born!! Yeh, I have the baby's name already picked out, It's gonna be Evan Patrick. My husbands name is Patrick Evan, so we just switched it around!! I think I'm going to register at babys r' us, they have so much cute stuff there!! I was looking at Target, but I need all the big stuff to and it's all around the same prices at both. I already picked out my crib from babies r' us, so figured it would be easier just to register at one. How much weight have you gained so far, you look pretty small? My belly is so big right now!! I started out at 123 and 5'6", and now I'm already 142. I haven't gained much weight anywhere except my belly and chest though, so guess it's OK. I feel huge though!!! Good luck on the name picking, are you doing a certain theme for the babys room? What color are you doing??


jessielouwho - October 14

Aww...well that's okay, yeah you would need a scanner. I bet they are adorable. I like that name, I thought of Evan or Ivan myself. Worked out well for you, that was fairly easy!! I'm still stuck, BF says, you pick the names and I'll agree or disagree, UH easy for him to say LOL. Well we started out about the same, I think I was 122 (I'm just under 5'6"), as of my appt 2 weeks ago I gained about 7lbs so I was about 129 then. But, it seems like I have gotten huge since then, all in the belly and b___bs like you said, I don't have a scale so I have no idea what I'm at now. But ya know, everyone is different, you can't compare yourself to others. Actually, I just got the main fabric for the crib set yesterday (because my mom is making it), it was the circus toile on my web page and then I'll have to go to the fabric store and get some solid and striped material for the accents. Not sure about the paint yet, but the fabric is muted red, green, blue and kinda mustard. Other than that I haven't picked anything else. Do you know what you're doing for your nursery?


shelly - October 17

Yeh, I know I try not to compare myself to others but it's hard not to. I feel so big, and then you get that person that tells you that, wow your getting big, and it makes you feel big!! I was working last night and this guy was like oh, when are you due? I said February, and he was like oh wow, your big!! I was so p__sed, people are so ignorant!! But anyways, are you working? If so, how long are you going to work until? I'm trying to work until 8 months. I just finished my cla__ses today, (I go to college to) so that will be a big load off of me!! We've been trying to decide on the babys room and think we are going to do the walls in a light blue, with one of the walls a little bit darker blue. I love the sea life theme at babies 'r' us, so I think we're going to register for that one. Unfortunately we have been in the middle of remodeling our kitchen and dining room, so we have 3 projects all going on all at the same time!! You sound about as far as me though on the nursery, it feels like I should have already started painting atleast though, does everyone ask you if the nursery is ready? So many people ask me that, I feel behind when people ask me that!! By the way, I like Ivan to that name is cute!!


jessielouwho - October 17

I know what you mean about people saying things like that! I just think to myself they are stupid, I'm coming along just as I should lol. I've even had people say I'm getting fat!! I am 5 months preg and still only 130, are they crazy!? Some people just aren't sensative enough! Anyway, if all goes well, I'll probably be working until beginning/mid February. Congrats on school!! I'm at work right now, I'll have to finish this up in just a few. ttyl


jessielouwho - October 17, I acutally have some blue paint left over from my dads house that is just the right color. The furniture I have is used, and already painted, so I am painting it a different color blue. I am actually going to be moving this month so I have to redo every room in the house! So the nursery will get done along with everything else. Kinda overwhelming isn't it? Moving and remodeling is stressful enough but to be pregnant on top of that, I'm gonna be whipped! I'm doing this all with the help of my family because as you know my BF is in Texas, but he is coming home for good on the 19th of next month which I am sooo happy about! I really want to be moved and have the house done before he comes home. He's been working so hard for us. Are you married? How old are you? Just curious. I'm obviously not, and I'm 27. I looked up the sea life crib set, it is soo cute! The colors are just right too. I wanted things to be boyish but I didn't his room to be this fluffy baby blue explosion ya know?


shelly - October 19

Working all the way to February, huh?? I'm starting my leave in the 2nd week of January, but I waitress and it gets really hard some nights being on my feet all night. Saturday nights especially are really hard because it's so busy, I wonder now sometimes if I'm going to make it until January, but I'm just going to see what happens. I might get a sudden burst of energy at the end, yeh right!! LOL. What do you do for a living? You said your boy friend is coming home, is he in the military?? How long have you guys been together? Yes, I'm married, I've been married 3 and 1/2 years. We planned to get pregnant when I did, I just never realized it was going to happen so fast. He wanted to try last year, but I always said I wanted to wait until I was 30 and I also wanted to take one last vacation. I turned 30 in January and we went to the Bahamas in march, started trying in May and I got pregnant right away, I was shocked I thought we would have to try all summer!! I guess I my body was ready!! I actually think we're going to try again next September for baby number 2, but we'll see how this labor thing goes first. Some times I think it just hits me, I'm like oh my god I'm going to have to push him out one day!!! Scary, huh??


jessielouwho - October 19

Too funny. I agree with you on so many things lol. Well, I do techincal support, helpdesk position, so I sit at a desk and answer phones all day helping people fix things. So, it's not that physically tiring, although my b___t and back do get sore and achy! My bf is not in the military. Those are the women I really feel sorry for, their bf's or dh's can't even come home for births. Anyway the company he works for is based out of TX and he had to go there to help out. He's been there almost all year. From the end of January to beginning of April then from mid June til next month. We've been together 2 years in January, since the day we met, New Years Eve of 04. Not very long I know, I used to think people like us were crazy but now I understand. We used birth control until January of last year then stopped, we thought we were ready and we decided let's see what happens. I was really hoping for it too but I did not expect it so soon either! I always wanted 2 kids by the time I was 30 so I think this is going to work out well for us, timing was just right! I know what you mean about the whole labor thing, it hits me like that too. It's kind of like when you get to the top of hill on a big roller coaster and you start thinking what the hell did I do?!! I know what you mean about the vacation, I want to take one when he comes home. Just last year we went to Vegas and the Bahamas, stayed on Na__sau, it was not that pretty, where did you stay? or did you cruise? Anyway, I guess I'm glad we got those 2 in before this. If we don't go anywhere when he comes home, we'll be going to visit his family in Virgina Beach in the spring after the baby is born. I suppose it'll be nice, I've never bee anywhere on the east coast before. ttyl



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