Anyone Going To Breastfeed

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pomny143 - November 10

Hi. I was just wondering if anyone has or will br___tfeed. I tried with my son and it was so painfull I just couldn't do it. Now, I am moisturizing every day in hopes that it will help. Does anyone have any suggestions of what I can start doing now, or do when the baby comes to make it easier? Thanks.


jennifer_33106 - November 10

This is an outdated tip I know but het who knows. haha I have heard that expressing the colostrum before you give birth could better prepare your b___sts for the little barracuda. Also I have heard that since this is your second pgy you may have an easier time BFing the second time around. As mar as the expressing milk goes basically milking your self haha that is only what I have heard other people say and have never researched the topic. I wanna keep an eye on this topic so I can see what other people say as it may be beneficial to me as well! :)


sammommy - November 10

Hi! I b___stfed my son for 6 months. There was about a good week where it was pretty painful, and then my nipples "toughened up." It really only hurt for the first 5 minutes or so, and after let down and he got the suction down it didn't hurt much : ) I'm having twins and I am planning on trying to nurse them as well. I've seen pictures, and I'm still trying to figure it all out!! Crazy!!


jazminesmom - November 10

i b___stfed my daughter for 6 months, well she got b___stmilk for 6 months. she was nipple confused at the hospital, they gave her a bottle and a paci the 2nd day, i gave her to the nursey so i could get a couple hours a sleep and they gave her a bottle instead of bringing her to me. and she used a nipple shield for about 4 and half months and then my nilk went down so i pumped until 6 months. but with this one i am going to feed right away and the nursey isn't getting the baby, i am planning on b___stfeeding


sarah21 - November 10

My mom b___stfed, my sister-in-law b___stfed, and I definitely plan on b___stfeeding. From what I hear, as long as you keep either feeding or pumping regularly in the beginning to keep from getting engorged it helps with the pain. But as long as you can try to live with the pain for about 2 weeks it usually lets up. I just try to prepare myself, know that it will hurt but it will get better. Good luck to us all!! Lol.


Happymommy - November 10

There's really not much you can do to prepare ahead of time for the pain. But the good thing is, that the pain lasts a very short time and can be helped by using products like lanolin. I b___stfed both of mine for a year, and it was a breeze after making it past that early period. I hear you though--I remember my whole body tensing, and just dreading my lo latching on. But it really does end, and it is worth suffering through it! Good luck!


sammommy - November 10

I agree with you 100% happymommy :>) It is the most amazing feeling and opportunity to bond. Definately worth it!! I only hope I am able to do it with 2!!


pomny143 - November 10

Thanks guys. I guess the overall concensus with it wimp! LOL. I will definately try. What's even worse is that I have such a high tolerance for pain, but for some unknown reason the b___bs don't seem to agree! I will do my very best to not give up. Just make sure that after I deliver, you all keep telling me not to become a complete wimp ok? LOL.


sammommy - November 10

You can do it!!! We're here for you :>)


Happymommy - November 10

pomny--You are not a wimp!! That pain is real pain. I would just say try to mentally prepare yourself for it, and hopefully you will be able to get over that bump and on to the enjoyable stage of nursing!


Happymommy - November 10

sammommy--Are you expecting twins!? Just wondering b/c you mentioned nursing with 2. :)


pomny143 - November 11

OK GIRLS.....I"M GONNA DO IT! Thanks for the encouragement!


Chris1975 - November 11

I plan on b___st feeding, and after speaking with a few of my friends, found that are ways to reduce pain problems ....they now sell nipple shields which fit over your nipple and give maximum exposure to the b___st so the little one can still hold on and feel your skin. The shields fit snugly over the nipple and from what my friends say, work extremely well...worth a shot if your worried about it and doesnt cause probs with bub :)


sammommy - November 11

Hi Happy ~ Yes, we're expecting twins in May.....well probably April from what I've been reading :>)


lisa mc - November 11

hi i had my daughter when i was 16 and can honestly say that b___stfeeding her never hurt!! i did it for a year. i am now pregnant with my second and plan on b___stfeeding but also expressing b___stmilk and giving a bottle as i had a lot of problems with my daughter refusing a bottle and being really clingy.


cayingo - November 11

Mentally, what worked best fo rme those first couple weeks were 3 things. 1) Rememebr that b___stfeeding is a learned skill for both of you. I found myself getting so wrapped up in the thought that "this is a natural thing, we shouldn't have problems. Women have been feeding theri children like this for thousnads of years" It's NOT inate; you both will have to learn how to hold, be held, latch on, suck, swallow, and remove from the b___st. And these things take time. 2) Use your relaxation breathing, music, mental imagery or whatever calms you mentally while you are nursing. The same types of things you did while in labor. Take your mind to another place that calms you so you can work thorugh all the steps of nursing. Eventually it WILL become second nature to both of you. 3) ALWAYS have a gla__s of water, milk or juice and a snack at hand. Breastfeeding makes you VERY dehydrated and hungry, and you need to replenish as you are depleted. I nursed my DD for her first year, and loved every moment of it. Not only was a tremendous bonding experience, it boosts BOTH of your immune systems making baby less prone to a variety of childhood illnesses and you less prone to a variety of cancers. It really is a win-win situation! Good luck, and enjoy your lo.


Happymommy - November 11

Cayingo--Awesome advice and so true! sammommy--Congratulations! How exciting to be having twins!



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