Anyone Getting A Flu Shot

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AE - October 18

I am 25.5 weeks pregnant and my doctor advised me on yesterday that I should get a flu shot. Just wondering if anyone had any thoughts regarding the safety of the shot. I have heard some really bad stories about fluu shots.


mo - October 18

i've had the flu shot before...not while i was preg. but it was nothing. i had no side effects, etc. i will be getting it because i don't want to get the flu! especially with that bird flu out there...


Petra - October 18

AE, I'm trying to sort that out, too. I've been learning a little bit about the safety of vaccinations, for when the little one arrives, and it's quite a decision as to whether to vaccinate the little one. I've heard that flu shots have no live virus, so it's not possible to get the flu from the shot, but then you hear of people who say that they do have a reaction. Maybe it's a reaction to other ingredients in the shot.


AMY - October 18



jessielouwho - October 18

I got mine yesterday, I'm 21 weeks. I haven't had one before but I read it was recommended so I got one. I haven't had any side effects other than being a little more tired than usual yesterday and today. The papers provided by my doctor before adminstering the shot did say it is not a live virus and you can not "catch" the flu from it. I just did not want to take the chance of getting that sick and not being able to do much about it, or possibly having to take some medicine that could be harmful to the baby.


Emily - October 18

My Dr. has set up a special clinic for all his pregnant patients! Actually, all pregnant women are invited. It is at the hospital. We are at such risk and there is such a shortage of the vaccine, remember all the news coverage? I have no problem getting one. It's this Saturday.


kr - October 19

I'm getting one. My doctor told me the risk from having the flu while pregnant is greater than the risk of the shot. I have never had one before because of risks, but now my DH and I both work in the school system, so it is very likely I would get the flu. I was told, however, to wait till the flu came to my neighborhood.I was told the shot only lasts in a person's body for about 3 months. Also, there are many different strains, and there is no guarentee you will be vaccinated against the kind in your area


Ashley - October 20

Well, I'm sure in the minority here! Lol. I'm not getting one. No one in my family ever has. No on in dh's family ever has, and his family is BIG. Of course, my family has been skeptical of vacines since my brother reacted to DPT with a Gran Mal siesure at 15 months . . . which of course, could not have been related to the vacine he had that morning! (fortunatly, he hasn't had one since, either - what a conicidence)My kids will get some vacines at 3/4/5 years but 45+ by the age of a year? I won't even know what s/he's allergic too yet!


mls - October 27

I've always gotten a flu shot and got one with my first pregnancy. everything is fine. my personal advice would be, if you have never gotten a flu shot before, don't go experimenting with them now. but if you are used to getting them and haven't had any ill effects....should be perfectly fine for the baby.


Erin - October 28

Having the flu causes high fever, and high fever during pregnancy can induce labor. Pregnant women are considered high risk for a reason! Get the flu shot for the safety of you and your baby


Frances - October 29

Definitely not getting the flu shot, I am doing all I can to avoid mercury. Also since I havent had the flu since I was in middle school, I think its a definite miss for me.


stacey - October 30

I am getting it on Wed. I had to get a note form my obgyn saying it was ok though. I have had a cold for 3 weeks, so I figure I don't want to risk getting the flu this winter since i already seem to be getting sick. I heard you might be achy afterwards, but no flu (I am 21 weeks).


to all - October 31

There is no mecury in the flu shot . . .the traces are minimal, you get more from eating a couple of tuna sandwiches. A very high fever in the mother can be quite damaging to the fetus--plus, if you are having your baby during flu season, it is good for you and your family to be immunized, you don't want your newborn exposed to the flu.


audrey - November 1

I got my flu shot and I'm 18 weeks. My doc recommended it as pregnant women are considered high risk along with the elderly and kids.


MeM - November 1

My doctor told me if you've had a flu shot before and you didn't have a reaction to go ahead and get one pregnant and it's a very good idea!



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