Anyone Had A UTI During Preg What Are The Symtoms

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Mandy1984 - May 26

Hi I have just came back from my G.P's office. I got an emergency appointment for 15.50 today as last night I started getting this UNBELIEVABLE cramps in my tummy, but they were high up, also got shooting pains in my lower back... I took 2 high codeine based painkillers and they didn't even help ease the pain. I was in the bath at 3am then again at 5.15am because of the pain. It hasn't eased off but its not comes ans goes every 5-10minutes, then maybe it will go away for an 1hr then come back with avengence!! When I went to th ebathroom I noticed some red blood only when I wiped (sorry TMI) so I paniced and called my GP. He done a quick urine test and said I had a UTI cos there was blood in my urine... The red blood was only when I wiped but has stopped but now I am spotting brown/pink blood. I have got stong anti-biotics to take. I have NO pain when peeing, does this sound like a UTI?? I know I shouldn't question my doctor but it was only a few weeks ago he gave me the wrong strength medication to take so can't help but judge his judgement now... Have any of you had a UTI?? Was it just like this? Thanks ( I will be 21weeks tomorrow)


angelswim - May 26

Wow. I'd say go on your instincts about your doctor. You should be able to trust him/her and it doesn't sound like it's there. If I were you, I'd get a second opinion and find me a new G.P.


Mandy1984 - May 26

I was going to nip up to the DOU (day obstectric Unit) and get a quick check up but don't want people to think I am fussing over nothing if it is only a UTI. The unit is opened 27hrs/7day so I can go anytime. Does what I have described sound like a UTI? I thought uti's made it hurt when you pee or make you pee more often.. I have none of this just the pains in my tummy and back and the brown spotting blood (which could be just left over blood from the red blood I got when I wiped earlier, couldn't it?) Maybe I just worry too much


Erynn21 - May 26

I had a UTI and it hurt like hell to go pee, I had actual blood clots in my urine. It burned even when I didn't pee, and I couldn't hardly go. I didn't have it recently while I've been pg, but I know what it feels like and you would know if that's what it was because they do not feel good.


Mandy1984 - May 26

Do you not think its a uti then? Should I get it checked out, I am getting a really bad cramp in my tummy as i write and BOY its sore!!


angelswim - May 26

There is no such thing as fussing over your worries when it comes to your health, and especially your baby's health. If you feel you need a second opinion, do it. It will put your mind at ease and decrease the stress factor to find out for sure.


Mandy1984 - May 26

your right angelswim, I will get it checked out, whats the point in worrying myself sick when the DOU is 5 mins from my home.... I guess I will just feel silly if they say 'yea its just a UTI no big deal' but sure at least I will feel better Thanks


alwaysamber - May 26

UTIs are serious and need to be treated. To me it sounds like yours went into a kidney infection. I have had that twice and almost ended up in the hospital. I developed a HIGH fever and could not move. I had horrible nausea. My back felt terrible. A urine test should show if thats what you have. It is something you don't want to leave untreated.


lexa - May 26

Mandy1984, I agree with everyone. During your pregnancy, you have the right to fuss over anything you feel is not normal, or that you question! If they seem as though they don't feel you need to go in and you want to be seen, it is your right to demand so! You need to think of the little "peanut" and trust your instincts. When in doubt, check it out! It sounds as though like alwaysamber said, that it is in your kidneys. Get it checked out asap. Also, until you get there, make sure to drink tons of water and Cranberry juice! If you can't stomach straight Cran juice, it is okay to get the mixed versions (Cran-apple/Cran-raspberry, etc). Drink that along with water. It helps to flush out the kidneys. If you drink it even when you don't have an UTI, it will help keep the kidneys flowing to avoid getting one. Good luck and keep us posted!


GraceRenee - May 27

Mandy... how are you?


Micky - May 28

Mandy..please tell us how you are doing...


GraceRenee - May 29

Mandy.. update us so we know you are okay...


Mandy1984 - May 29

hey, sorry havn't updated been sitting in shock!! I went to the hospital around 9.30pm that night and they done a urine dip test and again said it looked like a UTI but they wanted to check my white blood cell count. It was higher than expected so I was kept in over night, On sat morning the pain was so bad that the doctrs arranged a scan of my kidneys, It was ok it was just like the scans they do of the baby, Later that night I was told I have minor kidney diesease but I might have had it from a child and that it shouldn't affect the rest of the pregnancy so I was given a weak antibiotic and I will have to take it for the rest of the pregnancy, I was to get discharged yesterday morning but my other results were not back from the lab so it was around 5pm on Sunday when My tests came back.. I have been diagnosed with Lupus.. I just can't believe it I am only 22, The reason I got the blood test to check for the lupus is because I developed a weird rash on my face, To me it just looked like a bit to much sun around my nose but supossedly its known as a 'b___terfly rash' and its a real giveaway sign for Lupus... So that was my UTI :( I'm gutted


Micky - May 29

Sorry to hear about that...Did they do a ANA test ? That test is supposed to be really sensitive?


Micky - May 29

Mandy. I also hope ypu are in the hands of good doctors...You may need some close monitoring now for the rest of the pregnancy...


Mandy1984 - May 29

yea I had the ANA done, Thats what I don't understand, I have the test all the time. People with low platelet count usually have a positive ANA, I have the oppisite, I have had 2 DVT's in the past so I have to take high doses of heprain daily as well as another drug to reduce my platelet count so the ANA test I get every month just to check my platelet count hasn't dropped too much.... All The tests will be repeated after the birth as I was told that blood tests can sometimes be a little 'off' when pregnant. But I will have to take the anti-biotic and anti-inflamitories (Sp??) for the rest of my pregnancy,


lexa - May 29

Mandy1984...I am so sorry to hear about your illness. I hope all goes well with you and your pregnancy. Your doctors will take good care of you. Please keep everyone posted on how you are!



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