Anyone Go On Vacation Round 24 Weeks

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mgn - November 28

before i fell preggo i scheduled a caribbean cruise. while i am excited to get away and relax w/ dh and friends i am also nervous about flying, being on a boat, eating different foods, etc. my doc says i will be fine but if there is anyone else out there that has gone away around this time (i will be 24 weeks) could u reassure me that it will be ok? i am a nervous mother!


meg - November 28

I will be going on vacation when I am about 27-28 weeks. We'll be flying to Florida...I can't wait!! (even though it's still quite a ways away). With my first, I was on vacation when I was about 34 weeks. I had absolutely no problems...I'm sure you'll be fine. Have fun on the cruise!


JoJo123 - November 28

I am currently 24 weeks and just got back from vacation to FL two weeks ago (so, 22 weeks preggo) and we flew, ate out, swam in the ocean. Everything was fine!!! One thing I would suggest is taking a couple good books. My family is a night crowd and while they were drinking and having a good ole time- I would read. You note how annoying people are when they've had to much to drink. Oh- and pack lots of treats:) I craved sugar and packed lots of treats. Hey- you're on vacation too so spoil yourself with what you want. Most important- relax and have fun!!


sahmof3 - November 28

We drove to Georgia (from PA.) for vacation (and then back again) when my son was 3 and I was 6 months pregnant. Whether flying or driving, take time to get up, walk around, drink lots of water, even if you're afraid of having to pee alot lol, to reduce the risk of blood clots in the legs from slow circulation and to avoid swelling as much as possible. Other than that you should be fine! Have fun! :-)


mgn - November 28

thanks all. i do feel better. yes, i am not looking fwd to everyone getting drunk and having fun while i am a big "bump on a log" but come the next morning when i am up and ready to face another beautiful day they will all be wishing they were me cause they will have hangovers and i wont! hehe just playing. i do plan on bringing at least 2 or three books to read while i am there. i figured i will be doing a lot of that. there is a ton of land and water excursions also that i cannot do but i am kinda looking fwd to not having to do anything! :)


fefer1 - November 28

You'll be fine! I went to the Bahamas at 21 weeks with no problem. On a cruise, the food you eat will be perfectly fine. Lots of variety and should be stuff you're used to eating - all perfectly safe to eat. ;) There are doctors on the ship too so if anything happens, you are covered. I packed a little cooler with snacks to eat on the plane since they don't give you anything worthwhile anymore. and yes, drink water and walk around every once in a while (on the plane). I flew from Seattle to Fort Lauderdale (long flight).


duckiec - November 29

We just got back from Aruba- I was 26-27 weeks. Everything was great, and my DH says he took one for the team and drank for the both of us. ;) I did get food poisoning the last day (I was mad becuase I was so careful!) and the flying made that a pretty miserable day, but dr. said not to worry. Have fun!


Mel Page - November 30

I went away last weekend, I was 26 weeks, i flew to my destination and back aswell. I also checked with my doc first, but if he's not worried then you have no need to be aswell. Go and enjoy hun, this will be the last peacefull holiday you'll be having in quite some time. Let us know all bout the pretty clear blue waters k???



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