Anyone From Maryland

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kl - September 21

Hi. Is anyone else from Maryland and wants to stay in touch.


Shanna - September 21

Hi fellow Maryland person! Live in lovely area of Dundalk here. Am 23 weeks along, and you? Would like to stay in touch either through this site or can exchange email add.


kl - September 21

Hi Shanna... I live in Annapolis so we are not to far...I am 16 weeks along and due March 3...I would love to stay in tocuh.


Shanna - September 22

Kl, are you going to find out the gender? We tried to find out at 17 weeks, but the baby was being shy! Am going back in 2 weeks for another sonogram so hopefully we'll find out then. Am also going for a 3d sonogram in November when I'm 30 weeks, there is a place in Towson that does them. A bit pricey but worth doing at least once.


Lia - September 22

Hi Ladies. I'm in Mitchellville. 15 Minutes outside of DC. I'm 23 weeks due Jan 19th! We had 4 sonos so far and we have not and are not going to find out the s_x. It will be a complete surpise. Shanna - What's your due date? Have you felt a lot of movement? KL - How are you feeling? Are you getting your energy back?


Selena - September 22

Wow, alot from Maryland! I live in Bowie so very close to Lia and Kl. I am 26 weeks and I found out I am having a girl. This is my first pregnancy so hubby and I are really excited. We are having our 3D ultrasound done at the end of November in Potomac so that family members can come and see her with us.


Shanna - September 22

to Lia; Due on the 18th of January! and this little one has been bouncing and flipping quite a bit lately! Anyone register yet? Am probably going to this weekend and its not that I dont' want to register because I do, just not right now. I know my mom and sister in law are planning a "surprise" baby shower for me, they keep bugging me to register and my hubby asked for our address book the other day, which he never does. Was really hoping they would wait until after the 3d ultrasound, thought the video would be cute to show at the shower. My family will be there but then we could show it to all the family and friends at once. Oh well. I actually feel pretty good, no major pains yet, sure that will change as the baby gets bigger!


kl - September 22

hi everyone...i am glad to see that there are so many of us here from maryland...i have my 3rd doctors appt. tomorrow am and i am hoping that they will schedule me for my big sono then...i can't wait to find out what i am having...this is baby #2 for us...we have a 2 year old little girl at home...i a feeling great but i can't get pa__sed being tired...i don't think it will pa__s, my 2 year old keeps me busy when i get home.


Lia - September 23

To Shanna – Yes, I've been registering on-line at BabiesRus. My girlfriends are trying to get me to go into the store, but I just don't have the time nor the energy. They say that there are a lot of items that I may want that aren't on-line. I agreed but I'm reluctant. Do you know around when they are planning you "surprise" shower? I think right now mine is planned for Nov 19th with a back up date of Dec 3. They want to get it in before everyone starts thinking of about the holidays. I told them that I didn't want to be surprised. I don't have to know the theme or the place just tell me the date. I said It takes so much energy for me to remain looking ‘cute’ that I don't want to look.... well for lack of a better word...’busted’ at my shower. They laughed but agreed! I also think they are planning it to be co-ed. I don't think my DH is excited about that idea. :->


Shanna - September 23

To Lia; I wish they would wait until around the time yours is, but I think its gonna be sometime in October, too early in my opinion, but I know my job is going to give me one too, they will probably wait til a bit later on. Get the impression mine is goint to be co-ed also. Don't really mind but can't really see guys sitting around watching me open gifts going oooooh and ahhhh! Really wanted to know the gender before we registered, guess if we find out in 2 weeks, the word can be pa__sed along.


kl - September 23

hi everyone...i just got back from the docs and everything is going i can't wait until tuesday...thats when i get the big sono done and hopefully find out what we are is everyone feeling these days? i am still having a hard time getting over this tired phase, but everything else seems okay.


Chrissie - September 23

I live in Rockville, MD. I'm 17 weeks and I'm a first time mom. My husband and I have decided not to find out the s_x of the baby. How are you feeling?


Jami - September 24

I live in NW Washington, DC. Very close to Maryland. When are you due?


Jami - September 24

Chrissie--I work in Rockville in a dental office. In which part of Rockville do you live?


selena - September 24

i am due Jan 1st but hoping the baby comes early. Exhaustion is still my min issue but in just the last week i have had terrible heartburn. I guess it beats the nausea in the first 5 months! The baby is constantly kicking and rolling around in there, especially at bedtime! Jami-I am delivering at Sibley about you?


Alicia - September 24

Hi, im from baltimore county. Im due anywhere between the 26th of january and feb 3rd. lol iv been given 4 different due dates lol...Everythings going good though so far and its a little boy. now the hard part is finding a name the daddy and i both in Towson do they do the 3D imaging? Just wondering because i goto school up there pretty much everyday and if theyre not EXTREMELY pricey then it might be worthwhile..there neat looking.


Shanna - September 26

To Alicia; Check out Has directions and prices. Think anywhere you go for one of these, its gonna be a bit pricey but I think worth it to get at least once. You can also bring up to 8 guests with you, and bring your own music to put to the backround of your tape or dvd, or they have music there to choose from.



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