Anyone From New York

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mother777 - October 14

is there anyone from new york, and if so when is your baby due, and what hospital will the baby be born at.


Emy - October 14

I am from New York State (Rochester) but not city...sorry..My baby is due 2/20....


janna - October 15

I am from new york too, due 3/10/06. I'm thinking of transferring to St.luke's Roosevelt hospital - i live in midtown on west side, so it's closer to my house. what about you? i'm going for u/s on wed, can't wait! my little one is moving around my belly now. before i felt the movements on one side only at the time (since 15 1/2 weeks), now the bumps are traveling across my tummy, it's so funny and nice. i've been felling the baby for few weeks now, but i still get very excited every time. i'm 19 weeks


MJ - October 15

I'm from Batavia NY and my baby is due 04/11


Maggie - October 15

Hi, I'm from Brooklyn, NY. My baby girl is due 02/16/06 and I will be having her at Maimonides Medical Center. Where in NY are you?


mother777 - October 15

i am from brooklyn, new york and i will be having my baby at medothist hospital in park slope. my dd id 1/10/2006, but i am having a c-section so it will be a little bit earlier.


Emy - October 15

MJ, then you are right around the corner from me!


MJ - October 15

Yup :) It's cool how there are so many people countries away and just miles away.


denise - October 15

Hi I'm from West Seneca NY. Just ouside of Buffalo. I'm due 2/22/06 with my first.


Maggie - October 15

Hey mother777, methodist is a great hospital. I went with Maimonides because its close to my house, and I don't drive. Is your doc Dr. Fiasconero? If he is you also have one of the best docs in town. Its really cool to see someone else from Brooklyn here.


mother777 - October 15

yes it really is because everyone seems to be from every where except new york, especially brooklyn. no my doctor will be dr. herny. he is a doctor from the hip center.


Maggie - October 16

I've never heard of your doc, but if their out of methodist I'm sure their excellent. If for some reason your doc isn't around when you go into labor ask for Dr. Fiascanero. He works out of the clinic, and has a private office. He is one of the nicest doctors you could ever meet. Do you live in park slope? I live in dyker heights, near bay ridge.


m - October 17

I am from Rochester, new york, due 2/26 AT pARK rIDGE HOSPITAL


mother777 - October 17

no i do not live in park slope. i see alot of woman are due in feb. good luck to all f you.



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