Anyone Getting Their U S Within The Next Week Or Two

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Stephanie - December 29

I go in for an u/s tomorrow, and was just wondering if anyone else was due for theirs! This is my first PG so I am so excited and can't wait to find out what it is! I am a llittle worried, but that's usual for me because I am a worry-wart! Anyone getting their u/s soon should keep me updated and I will do the same! Good Luck!


Stephanie - December 29

By the way I wil be 18 weeks tomorrow!


Kiddolebel - December 29

I just got mine dont on wednesday, im 18 weeks too. Baby wasnt cooperating, next time i go im drinking something that has more sugar in it. The tech thinks she saw girl parts but wasnt sure, i think i saw it too. I have to go back in a few weeks to finish up measurements and find out the s_x for sure. Good luck with yours tomorrow! Its so wonderful seeing the baby for the first time. =)


Tiffany - December 30

I went on Tuesday for mine and its a boy!!!! I will be 20 weeks sunday!! Mine took a while to show us what he had. Stephanie did you find out what your having?


Stef - December 30

I'll be 18 weeks on monday. I had another u/s in 2 1/2 weeks. I'm hoping my baby will show us either way if its a boy or a girl. I worry alot too b/c this is my first pregnancy but after all my quad screen testing came back fine i know my little one is just fine.


liz - December 30

I go for mine in 2 weeks and I'm excited to know the s_x. I already have a boy that's 7 months and I'd like a girl.


angela - December 30

I go on Tuesday the 3rd. Cant wait. I will be 20 weeks that day.


Trina - December 31

Hi all. I go on Wednesday the 4th to find out what I'm having...hopefully. I'll be 21 weeks.


Amanda R - December 31

We found out yesterday that it's a BOY!!! I looked for that other thread Kiddo and just decided to try to find one that was more recent and not so LOOOOONG! Sorry you didn't get to find out. :( I drank a liter of that flavored water stuff (it was the easiest to measure by) and our little one was just bouncing off the walls. Because of the b___bs in the Lab Dept. we didn't get the triple screen done on the 6th. All they checked was the AFP which came back normal. So here's to waiting and worrying another week or so ugh! I was 18 weeks and 4 days when they did my u/s. This big 'ol boy weighs all of 10 oz. Good luck ladies on the upcoming u/s's!!!!!


Stephanie - December 31

Hi everyone!!! Well, I had my u/s yesterday and it was a ..... GIRL!!! Her name will be Sophia Christina! We also got really good pictures! The u/s place I went to automatically gives everyone a 3-D u/s for free! It was pretty neat! I also found out that I am 2 days ahead of what we thought! It's not that much sooner so the due date will stay the same! Did anyone do their registry yet? Good Luck Mommies - to - Be ! Talk to you all soon!


Renee - December 31

I'm going on January 20th (my birthday) to find out the s_x and get the full view of all his or her organs. I pray for a very healthy baby. Don't worry - all will be fine! Please share your baby results with us!!!!


Tess - January 1

I'll get mine on the 9th (u/s gender) this is my 1st too and I'll be 21 wks by then. I can't wait!


Jess - January 1

I'll get mine Jan. 11 and I will be 25 1/2 weeks. I've heard drinking something sugary will help the baby move around more. We hope to find out gender, but if not no big deal.


Kiddolebel - January 1

Hey Amanda R, wanna know something funny? Mine was 10oz too at my u/s and i was 18 wks and 2 days, lol. Im for sure trying something else for the next one to get this one moving more. Congrats on the boy!!!


Margo - January 1

I'll get mine on the 17th(jan), I will be 19 weeks. I can't wait!!! I had one at 16 weeks, but you can't trust the earlier u/s since some parts might not be completely developed. I just want to be able to refer to IT as "she" or "he" . Its kinda frustrating not to call it IT like its a thing vs human. I dont think I was as anxious with my first one. Maybe because with your first one i didnt really had a preference. I'm hoping for a girl this time around. Good luck to you all!


Louise - January 2

I have an u/s 9/1/06 and I can't wait to see how much my little one has grown and make sure everything will be aright, I have 3 boys would like a girl but just pray for a healthy baby. Hope all you other Mom's are all ok


Shell - January 2

I go tomorrow for my 2nd scan. I had my first at what I thought was 11 wks but baby was too small so the 2nd is tomorrow, 4 weeks later to check baby has grown. Fingers crossed for me. If I am over 14wks there is a small chance we could see the s_x.



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