Anyone Had Dreams About Babys Gender And Were They Right

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izechsmama - October 1

Hey everyone.. i have had 1 dream about a girl that was kinda messed up and 5 dreams about a boy... we find out tomorrow what we're having... and my thing is if i hadnt had alll the boy dreams i'd be completely confused as to what we're having... let me know if your dreams were right!


sarah21 - October 1

Well, on Oct. 26th we'll know if my dreams were right or not. I had a dream that it was a boy. So we'll see...


cfuller - October 1

I've always only ever dreamed about girls and it was always the same girl. We found out a month ago that we are indeed having a girl :-) so my dreams were right! We had an in depth ultrasound today and she is just perfect :-) only a little over 3 months to go before she is born! Good luck with your ultrasound and let us know what you're having


cayingo - October 1

I have had one dream about having a girl only. I have done the Chinese Gender Predictor calendar and it says we're having a girl. We find out tomorrow for sure (if baby is cooperating of course). :)


corbin289 - October 1

With my first all my dreams were about a baby girl and I had a boy. This time I've only had one dream and it was a boy. I read some where you dream about the opposite of what your having but I'm sure its just an old wives tale. Although it was right with my first.


Rainbowbrite - October 2

izechzmama- don't forget to pop in and let us know what you're having! I have done all old wives tales i could possibly do... and all say girl except for one... (i enjoy salty and spicy food over sweets) so that one for me is a boy... however my dreams are always boys and i've had one about a girl! So if we go by dreams i'll be having a boy or i guess the opposite!?!?!? Let us know if you're dreams hold true!!!!


Stephanie_31 - October 2

When I was pg for DD I wanted a boy (only cause BF at the time wanted a boy and I was young and stupid and eager to please). Anyway, every dream I had the baby started out as a boy but ended up being a girl! This time I don't care and I have had only 1 dream and it was a girl. I'm pretty sure it is a girl but I won't find out until the end of march.


izechsmama - October 2

okay soooooooo................ its a.......................... BOY!!!!! so my dreams were right and all is good... plus my due date is a week closer so thats fantastic.. which is really strange cause one of my dreams i dreamt i was further along and it was a boy... so wow.. they were right... i'm no longer due in march.. i'm now due in February... two days after my birthday! :) we're very excited our son is going to have a little brother.... thank you for all your replys!!


cattac - October 3

I dont know what we're having yet...I find out 11/6...but last night my parents housekeeper and I had a dream I am having twin boys. Oh lord let's hope there's only one in there! Having 4 kids under the age of 4 would be so difficult for me!


cynnababy - October 8

I don't know what i am having yet, but i have dreams that it's a girl. DH too had dreams that it's a baby girl!! Will see...


Iamamiracleangel - October 9

It's weird, I kept having these dreams where I could only see the top portion of the baby, I never saw the s_x of the baby.. We found out we're having a little boy. I somehow knew WELL before we found out what we were having. Everyone SWORE up and down it was a girl. He is NOT shy and he proudly showed us what he has! lol, Congrats on the little boy!


Bee99 - October 9

Hi Im 20 weeks preg. with my 5ft I only dremt girls ...I have 4 girls this time Iv had 2 dreams that babe was a boy so this for me will be intersesting we did not f and at this stage dont need another ultrasound so its a waiting game for me this time, But OMG the dreams in general are so weird the ultrasoud technician put her hand through my stomack and cradled his family jewels in her hand for me to see and the problem is when u r dreaming thats very normal and you dont question it....Im sure there are worse dreams than that that out there though.


Iamamiracleangel - October 9

LOL that dream is CRAZY! Yay for boys! :) My mom questioned whether or not he's a boy.. LOL I told her to take one look at the ultrasound pics and she was convinced. But seriously, crazy dream!


BeccaBaby1 - October 10

I keep dreaming I'm having twins. I don't think it has anything to do with reality b/c I've had a couple of ultrasounds that show only a single baby. Last night I dreamt I had a boy and a girl born 2 months early but each weighing 8.5 lbs.


tynadu - October 10

Hello! For years I dreamed I had a little girl but for some reason had to put her up for adoption. Any way after I became preggo I dreamed of a little boy for the first time in my life. I had a feeling from the time I got pregnant that I was having a boy, and today I found out that I am having a boy.



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