Anyone Had Episiotomy With Previous Preg

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charliepaulchloe - May 14

Just wondering if any of those who have already got one child if they had an episiotomy (cut for forceps) and now that they are pregnant again it feels really swollen and sore and the odd bleed from it? any feedback would be great xx


Susan W - May 14

I had one, plus a 4th degree tear despite the episiotomy, but I haven't noticed any difference in that region. I have noticed this time around that my bottom gets sore more easily. I'm planning to order some Earth Mama Angel Baby herb soaks -- they are for postpartum use, but I figure they can't hurt to use now! It would not surprise me if you were noticing something, as blood flow to the whole region is increased during pregnancy. Hope you feel better soon!


sa__sifras - May 16

I had one and the doctor cut me like a piece of chicken, so my friend said as she watched. I will not do it this time unless it is ABSOLUTELY necessary.


Betul - May 16

Are forceps still used during delivery? Hmm..I had an episiotomy so that I wouldn't tear during delivery of my first child. It never bothered me during my pregnancies after that and I thought I read somewhere that most doctors do not perform anymore unless necessary. 20 years ago when I had my first, it was routine to have one. Also after my first born I never had one again. I would report your symptoms to your doctor.


iakram - May 16

hi ladies...i it pretty bad with my son the first time i can't remember if it was a tear or a episiotomy but it's was 3rd degree. susan i too have felt that my bottom [that area i guess where the cut/tear/stiches once were] gets sore more often then not...could this be the reason? it makes sense to me..i always wondered why this time around i was more sore. hi betul! i remember you from the 1st tri board. hope you're doing well :))


Susan W - May 16

Episiotomies are not done as often, but some doctors still do them routinely. If you don't want one, make sure you have written orders. I use a midwife, and I was only her third episiotomy EVER, but there was serious doubt that my 11.5 lb baby would make it out without it. And yes, they still will sometimes use forceps, but the doctor must be trained in their use. The midwife threatened me with transfer for forceps or vaccuum, but I managed.


mishy - May 18

I had an episiotomy with a vacuum extraction for my first. The cut was pretty big (I checked it out in the mirror!) but I haven't felt anything at all there this pregnancy (I am 33 wks)


lexa - May 22

Hi there ladies! Like Susan W, I also had and episiotomy and a 4th degree tear (and he was only 7lbs 13oz). I am now 20 weeks along with second and scared to death of that all again! (what was I thinking) I don't feel any different this time around (granted the first was 8 years ago) I am praying that this time will be smaller!



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