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Anita - February 21

Hi, I've been reading posts on this board for a little while now and it's very good information. Now trying to pick some baby names. Anyone from india (either living in india or have now moved to other countries). I myself am originally from India but now live in CT, USA. Would love to hear from you all especially since I need some baby girl name help!


iakram - February 21

hi anita - sorry i'm not indian but pretty close to parents are from india but raised in far along are you if you don't mind? so you're having a baby girl i suppose hence the baby girl names ?! well friend just named her baby girl Pari


Anita - February 22

Thanks for responding iakram. I'm 22 weeks now and yes, we are having a baby girl. Pari is a very beautiful name. Thanks! How about you? how many weeks and do you know what you are having?


lemi - February 23

hi, i'm from kerala,India.I'm 14 wks 2days.As I'm a muslim i'm more familiar with muslim names...a few names i like are Hannah, Zahra, Samah, Noura. My daughter's name is Azmia.


iakram - February 23

hi anita - oh wow 22 weeks and a girl congrats :) I'm 17 weeks next week I have my U/S hopefully they will be able to tel the gender. I have a son who's 4 so yup I'm wishing this time it's going to be a girl..but boy or girl so long as it's healthy! What names are you thinking of? Hi Priya! how are you doing...and Lemi those are really nice names for girls...I like Samah...I also like Iman, Hibah, Zoya and many other...but first I need to find out if it's a boy or girl! lol good luck ladies stay in touch :)


priya - February 23

Hi lemi, i am doing good, nausea and vommit has decreased this week and so think i got back my energy. How about you ? How r u Anita and Lemi ?


Lemi - February 24

Hi, well i just had slight nausea till 12 weeks.Now i feel okay . I'm really scared thinking about the weight gain.I had a scan yesterday and saw the baby sucking its thumb. I really felt so overwhelmed seeing that!


Nita - February 24

Hi everyone! Thanks for the names Priya. All the names are nice! Although I'm leaning towards Aditi (since we live here in the US, long names can get twisted/mispronounced really bad! wouldn't want our little one to go through that! Looks like all of you have been enjoying pregnancy so far! I've had my share of nausea & vomiting from abt 8 weeks to 14-15 weeks and was miserable! Luckily didn't lose weight. But now that its gone and my energy is back, I feel awesome! My tummy is popping out now, so everyone who sees me asks me my due date. it's the best feeling!!


priya - February 26

Hi Anita, Lemi and iakram. In India, they will not tell us the gender (it is against law). So, we need to wait till I deliver. my due date is Aug 12th. When r u r due dates ?


lemi - February 27

Hi ! you're right priya...we can't find out the baby's s_x here in india...actually the greatest thrill is knowing it after delivery ,isn't it? My due date is on Aug. 22nd.


Anita - February 27

My due date is 27Jun06 and can't believe already i'm halfway through my pregnancy.


Anita - February 27

Oh on another note, what foods have you been liking/craving for? I started out liking really sour things (like salt & vinegar chips, then had to give up spicy things (including indian food for a little while caz of heartburn) and then now am craving for sweets! My cravings for sure are changing I see! :)


priya - February 28

i didnt have cravings for specific foods. I dont know why ? But, I had severe nausea and vommitting for anything and everything i can eat.


Victoria - February 28

Hi there, I am 14 weeks pregnant, due is on August 26th. I am to see Indians on this discussion board. Did you guys tell friends yet?


priya - February 28

hi friends. I have told all my friends and relatives also. I know it was very early, but told them. hi lemi - I am already thin and so worried that i am not much gaining weight. You are also correct that the thrill to check out what baby i had after delivery will be really good, not only us but even our friends and relatives will also be thrilled.


goldfish - March 1

hey hi anita,Iam ashwini.Iam in LA.first of all congratulations.Iam preganent too and expecting my babay on august 3rd.I dont know wheather its a baby girl or boy.My name suggestions to u are taniya, natasha and riya let me know what u finally decide.take care bye


Ratna - March 1

Hi, im monica, im from india too, i'm 24 weeks and due is on june 16th...good to hear a post from indian ladies...Congrats to all of u..



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